maybe he’s alive
maybe he’s out there
thinking of me the way I am him

but what ifs don’t keep me warm at night
and what ifs don’t keep my heart beating
because maybes doesn’t make it all right 

and looking up at the stars
knowing that his story is going into the constellations
doesn’t make me stop missing him

because I’m missing half my soul and all of my heart
and I’m missing most of my reason and half of my head
oh, I’m missing what makes me alive, without him beside me

—  North Star, guide me back by Abby S

stars are guiding me back by coffeelouis (71k)

Directing the first ever season of The Bachelor to with a bisexual star is a huge career move for Louis. After throwing himself into his career, he finally has the opportunity to prove himself as a director with a unique vision.

For Harry, being cast as the first ever Bi Bachelor means finally putting his ex-boyfriend behind him and starting anew. He’s taking a chance on finding love and determined to do it right this time.

They didn’t exactly think this through.

[or, the BACHELOR AU where Louis directs his ex-boyfriend Harry in his season as America’s first bi bachelor.]

6/7 (60k so far)

Even more rebelcaptain fan fic recommendations!

Big rec list today! Can I just say how much I love this fandom? On the whole, it’s just so positive and smart, and its fic writers are amazing and fast! 

As usual, if you’re interested in seeing all of my rebelcaptain/rogue one fanfic recommendations, check out the MASTER LIST.

and the next by ienablu // 33.6k (multi-chapter; WIP)

Jyn wakes up in her Wobani prison cell, panting and a scream dying in her throat. “Groundhog Day” AU.

Stay by Taeyn // 1.5k (one-shot)

You’d think, once you wedged a fatal crack in the Empire together, no words would be too hard.

something always brings me back to you by tryalittlejoytomorrow // 11.1k (one-shot)*

Jyn, Cassian, and the various times they met through the years.

Resistance is Built on Hope by Chronicolicity // 64.4k (multi-chapter; WIP)

The year is 1940, and Europe is at war. Jyn’s father is a scientist working for Germany. He needs to be found, and Captain Cassian Andor thinks she’s the one to do it.

 a person can be a home by mollivanders // 3k (one-shot)

The first kiss comes quick. It comes unexpectedly, not at the end on Scarif, but in the midst of a mission on Mon Cal that they barely escape from with their lives.

We can turn over and start again by kyrdwyn // 5.8k (multi-chapter; WIP)

After Scarif, Jyn starts over, with a new mission, and an unexpected friend.

eiso halacrene by ienablu // 8.9k (one-shot)*

Or, Cassian is sent undercover to Eadu.

Emergency Contact by randomdreamer01 // 3.4k (one-shot)

When Jyn Erso wakes up in a hospital after getting shot, the last person she has expected to see at her beside is her ex-husband, Cassian Andor.

every star leads me back to you by winterbones // 7.7k (multi-chapter; WIP)

jyn is taken prisoner with galen and becomes cassian’s top imperial informant, though for no noble reason)

floating, sinking by shuofthewind // 107k (multi-chapter; WIP)

Somewhere in her is the sinking feeling that they weren’t supposed to survive.

the road that sets in the sun by lyin

Jyn Erso & Cassian Andor, in the Legends-verse - built for rebellion, staring down politics & peacetime.

The asterisk (*) means this fic has adult content (read: sex more explicit than an allusion to or fade to black).

anonymous asked:

Evening, friend! I'm hard at work on your May the 4th gift. Just under a week left, yay! I was wondering, though: do you have a favorite RebelCaptain fic?

Gosh! I have so many favorites! Here’s just a few off my head:
Won’t You Let Us Wander Series
Rebelcaptain Stories Series
Paper Jam
Data Processing………
Falling Slowly, Eyes That Know Me
Semanics Series
Every Star Leads Me Back to You
Take Me Out Tonight
Behind Closed Doors, Your Hands in Mine
Color My Cheeks
Floating, Sinking 
The Restless Life <this one slays me every time

I am very excited for next week! I hope you have a great weekend! 

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stranger than fiction - one

bughead fanfiction - au - mystery


“Across galaxies of time and space
travelling just to see your face
lost amidst the countless stars
to bring me back to where you are.”
—Bryce W. Anderson

It starts with a note.

“Hey, Jug, who’s Betty?”

From his position at the table, Jughead looks over the screen of his laptop to his best friend Archie, leaning lazily against the kitchen counter with a beer in one hand and a powder blue paper in the other. His brows furrow at his friend’s odd question. “What?”

Archie walks over with a smirk and tosses the paper over the keyboard in front of Jughead.

“Betty.” He points to the name, raising a pointed brow and pressing the beer bottle to his lips. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to pry. Just glad you’re finally getting out there.”

Jughead stares in frustrated confusion at the note, his mind whirring in high speed at how it had gotten in his cabin. It’s not his handwriting, nor Archie’s—his friend hardly ever frequents his place when coming down to Oregon.

