This is something I constantly struggle with in my daily life (oooh how exciting- Bri’s doing a personal blog entry. I know you are all completely enthralled by my life.) I have SO many huge goals and dreams, and I struggle to find ways to balance those things with being an actual person and having to actually do school work. Living in rural New Hampshire, it’s difficult for me to see myself doing anything of importance up here, career-wise. I feel that I should be other places a lot of the time. This does not a great student or happy Bri make. But I’m working on finding motivation for these things. I’m obviously extremely involved up here, I have auditions and applications for summer programs all over my room, I’m working on producing these productions and looking for auditions, and trying to book extrawork all over the place. It’s just hard sometimes to feel motivated when I feel stuck. But, I have to keep pushing. The sooner I graduate, the sooner I can move to better places for this career of mine and the sooner I can continue to follow my heart. 

The upside is, I really am enjoying myself here. Things are less disappointing than where I was last year. I’m working more inwardly and I’m finding that I have more passion and excitement. I am less afraid to take up a practice room and work on me. I’m loving the freedom to really, truly, be myself. I may be a very busy person, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Each day, I grow closer to being the person that I want to become. Things are hard sometimes, but it’s important to keep those goals close to my heart. You can’t lose sight of where you’re going if you want to get there.

Best wishes to you all, friends.

Love & Hugs,

I have a special, separate, professional blog outlining my experiences in theatre! I have been updating on my current production of Legally Blonde and when I’m in other productions, I will blog those, too! Plus there are performance photos, my resume, and other cool stuff to check out :]


A Transformation

Here’s the thing:

There is no role for me in Anything Goes. If they knew me here, maybe they may have chosen something different, but I’m still new and I haven’t even had a legitimate audition with them yet, let alone earned my place in this department.

Go big or go home, right?

It would be easy for me to get Evangeline Harcourt or one of Reno’s back up singers. I know how this works. I’m the tall, large, mother character or chorus member who belts in the background. But that’s not how this is going to work. This is going to be different.

I told you all that I was growing more and more ambitious. I mean, I auditioned for a program in England this month. Last year, I never would have even dreamt of such a thing.

So, what do I do?

Answer: I become Reno Sweeney. 

Voice, Body, Movement.

So, here I go- on this weight loss health journey once more. Truthfully, I should have never stopped, but stuff happens. I will be updating on the status of my little transformation frequently, but not any more frequently than I would be blogging if I were in a show. (See Legally Blonde or Rocky Horror posts for more details on that)


Once again, taking control of my life. Look at me, being all ambitious and things.

Love & Hugs,

Legally Blonde- Day Eleven: "The Harvard Variations"

Happy Monday!!
I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I certainly did- busy busy busy! I saw Godspell on Friday night, I went to Roller Derby on Saturday night, and last night I went to see the Studio 3 version of Legally Blonde! All three were very fun and entertaining! I kinda want to take up roller blading/skating again, actually, after Saturday’s activities, if we’re being real. I’m wearing a Boston Derby Dames shirt right now. Very fun, indeed. That reminds me, I need to go find Whip It…  BUT I DIGRESS.

Today we were finally in the Performing Arts Center rather than in the Frost Building. So, there was air conditioning all day- thank goodness! Music theory today turned into a rehearsal for our Forbidden BCT routine instead, so we finished going over all the parts and now we just need to put it together and make it sound beautiful! We didn’t do the alphabet backwards yet, but I don’t doubt that Daniel will make me do it in my lesson with him tomorrow. (I take voice lessons privately with him) After our mini a'cappella rehearsal with Austin, we went to dance, where we had a new instructor since Briana had to leave us last week for Bye Bye Birdie. So Nicole brought us through our class today! She just finished working on (I think she choreographed) Studio 3, so it was kind of a natural transition, I guess. She’s an amazing dancer from what I’ve seen. We did a ton of crunches (112) and then a few things across the floor and finally, we did the combination, which was the original choreography from A Chorus Line. It’s really hard, so, I really didn’t do very well. But I had the sequencing correct, so, I pride myself in at least knowing what was happening, if not being able to execute it properly! After that, we had acting, led not by Burgess Clark, but by Allan Mayo (he’s done a bunch of work with BCT and is working professionally all over the place- I saw him in Rock Lobster- he was hilarious!) who led us through a couple of interesting and fun exercises including:
1. a game which involved choosing a disease and then having to add others’ ailments to your own. I was stuck in Kristen Wiig’s excited character from SNL, but there were narcoleptics, people who were blind, schizophrenics, etc. etc. AND
2. we all sat in a circle and each of us came up with a phrase and two emotions, then we’d go around and say the phrase with the emotion that had been described. It was really a lot of fun.

