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Omg you watch teen wolf too! You just made my day! How do you feel about parrish and lydia possibly being a couple?

YES I DO! I have for a while and I LOVE IT…

For example.. 

YAYYY and I LOVE IT, they are so freaking cute! Like I love Stydia but right now I’m Stalia and what’s their ship name? Starrish? hahah anyway Parrish and Stydia AF.

I’m craving a teen wolf rp. I mostly do MxM but depending on the pairing I’ll do MxF. I have only a few rules but they aren’t bad.

1)third person, paragraph form. I can’t do script or first person
2) good grammar, doesn’t have to be perfect! And typos are fine
3) if you go somewhere let me know. I do t wanna be waiting for ever.

I’m good at playing Parrish, Scott, and Chris argent. I’m also not afraid to do something taboo, I’ll do incest pairing (sheriff and stiles, Derek and Peter) if the plot if good and calls for it.

I’m sorry that I kind of got selective and was only really replying to voiidstuff and like did two random other replies, I got all of the starters from the starter call done (note: the ones I didn’t do are due to me being exclusive to someone of that muse I apologize) though and got some replies done. I just tonight was a GREAT night and I love all my lil bby birbs (you guys) I just got sort of overwhelmed by the sudden…boom. But I promise as the season progresses I’ll adjust to it. <3

[6/29/15, 8:32:47 PM] irlfawkes (。♥‿♥。): also by the way
[6/29/15, 8:32:49 PM] irlfawkes (。♥‿♥。): the whole
[6/29/15, 8:33:07 PM] irlfawkes (。♥‿♥。): “I don’t know what I did to lose your trust but-”
me: well I banged your sON WITHOUT TELLING YOU BUT I MEAN
[6/29/15, 8:33:09 PM] irlfawkes (。♥‿♥。): DO YOU REALLY WANNA KNOW THAT