“This… isn’t mine.” Jughead murmurs, more so to himself.

Archie leaves a while later, picked up by his pregnant and cantankerous wife Veronica, and Jughead’s in his solitude again, only now slightly disturbed.

He scours his property, bringing his sheepdog to tag along while his shotgun rests over his shoulder.

He finds nothing; nothing but trees and earth and hills and streams. Trudging back up the stairs to his cabin, Jughead flicks his cigarette out onto the grass before toeing off his muddy boots and stepping inside. He makes sure to lock his second bolt this night, still unnerved by the strange note from earlier.

Pick up Caramel’s flea medication and don’t forget the oranges.


… … …

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It used to be Dean and Sam’s thing, their own little repose after a harrowing hunt, to drive for hours, pull off to an empty field, and sit on Baby’s hood, staring at the stars.

Then YN came along and it became their thing, to do the same, but musky when she’d be sound asleep in the backseat of Baby.

Now, there are moments where all three of them sit and admire Chuck’s creations, wondering if any if the shooting stars are fallen angels.

YN’s favorite part of those nights though, is when she and Sam stay up passed Dean’s bedtime, take a blanket to the grass, and admire the stars.

“That collection of constellations is the Milky Way,” Sam would point to the sky, while YN would point out Calliope, the Small Dipper, and Orion’s belt.

A shooting star would pass intermittently and they’d inhale sharply, grasping one another’s hand, before making their wishes.

“I wish for more nights like these,” YN would silently pray while Sam was wishing he had the guts to tell YN how much he really loved her. But something, perhaps fear, was holding him back. Or maybe it was the ghost of Jessica and all his past relationships, so he waited until another star shot across the sky, wishing again for the right moment.

He turned to YN, her profile aglow from the moonlight and celestial gas pockets, waited for her to glance at him, her deep colored eyes boring into his own hazel ones, and he palmed her cheek, pulled her in for a kiss.

“What was that for,” she asked, “not that I mind, but that felt different somehow?”

“I love you, so much, I’m afraid I’ll lose you, but if I didn’t tell you, I think I’d lose you regardless.” Sam blurted.

“Samuel Winchester, you will never lose me, your past is just that, I’m your present, I’m your future. I love you to the stars and back, now kiss me again, you big Moose.”

And so he did.

They made out like teenagers under the starlit sky, while Dean had woken, to catch the exchange of I love yous.

He fist pumped in the air and hooted, “that’s my boy!”

Cassian/Jyn AU fic recs

Because I’ve spent so much time on AO3 it would be a waste not to share, here are a bunch of Rebelcaptain AU fics you should all check out. (Excludes post-Scarif AUs, because that would be a post in itself).


World War II AUs
Resistance is Built on Hope by ChronicOlicity. 133K words, WIP.
until we win… by guineapiggie. 1.5K words, oneshot.

Imperial Jyn/Cassian AUs
every star leads me back to you by winterbones. WIP.
Under the Cover of Darkness by plumdarling
. WIP.
Death Trooper One by LiteralTrashHeap_Sry.
13K words, WIP
to treat everything as if it were a nail by thingswithteeth. WIP
Untitled by @kylorenvevo
. 1K words, oneshot

Canon Divergence AUs
something always brings me back to you by tryalittlejoytomorrow. 11k words, oneshot.
A Thousand Shards of Light by Linay1. 5K words, WIP
cut out in little stars by nymja. 3K words, WIP
turn down the lights by ginnyweasleys
. 2K words, oneshot
The Words Would Only Rhyme by betweentheheavesofstorm
. 17K words, WIP
Always Together by SockFightChampion01
. 13K words, WIP
The Remembrance of Pain (Time Will Explain) by Jaded ( @operaticspacetrash) 16k WIP

Crime/FBI AUs
In the Shadows by StormDancer. 20K words, oneshot
Kill Your Demons by Copper_Nails (Her_Madjesty)
. 2.7K words, oneshot
Against Better Judgement (series) by guineapiggie. 5.5K words, 2 oneshots

Soulmates AUs
this is the fate you’ve carved on me by Selkit. 8K words, WIP
Pleasure With The Pain by lannisterslioness. 2.5K words, WIP
Sic Itur Ad Astra by ClockworkCourier. 2.5K words, oneshot

Birthright by canardroublard
. 4.5K words, WIP. Pacific Rim AU
we were born to make history (series)
by chaos_harmony. 7K words, two oneshots. Yuri On Ice! AU

Modern AUs
Paper Jam by Iolaire. 14K WIP
Where’s My Love? (series) by randomdreamer01. 49K words, 11 fics
Happy Endings (are just stories that haven’t finished yet) (series) by guineapiggie. 20k words, 5 fics

More details on the fics below

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I'll Make You Believe

Tyler Joseph Imagine

Part 2

Pairing: Tyler Joseph x Reader (as best friends and maybe a little more)

Request: The reader is suicidal and wants to commit, but doesn’t want to hurt those that care

Warnings: Suicidal thoughts, depression, panic attack, suggestive material, fluff

Word Count: 1,682


You woke up in your bed, bundled up in blankets. A couple rays of light shone through your curtains. You closed your eyes again and shifted, turning your head so your nose was pressed against your pillow. As you inhaled, a familiar sent washed over you and filled you with confusion. The pillow smelled like Tyler.