REHEARSAL today seemed to go by fairly quickly. We did a little bit of music review, I finally remembered to bring my voice recorder, so I was able to get most of my pitches for Take it Like a Man (and I may have recorded all of Bend and Snap just so I would have it later, no big.) after that, we split up into groups. The people downstairs were blocking Serious while everyone else went upstairs and reviewed music and told stories about the industry (very important). The Harvard Students were called downstairs shortly thereafter, when we blocked Harvard Variations and Blood in the Water. I’m going to get really personal and real with you right now: I feel like this year I’m really different than I have ever been. I’m both more outgoing and more unsure of myself. I just feel like all of my questions are annoying and that nobody really wants to talk to me. Sometimes in this process, I feel like I really shouldn’t even speak. I know that’s silly, but, I’m working on it. I just feel like I’m becoming an annoyance. Anyway, I only say that because I clarified some stuff and it didn’t seem like my questions were taken well. Or something. I should just stop asking and start doing instead. But after the number was blocked, it went really well!! Everyone was great. Alex L. stood in for Justin (playing Nikos and Sundeep) at the beginning of rehearsal and then at the end, Justin made his way over from Miss Saigon to run the number one more time so he could get it in his body and make his own notes. After we ran it, we were sent back upstairs to go over Blood in the Water musically again, and we did fine. Billy sounds great as Callahan and the ensemble sounds awesome behind him when we come in at the right time (admittedly, we have issues with that sometimes). Then we went back downstairs, ran through what we had done in rehearsal and then ran Positive for no reason and then we went home!! Mom, Tia, and I went to Papa Gino’s for dinner and now they’re at the store (Mom, Dad, and Tia) I stayed home to write to you lovely people and so that I wouldn’t miss Bunheads which starts in 11 minutes!!

How was your day?

Love & Hugs,

Oh... hi!

Hello friends!

This tumblr is less about reblogging (although there might be some of that) and more about telling my story. There will be audio posts, stories about auditions, production pictures, and some personal stuff as well. 

I will not be sharing my personal tumblr on this particular page. You’re all detectives, though. I’m certain you will figure it out sooner or later! 

My ultimate goal is Broadway. I’m on my way, I’m working with some great coaches and friends, but I’m making a few pit stops on the way. I have recently run into a few road blocks and I am working to better myself with the time I have been given. :]

Musical Theatre is my passion. Positivity is my game. I love everyone!

Welcome to my journey- I hope you join me!! 


Legally Blonde- Day Six: "Whiskey and Love-eee-EEEEE"

Surprise!! I decided not to go to my dance class tonight for a variety of reasons so that means I have approximately forty minutes to write this blog post and then get upstairs to watch Bunheads :D

We started the day off with music theory. Now, I’m awful with theory. I think I learned some new stuff today but to be 100% honest, I’m not sure any of it is going to stick for next week. But we’ll see! Austin is so passionate about it, I can’t NOT at least try to pay attention and learn. I have to say, the time did go by very fast. In dance, Briana taught us more of the combination after doing extra ab workouts (UGH. I WANNA DIE IN THE BEST WAY.) we’re doing some Hairspray work, so that’s always fun. And finally, in acting, we finished Out of Africa. It was beautiful and sad and lovely. I wanted to cry, but I have this thing about crying with people there so, I did my very best to hold it all in. The movie was incredibly moving all the same. I definitely recommend it.