You opened your eyes and bolted upright, looking around the room. This was not your bed, not your curtains, not your pillow. Panic flooded you as you tried to recall what happened the night before. You sensed movement and saw the outline of someone kneeling on the ground, at the edge of the bed.

Silence washed over you and the person, until they finally spoke.

“Hey,” it was Tyler. This was his room.

You continued staring at his outline until he stood up and opened one of his curtains slightly. Soft rays of sunshine illuminated the room.

“Hey, Ty, why am I here? Did um- something happen?” your voice croaked as you asked nervously.

Tyler had a dumbfounded expression on his face until he realized what you were implying. His eyes widened and he started to blush.

Oh! No, uh, nothing like that happened,” Tyler waited for you to respond. 

You nodded, waiting for him to continue.

”I was carrying you home but I don’t think anyone was home when I knocked. I decided not to wake you up and ask for your key because… well, you looked so peaceful sleeping and stuff. Um- I decided to bring you to my house instead of waiting for someone to come home to let you in. My parents were cool with it,” Tyler said while moving to sit on the edge of his bed.

”Thanks, Tyler. I really appreciate that,” you said to him with a small smile.

Tyler returned your smile and nodded. He understood how things were with you. You were an only child and lived with your dad; your mom passed away from a car accident when you were twelve. Ever since, you and your dad were somewhat distant most of the time. He never abused you or anything of the sort, but ever since the tragedy you both stayed out of each other’s way.

Your dad’s work was hectic and required him to do go on a lot of work related road trips and traveling. It wasn’t unusual of him to not tell you. He would usually leave a note to you somewhere around the house before he left.

Tyler stood up and stretched before talking to you again.

”So, I’m gonna go downstairs now to eat or something. You can come down when you’re ready I guess,” Tyler walked towards his bedroom door and stepped out.

You were about to get out of Tyler’s bed, when you saw his head pop back in the room.

”Okay, good. You’re getting up. Don’t want my pillow to smell like you, smelly,” Tyler giggled at himself then turned around to walk back downstairs. You saw him blushing slightly once again.

Lame joke, probably to hide the fact that he doesn’t want you there. The voice in you head echoed once more.

You shook it off while sliding off of the bed and fixing the covers. You grabbed your backpack that Tyler placed next to his bed and checked your phone quickly. The time read 10:53 am. Guilt washed over you, realizing how long you had been at the Josephs’ house. You placed your phone back in your backpack before heading downstairs.

As soon as you started down the first few steps, you could already smell the food set out for breakfast. As you stepped down the last stair, you were greeted by Mrs. Joseph.

“Oh, good morning (Y/N)! Tyler explained to me what happened yesterday. Feel free to stay as long you’d like. For now come and have something to eat, hun,” Tyler’s mom said to you.

You peered over her towards the table. Tyler was sitting at it and looked up at you. His red notebook was lying in his hands.

Ooh look, he’s writing nasty things about you

“Thanks Mrs. Joseph but I think I’ll pass. I’m not really hungry and I’ve got some um- I’m busy today,” you replied unsurely. Unfortunately, after saying that your stomach growled. You blushed, guilt washing over you again. Mrs. Joseph said nothing but smiled back in return.

You turned around and headed towards the Josephs’ front door. Tyler’s younger brother Zack passed you and stopped for a moment. You stopped and saw him look from Tyler and you with a slight smirk on his face. From the corner of your eye, you could see Tyler’s face flushed pink as Zack walked towards him.

You pulled open the front door, wanting to get as far away from Tyler as you could possibly get.

I bet he’s taking advantage of you. Talking about how you slept in the same room, right? Disgusting…

“Nothing happened and you know it,” you mumbled to yourself while walking faster.

You don’t know that. He could’ve done stuff and maybe you don’t know because you were drugged.

“Stop, Tyler isn’t like that. He’s my best friend. He’s too precious to do anything of the sort to anyone.”

Is he? Then explain why is the boy such a mystery to you most of the time. Why does it take him longer to open up to you?

Tears flooded your eyes. You hated the voice that made you question everything. You hated being uncertain all the time. You hated that you even listened to the voice. The voice was your own and you could never help but listen.

You stood on the sidewalk once again, watching the clouds roll by. You fanned your face in an attempt to stop the tears from spilling.

Your “friend” isn’t here to save you. But I bet you like that don’t you? Don’t want him to save you because he sees how gross you are, crying all the time. You’ve got no chance with him.

As if on cue, you heard quick footsteps coming closer. It hadn’t even been three seconds and you knew who was already.

“Hey, (Y/N) I wanted to walk you home-” Tyler began.

You bolted forward, running as fast as you could in the direction of your house. You didn’t want Tyler to see you crying again within 24 hours. You didn’t want him taking you to his house and make you the invader of his personal space. You didn’t want to hear his soft voice or see his lovely face for some twisted up reason even you didn’t understand.

But you did. You wanted to hear his voice, you wanted to be in his warm embrace, you wanted him to tell you everything was going to okay. Instead you kept running. Away from Tyler and all your issues.

The footsteps behind you died and you glanced over your shoulder. Tyler stopped, looking at you with a confused and concerned expression. He slowly turned around and walked back towards his home.

Point proven, you’re on your own.

You arrived at your house. You ran past it. Tyler couldn’t see where you were going, it was fine.


Tyler’s Point of View

She ran and I didn’t understand why. All I did was greet her and offer to walk her home before she sprinted without even lying an eye on me. Did she really hate me that much? I screw up everything honestly, what’s up with me.

I walked back home slowly, hands resting in the pockets of my mustard hoodie. Something made me feel like I should’ve gone after (Y/N). Maybe it was good I didn’t follow her, she might’ve wanted space after seeing my face around so much. I only wanted the best for her.

I felt heat creeping up my face at the thought of last night when I carried (Y/N) to my house. Did she hear what I said while she was falling asleep? I rubbed my arm, wondering if she felt the same about me because what I said was true. I think I did love her.

I arrived at home and immediately went straight to my room. I fished my phone out of my hoodie pocket, eager to text my friend Josh about the issue I was having with (Y/N)

Tyler: josh i need help with something.

Josh: what’s up?

Tyler: (Y/N) was walking home from my house cause remember she stayed the night. i was gonna walk her home and she ran away from me.

Josh: why didn’t you follow her you idiotic rat…


Tyler: was i supposed to? i figured she wanted to be alone.

Tyler: i mean maybe i could’ve been interfering too much or stuff

Tyler: i think i’ve been around her too much lately

Tyler: josh?

I waited a couple minutes for Josh to reply back, but he didn’t. I started to get even more nervous until finally he read my messages and started to reply back.


Anxiety bubbled inside me as I exited out of messages and tapped on Twitter. My blank blue reflection starred back at me while it was loading. I scrolled through my profile and went to (Y/N)’s profile. Her most recent tweet was posted eight minutes ago. I didn’t understand what Josh was inferring, it was confusing.

I looked at the tweet and tried to read what it said.

“*m *or*y ty**r,

*a*t do th** any***e.

m*ss*d up. **v*d **u”

I copied the tweet and went back to messages so I could ask Josh what it meant. I was welcomed by a text from him.

Josh: tyler fill in the blanks

I pasted the tweet in the message box and re-read it. That’s when it clicked and I felt as if the world had crashed around me.

“im sorry tyler,

cant do this anymore.

messed up, loved you”

Josh: ty?

I threw open my bedroom door and ran.


To be continued…


Ahahaha a cliffhanger, you’re welcome (wow a lot of blushing happened in this part). Anyways, don’t know when I’ll write part three to this. Like I said before, I’m probably going to write a Josh imagine before the conclusion of this (please don’t hurt me I’m sorry)!


You always told me stars would guide me back home, but they only come out at night.

Happy birthday Bedman! 
May everyone get a good night’s sleep tonight!~ (And on the 17th for world sleep day!~ Remember, this year is Sleep soundly, Nurture life!~)

ISSUES -Part Two

Read part one- HERE 

Negan x you

When the saviours turn up early Negan comes face to face with one of the secrets Rick has been keeping from him. His eldest daughter.

Upcoming chapters will contain a lot of smut, suggestive rape, suggestive drug usage and of course bad language from the start.  

Word count 3,283 

Part Two

My breath sped up as everyone stood frozen in place waiting for what was gong to come next.

He seemed to be thinking deeply and it worried me. I could feel it pouring off of us.     

What was he going to do?

This couldn’t be good.

Rick should never of left.

I bloody told him.

If The Saviors were just going to turn up when ever they wanted he couldn’t keep going out and leaving.  Some of these people stupidly looked up to him and he owed them more than he could ever realise. I wish I could look up to him but  I didn’t agree with a lot of the things that had been happening recently and my trust was gone long before the dead started walking among us. 

Attacking that outpost had been the biggest mistake and Glen and Abraham paid the price for it. Sasha, Maggie and her unborn baby would have to live with that. Have those pictures run through their minds for the rest of their lives. That would never ever leave them.

Our family was fractured and I didn’t see anyway that was going to be fixed. How could it?

This man might of been semi responsible but Rick, the so called and self proclaimed leader was at the centre of it all.

Quickly I moved my eyes to look over our people and noticed Carl wasn’t here. What the fuck?  

Shaking my head slightly I hoped he had done what I told him not too do. As stupid as that sounds I hoped he was on his way to Hilltop.