After lunch, we went off to rehearsal. We sang through a few group numbers and then we were split up into Delta Nus and Harvard students. We ran through the Harvard Variations and Blood in the Water, I’m SO excited to say that both numbers are going to be awesome. After a while, the ensemble trickled into the Omigod You Guys rehearsal until it was Page, Rachel, Conor, Matt, Billy, and I left. We play (in order) Paulette, Vivienne, Warner, Emmett, Callahan, and Enid. Page went through Ireland (and let me say, she sounds incredible, but the West End? What did you do to this song?!) and then eventually, Shawn (music director) left us to our own devices so we just kind of sang around. We made Page opt up fifty million times (she sounded great. I’ll never be as good as she is. I’ve accepted this and moved on to supporting her and waiting with baited breath until I get to hear her sing again lol) I don’t know quite what note she made it to, but it was incredible. I’ve honestly never heard anything more impressive in my entire life. I feel so incredibly blessed to be around such talented people at all times. It’s both humbling and profoundly joyous. 

Finally, we were invited back to the rehearsal room for choreography. In the end, we pretty much just watched the people who had been in there the whole time do the routines. Billy, Matt, Alex L., and I sat on the window sill and watched Omigod You Guys and, this is not at all an exaggeration, I literally started to tear up. Never did I think I would ever be able to be in this show. Not by a long shot. I realized how happy I really am to be a part of this show- I am so incredibly excited to be involved. The choreography is nearly identical to the original and the girls are doing such an incredible job. I’m so proud and happy! If we’re this advanced right now, I don’t know what we’ll be doing at the end of the process. I’m just so happy!!

How was your day?

Love & Hugs,


Hello lovelies!!

This week, I began working on Legally Blonde: The Musical for Boston Children’s Theatre’s Studio 4 summer program :] I could not feel any happier to be working on such an incredible production- not to mention with some of the most talented people I’ve ever met! From here on out, I’ll be blogging daily about the progress of the show, but since I didn’t blog at all this week, I’ll just do one cumulative post right now!

We began the week with auditions for placement: we are also doing Miss Saigon. Everyone sang 16 bars and then we were taught a dance combination and performed it in groups of five for the choreographer and directors. After that, we had lunch, and then we spent the rest of the day in callbacks. I was called back for the Delta Nu girls, Paulette, and Vivienne, as well as Ellen in Miss Saigon. If we’re being real, and I’m all about the reality, I did my best work in the Ellen callback. I knew I wasn’t going to get the part simply because I’m not right for it, but I had a lot of fun and I got to sing a beautiful song called Now That I’ve Seen her (check it out- it’s lovely!).

Day two, we were split into three classes and went to our different lessons. For me, it’s music, dance, and then acting. Then the cast list was posted and we were sent to our respective rehearsals. I was disappointed in my result, as I didn’t earn the part of Vivienne, Paulette, or any of the girls in Delta Nu. Or Ellen, for that matter, but that was no real surprise to me. It was a really rough day from then on, and when I got home, I just wanted to go to bed.

Day three was the 4th of July!!

Day four, yesterday, we went to our classes, learned a combination from Footloose, and began watching Out of Africa starring Meryl Streep. I had embraced my role in the ensemble and was happy to be in rehearsal and working on anything and everything I could. We worked with Jump Ropes for Whipped Into Shape- let me tell you: NOT an easy number. Not by a long shot! Omigod. Anyway, after that, I learned that I am going to be playing ENID :] So I am very happy with the result and I cannot wait to see costumes and block the scenes I am in, etc. I am very excited and glad to have a role. 

Day five, TODAY, we had class where we were given our musical theatre scenes for the cabaret at the end of the program (we do cabaret performances after the shows) and I’m working with two lovely friends on The I Love You Song from The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. I’m playing Olive (weird, since she’s like 10 years old and I’m the tallest person in history) so that’ll be fun! Today’s rehearsal was pretty much a review. There were auditions for Whipped Into Shape since only around 6 people are going to be able to do it on stage because of space. Then we reviewed the dances we learned on Tuesday and then we did a literal 3 hour music rehearsal. It’s awesome to hear the harmonies and to be working on them rather than listening. :]

I’m SO HAPPY to finally be involved in a performance process!!! And, since you guys don’t necessarily know me, you have no idea how much I love Legally Blonde. I’ve seen both movies a million times, I am quite literally off-book for the show itself, I saw the show twice on Broadway, once on tour, and once in Ogunquit, and I read the novel by Amanda Brown. I bet some of you didn’t even know there was a novel. No one working on my show did haha I can’t wait to update you guys in the next 4 weeks!! I PROMISE the next ones won’t be as long. But they will consistently be every day. AND if any of you are interested in seeing the show, let me know and I’ll post the information! It’s going to be really great- BCT is a preprofessional program, so we work with union leaders to put on professional-level shows. 