With any luck Edith caught up with him and Judith was safe with the both of them.

“Okayyyyyy” he tapped the wire covered bat on concrete road beneath us “This is what’s going to happen” he began walking up and down looking every Alexandrian in the eye as he did  “My people are going to go in these homes and take what they want and you’re going to stay out here and behave like the good little boys and girls I know you can be”  he pulls the bat up to eye level in Arron’s face “You can sit, you can stand but you can’t move from out here until I damn well say so” he smiled wickedly and then started to move in your direction again.

I could feel my heart start to beat faster as he moved. Oh shit.

“Now” he pointed the barbwire covered bat right at you “ y/e”

“Oh fuck” I muttered under my breath. However apparently not quiet enough because the arse who was holding my arm chuckled. Oh fuck indeed.

“That’s Rick the pricks house. Right?” He tilted his head to our house that only a few moments ago you had been standing in front of with Edith and Judith. I couldn’t seem to form any words so I simply nodded my head swallowing the extra saliva that was now pooling in my mouth.

“Excellent” he threw his arms in the air “Time for some fun boys!” And just like that most of the saviors scattered forcing their way into our homes once again while the rest stayed with their guns pointed towards us.

Closing my eyes briefly I sighed as the one who had been holding my arm released it. Defiantly going to have a serious bruise from his fingers. Thanks fucker.

“Don’t look so sad little one” you jumped as you felt warm fingers pull your chin upwards.

Opening my eyes I once again came face to face with Negan. I didn’t hear or feel him move this close to me and that was alarming.

“Now I have got a special task for you darling” he stood up straight, releasing my chin as he did.

I started internally freaking out what did he mean by ’special’?

“I am thirsty” thirsty? “So you can follow me into Rick the Pricks house over here and make me some god damn lemonade!” Lemonade? He started walking away from you “Todayyyy!” He called over his shoulder as I starred at his back kind of in shock.

He wants me to make him lemonade? I didn’t know if we even had any in the kitchen. Shit.

This was it. Dad was going to come home and I was going to dead, splattered all over the damn place because we didn’t have any fucking lemonade.

I took a step forward to follow but then froze.  I could see Rosita shaking her head at me telling me not to follow him.

“DO NOT MAKE ME ASK AGAIN Y/E!” Looking at the house I found him standing at the front door pointing that damn bat at me. | didn’t like the thing, I assume thats why he has it. Scare tactic.

Quickly, not allowing myself to look at anyone else I made my way towards him, walking straight through the open door, him following silently behind.

The sound of the door clicking shut made me nervous.

It was just the two of us.

Negan and me.

Me and Negan.

The man who killed for fun.

If Dad was here he would be freaking out right about now.

I couldn’t help but nervously smile at that as I reached the kitchen. He would probably be more concerned that he wasn’t the one alone with Negan. Looking for a weakness he could use against him.

Not knowing if he was following behind me or not I move quickly. He wanted lemonade and that is what I was going to do. With any luck once he had his drink, if we even had any that is. God please let there be enough to make him at least one glass.  

Hopefully he will leave.

I could hear a lot of shouting and banging occurring outside as his men took even more of the stuff from our homes.

This wasn’t going to end well. Fuck sake Dad.

Opening a cupboard I let out a breath I wasn’t aware I’d been holding and pulled out a tub of lemonade. Thank god it doesn’t feel empty.

Olivia must of brought it over when she was looking after Judith yesterday.

Smiling I quickly made his damn drink. Aware the entire time that he was watching me from across the room.

The sound of a thud echoed throughout the room made me jump, my eyes quickly looked towards him. For the first time since being alone.

He was starring right back at me with those hazel eyes and that lop-sided smile.

“You’re very quiet” he noted as I went back to making his drink “Unusual in fact women normally don’t shut the fuck up unless you threaten to knock knock” he chuckled eyeing his weapon of choice.

Finding my voice I replied in a semi sarcastic voice “Yeah, well good for them”

His laugh caught you off guard and you spilt some of the lemonade on your hand and the floor as it poured into a glass.

“I like you” What? “No bullshit…. Itssssss” he waved a hand in the air “Refreshing

I must be hallucinating. Right?

“See your leader, Rick the Prick he..”

“My Dad” I blurted out not thinking. Oh shitting hell I should not of said that. Dad is going to kill me, if Negan doesn’t first.

“Excuse me?” He stood up straight “Ohhhhh so that explains the stink eye He’s your Daddy?”

Staying silent I just placed the glass on the table that separated us and moved backwards so my back was against the work top crossing my arms over my chest.

“So Daddy Rick has been hiding you from me then?” I didn’t answer. To be honest I didn’t dare speak as the man before me picked up the glass and brought it to his lips “Thats very interesting” he added with wide eyes before taking a sip.

“Damn thats good!” I Smiled, relieved.

“You sure are something” he snickered “So Daddy isn’t going to be home anytime soon? Shame I was hoping to see him”


“I miss him” he laughed at some kind of joke he must be thinking off. I sure as hell didn’t see why that was funny.

“So y/e” he said before taking another mouthful of lemonade “Lets talk” he pointed towards the front room before walking over to and sitting down almost gracefully onto one of the sofas, leaving his bat on the table in the kitchen.

“Come on” he patted the space next to him “I don’t bite” at that I raised my brows and walked closer “Well unless you ask ever so nicely anyway” he winked and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Really laugh.

I don’t remember the last time I laughed like this.

You know one of those full on belly laughs that makes you slightly light headed?

“Well that was fucking a beautiful sight and sound sweetheart” Negan speaking stopped me almost instantly and I suddenly remembered where I was and who I was with.


I had let my guard down for a few seconds there and that was dangerous to do in this world now. Dangerous to do with this man.

Ignoring his earlier move for me to sit down next to him I sat in a chair opposite instead.

“Okay” he said placing the now half empty glass down with a clink on the coffee table that we never used “Lets get straight to the point”

I could feel myself breathing harder as I nervously watched the man before me who didn’t fault as he held my gaze.

He both was and wasn’t what I thought he would be like at all.

The way they spoke about him he sounded more like a wild cave man from the prehistoric time than the one who was calmly sat in front of me now.

I knew he was dangerous, I wasn’t stupid, you couldn’t miss that but there was something more about him and I couldn’t put my finger on what it was exactly.

“Now you look like a smart girl y/e”

Did he just compliment me?

There was a odd tension building in the air as I continued to look at the man before me.

What was he going to say?

What was he going to do?

Why was I even here?

With him?

When he had hand-lessley dragged me into the house he hadn’t known I was Rick’s daughter. What was he doing?

“Now I know we fucking surprised you guys but thats the name of the game of this world” I could feel my teeth digging into my bottom lip as he spoke in a deep and commanding voice.

Why did he have to be so, so…..charismatic?

I mean I should feel nothing but hatred towards him… right?

“But I’ll let it slide that you didn’t have your great almighty fucking leader Rick the Prick here and I’ll even let it slide that you didn’t have my shit this one time. We came early, I respect that”

The blood pumping around my body began to get warmer as he leant forwards in his seat.

“But what I won’t deal with being damn disrespected”

“I’m no..not” I stuttered.

“Now now” he laughed and stood up towering over me like a damn tree or something that had been growing for hundreds of years “You have been more than hospitable doll but that Daddy of yours” clicking his tongue “He needs to be more respectful. Im not stupid I know he’s up to something

Nodding my head I didn’t know what to say.

“What else Is he hiding from me?” He asked eyeing me “Apart from your glorious self of course”

“I wouldn’t know” I answered honestly. Because that was the truth. I may be Rick Grimes daughter but I was never involved in his little meetings. The only thing I knew he was hiding was Judith and of course Maggie and I was not going to be the one to tell him about either one of them. I would rather face his bat than be the one to tell him. Judith was too innocent to have to face this and Maggie… well she just had been through enough.

“Don’t lie to me y/e” he raised his voice making me jump.

“I’m not lying to you, honestly all I do is stay here and look after Ju.. everyone elsefuck.



I had almost let her name slip between my lips. He seemed to disarm me being around him. I had to be more careful.

“You don’t leave?” He looked me up and down.

Shaking my head “No, not really Rick doesn’t want me out on runs or anything and we’ve been here for a while”

“So the last time you stepped foot outside of these walls was before you got here? To Alexandria?”

“Pretty much” I nodded my head.

There was of course the times you had snuck out, protected Judith and that time you had been to the quarry with that insanely massive heard of walkers.

Apart from that I hadn’t left here since Arron brought us.

I both hated it and was grateful at the same time. I wasn’t stupid though. I knew the reason why was because my Dad didn’t think I could cope, didn’t want me outside of his control, of his watchful gaze or whoever he had around to watch me. He didn’t want my help unless it was to look after the baby that wasn’t even his.  

“Well fuck me sidewaysssss” he started walking around the room. Running a leather clad finger over every surface as he went.

I bit my lip as I watched him move. He was one of the most graceful men I had seen in a very long time and I could feel it, him, awakening something inside of me that I had buried down so, so long ago.

Wait, what?

Stop it.

We hate him.


“Damn thats no fun huh?” He laughed almost evilly but there was something else there too. Almost glee?

“Well I’ll tell you what y/e” he stalked towards me causing me to sit as far back as I could in the chair. “If you ever and I do mean fucking ever want to get outside of these walls and have a little adventure I would be more than fucking happy. Jesus it would make my fucking week to have you at the Sanctuary” Sanctuary? Where was that?

“What?” I asked as he placed a hand on either side of the chairs arms, caging me in.

“Our own little paradise doll” he licked his bottom lip “All you have to do is say yes and you can come” widening his eyes he added “And if you say so in more ways than one” he added with a wink that almost made me openly drool.