Hope you all had a wonderful week!

Love and Hugs,

on not giving up

just said this to a friend and thought it was relevant:

I have auditioned for Acting twice - BFA and BA both times and no luck. Pace is obsessed with rejecting me (seriously. if you put the original audition, plus the auditions for the other programs, they’ve rejected me from 3 programs over 10 times. it’s a wonder I’m even still breathing, you’d think I would have developed a heart condition with all that suspense) meh. that’s how it works though. we live in a world of rejection, us theatre-folk. I’m already used to it. It’s actually part of the reason I know this is what I want to do. When I was little (we’re talking 3rd grade) I auditioned for every youth theatre production there was. I didn’t get in until 6th grade- my least year to participate. Like, why did I keep auditioning?! Why wasn’t my little heart crushed when I didn’t get in that first time?! I guess I just knew deep down that someday it would happen. And sometimes, it does happen. And it will again. I know it. Because if 9 year old me can recover from not being in Peter Pan, then 19 year old me can get through this for sure.

Things I Do a Lot:
  • cry over Disney movies, television shows, and crime dramas
  • listen to the Starkid soundtracks
  • hit the snooze button
  • walk across the brooklyn bridge
  • think about s'mac
  • wear sunglasses on my head
  • check my cell phone to see if I got a text message, put it away, then immediately realize I need to know what time it is
  • procrastinate
  • write my true feelings in cursive
  • drink hot chocolate 
  • smile
  • spend a lot of time in elevators
  • imagine I’m in Priscilla
  • search far and wide for phish food ice cream
  • tumbl- I tumbl a lot

Lately, I’ve been struggling with food. Well, “struggling” would be an understatement- it’s pretty much a full-on battle. I don’t think I necessarily qualify as a legit “over-eater” because I am not addicted to food, I’m just a generally hungry person. This would be fine, but our dining hall has nothing. There is a salad station which I was more than happy to try when there was feta cheese, but they have taken that option away so what I am left with for food is this: some lettuce or spinach, a sandwich counter, nachos, fried things like french fries and mozzarella sticks, sushi, pastries, pasta, pizza, and little random bags of snack items. 

Not ideal.

I’m not the healthiest of eaters under normal circumstances, but this makes things even worse. Even if I wanted to eat healthier, there isn’t anything for me to eat!! *sigh* I guess I need to figure out a back-up plan.

More than food, I’ve also gained a lot of weight. First semester I was fine because I ate maybe one meal a day (I live on the 17th floor of a building. I wasn’t starving myself, I was just being lazy. The last time being lazy ever caused any kind of weight loss was never.) This semester, however, I have to get rid of all the money that I didn’t use on the meal plan because since I’m trying to transfer schools, my money doesn’t roll over and if I don’t use it up, I’ll never see it again. The school will just take it. And they don’t need any more money from anybody. So, I’m eating more and less healthily. 

Every time I need inspiration, I go to see Priscilla. And I see all of the pretty people in shape and I’m like, “HOKAY TIME TO GO TO THE GYM.” So I’ve been trying that. I just have to get in shape for Legally Blonde this summer or I’m never going to be able to dance it out. 

And for those of you being like, “omg, first world problems. omg, she totally only cares about looks!” that is false. well, the first world problems thing is actually true, probably. But I am not working toward, “getting skinny” I am working toward, “getting healthy.” There is a huge difference. I was healthy before I started sitting around my room and eating everything in sight. Gaining weight from that is wholly unhealthy. So, cutting back, exercising and maybe *not* huffing and puffing every time I run 300 feet- that is what I am looking forward to. 

Wight loss would just be a plus. :]