My eyes widened and dilated as I processed what he said. Did he just? No?

Shaking my head I simply said “Thanks for the offer but no” Idiot.

“No?” He sighed before standing back up “Offers there anytime y/e. Any fucking time for you. Yes it fucking is. You can have anything you want anytime, get some air in those magnificent lungs” Did he just checkout my boobs?

“Thank you” Why did I just say thank you? The man just said he wanted to make me cum. Only if you said so My subconscious reminded me.

“And if you were to become one of my wives.. then damn sweetheart you just might make my fucking year” his eyes were twinkling and the room was now thick with sexual tension causing the two of us to both breath a little heavier.

“Wives?” As in plural? Fucking hell.

“Perk of the new world” he stroad away towards his bat, picking it up in his gloved hand “Me and Lucille here will leave you all alone sexy y/e before……just don’t forget the offer alright?”  He added the last part as he shook his head. As if if he was trying to remove what he was about to say from his brain.

His bat had a name?  

Was he a former asylum patient or something before the apocalypse?  

Wait a second did he just call me sexy?

Shakily I mumbled out a sort of ‘ok’ as I followed him as he moved.

Something inside me wanted him to stay.

Maybe I was the one in need of a phycologist. Jesus.

Loosing my damned mind.

Just around him. Fuck.

He whistled loudly “We are out of here!!!!!” Turning to you he added “Thanks for the lemonade” with a wink and waved goodbye before they all began to retreat towards the gate “We’ll be back in TWO DAYS” he shouted reminding everyone he was coming back for the stuff he was ‘owed’.

In less than a minute they were gone and Gabriel was pulling the gate shut behind them, leaving us almost stunned. It was like they had never even been here.

No one moved for a moment. It was probably only a few seconds but it felt like several minutes.

For some stupid reason I had a smile on my face.

That man was nothing like what they had said about him.

Yes he had killed two of our family but we were responsible for over forty of his being killed in that outpost. Maybe he wasn’t so bad?

“What happened?” Rosita came over to you when everyone felt safe to move once again.

Shaking my head I had to gather my thoughts making sure to loose the smile.

“Doesn’t matter” you told her but not taking your eyes off of the closed gates. There was no way I was going to tell them Negan knew I was Rick’s daughter and I sure as hell wasn’t going to tell them about his offer.

To take me to the Sanctuary.

And the whole wives thing?

That was kind of fucked up.

“Y/e” she repeated sounding angry and went to grab my arm.

“I already fucking told you it doesn’t matter” I bit out angrily.

She looked a little shocked at my outburst.

I barley bothered saying anything these days. No one ever listened unless it was about fighting or gathering stuff so what was the point?

Looking at everyone as they looked back at me with confused and shocked expressions I realised I had to say something. He could not find out Negan met me. If he knew what would he do?

“Rick can’t find out about that” I told them pointing towards the house.

“And why the hell not”

“If you want to be the one to tell him that Negan spoke to me when I was meant to be out of here before he ever had the chance then fucking go for it but I think we all know that is not a great idea. You know what he is like he’ll do something stupid. Look what happened last time he did that we lost Glen and Abraham!”

It was his fault we were in this position in the first place.

Spencer was nodding in agreement. He was one of the only other ones who openly didn’t agree with going into that outpost. He said we should make a deal and looking at what had happened today he was right.

No one got hurt.

No one lost their life.

Hell he even thanked you for making him a lemonade.

You didn’t leave it for any further discussion before turning around and walking back into the house.

“Where are you going?” Arron spoke up.

“To have some lemonade” I shouted not bothering to look back as I slammed the front door shut.


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doublesims  asked:

Just read the one where Tom and Star get back together. (You made me cry). I want to read more. May you please write more?

Of course I can! his was so much fun to write! Really sad but I had a lot of fun with it. I’m happy you like the previous story, I worked really hard on these two. I really like Tom and Star, not so much as a couple, but I think they would make great friends.

Read the first one here!

Marco laid on his bed and felt more tears fall down his face. He had been sobbing like this for hours. His heart was completely shattered. Marco shot up when he heard a knock on the door. Star’s voice came through. “Marco? I um… I made lunch!” She said cheerily.

“Oh yeah, I’ll be down in a minute.” He lied. Star took her hand away from the door and looked over at Tom.

“He’s been like this for a while.” She stressed. “Tom, I don’t know what’s wrong with him.” She rubbed her eyes like she was trying not to cry and Tom scooped her up in a hug.

“Hey, it’s okay Starship.” He assured. “Maybe he’s just.. Going through something?” He guessed. Star nodded and gave Tom a fast kiss.

“I’m scared, he’s my best friend and he’s never just shaded me like this.” She explained. She then stopped and looked up at Tom. “Are you jealous that I’ve been giving this all my attention for the past few days?” She asked. Tom smiled.

“No, I’m not like that anymore, I promise. But thank you for asking, it’s nice to know you care.” He told her. Star smiled and help Tom’s hand as Marco laid on his bed, hearing this from inside his room. Marco grumbled and wished they would show their affection somewhere else.

He laid there for what felt like ours more until the door creaked open. Marco groaned and rolled over. “Star! I’m not hungry! Just leave me-” He cut off when he saw Tom standing in the door, looking nervous.

“Star is worried about you…” Tom started. He then looked down. “I am too.” He whispered this part. Marco sat up and shook his head.

“Don’t be. I’m fine.” Marco hissed. “Just go back to Star, she seems to have taken a linking to you. You two deserve each other.” Marco bit. Tom’s eyes softened and he looked away.

“I was right, you do like her, that’s why you’ve been so upset?” Tom asked. Marco looked up. “Marco I am so sorry, I-I should have noticed you liked her and-”

“I don’t like Star you idiot!” Marco yelled. Tom fell back and Marco clapped a hand over his mouth.

“Wait, what?” Tom asked. Marco felt more tears well up in his eyes.

“I like you, you idiot.” Marco looked away. “I liked you for a long time. I was going to tell you that day, and then I saw you kissing Star.” He admitted everything and Tom’s eyes widened. He just stood there in total shock.

“Marco I… I didn’t know.” He whispered. Marco wiped away a tear.

“I made sure you didn’t.” He muttered. Tom was quiet for a minute and Marco turned away. “Just get out of here.” He blubbered.


Marco, for the first time in three days, finally decided to leave is room. He would wither away in there and needed some sort of outside contact. But he got something he didn’t expect when he passed Star’s room and saw her sobbing. “Star? What happened?” He asked. Star looked up at him in tears. The heart on her cheeks looked to be cracked.

“Tom broke up with me.” She blubbered. Marco fell back.

“Why? You guys seemed to be so happy together, you couldn’t stay away from each other.” Marco reminded. This made Star bawl harder.

“He told me he didn’t want his own happiness to harm others.” She wiped away her tears. “I don’t even know what that means! Does he not like me anymore?” She cried. Then a thought made her sob even harder. “What if I became too responsible for him! All my training to become queen! Now I’m not the free spirit he likes!” She cried.

Marco gasped and threw his arms around his best friend. “Don’t say that. You’re amazing Star, you’re the rebel princess.” He promised. Star sobbed harder and Marco held his best friend close. “It’s going to be okay.” He promised. He then squeezed his eyes shut. This was his fault, he’d make it better.


Marco opened the door to Tom’s room and saw the demon sitting on his bed with tears streaming down his face. Now the roles were reversed. He sat down next to the and looked over at him. “Tom, you didn’t have to do this for me.” Marco told him. Tom wiped away another tear.

“I know what a broken heart feels like, and I couldn’t be the cause of that.” He admitted. Marco looked at Tom closer.

“But you are, now Star is torn up over this.” He admitted to him. Tom’s head shot up and looked at Marco with concern.

“She is?” he asked, even though a part of him knew.

“Tom, I love you, I do. But I don’t want you to give up your own happiness, and my best friend’s for me.” Marco admitted. “It’ll hurt, but it’ll hurt more if I let you suffer.” He sighed. “I want you to go to Star, tell her what happened, and I want you to be happy.” Marco told the demon, holding his hand. Tom tilted his head.

“But-” Marco cut him off.

“No. Your happiness matters too, and I don’t want to get in the way of it.” He told the demon. “Don’t set yourself on fire to keep others warm, you deserve the same you want for me and Star.” He told Tom. Tom threw his arms around the human and hugged him tight.

“Thank you.”


Marco watched from the steps as Star jumped happily and covered Tom’s face with kisses. “I’m so happy we worked out Tom! I’m going to tell everyone that we’re together again I’m so happy!” She exclaimed. Tom hugged and her and looked over his shoulder to Marco on the stairs. He seemed happy, despite being on the verge of tears.

“Thank you Marco.” Tom mouthed. Marco smiled and gave him a thumbs-up. He would let him be happy, but he would never stop loving him.

The ghost of my past-self is what haunts me most. As more years pass by, the reality of my daunting childhood sinks in deeper and deeper. I feel as if I will never be okay. If I could not achieve happiness as a kid, how can expect to obtain it now? Growing up, I thought I had everything. I thought that it was normal to grow up with one parent and a sibling who never cared much for me. I was happy, but imagine my disappointment when I realised that it was never real. How does one accept their past if it’s the most shameful part of oneself? I’m walking with my head up but it has become hard to ignore the shadow of my past when it is starring back at me with the coldest of eyes.
—  All day and all night, I can feel the presence but I can never see it. It’s terrifying knowing that something is there but never knowing what it truly is. // littlemissimaginary
Why is it that even when I know you’ve moved on, when I know there’s no hope anymore, I still whisper your name into the night sky and hope that there’s enough magic left in the stars to bring you back to me?
—  j.f // night time confessions • excerpts of stories I will never write