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What are your favorite obikin headcanons?

thank you anon, i love questions like this :))

i’ve let this marinate a little bit so i could gather some of them up, but here we go:

  • anakin calling obi-wan ridiculous nicknames (”obi-wan cannoli” and “obi-wan cannabis” are his favorites)
  • after a fight, obi-wan always seeks out anakin first, and most of the time he’s asleep so obi-wan crawls into bed with him and they snuggle
  • anakin never fails to bring home a stray pet. ever.
  • obi-wan is really into sub!anakin and he’s really submissive when he’s drunk (a fact he learned when anakin got absolutely smashed at a bar and one thing led to another and yeah)
  • they can’t watch We Bought A Zoo because they start crying as matt damon flicks through the pictures of his wife and anakin becomes a mess because of his mom and obi-wan is just a mess because anakin is a mess and it’s terrible and they end up drinking too much wine and have wicked hangovers the next day

these are but a few of my many headcanons (i’m sure more will appear very soon, and i’ll tag them as nsfw if need be), so be on the lookout for more!!

So I was doing my weekly online window shopping and I came across these star wars wall lights, which you think would be cool, but no. 

Look at this:

Why would you buy this, it looks like Kylo Ren just smashed his head through your bedroom wall to check up on you instead of using the door like any civilized being would.

omg awhile back me and @elenei were talking about a star wars avatar au where rey is the avatar and anakin was the previous avatar and he was just like. the most garbage avatar. he fucked up so bad, the world is still out of balance from his DISASTROUS avatar-ship, etc. whenever she communes w him his advice is just like “well whatever you do don’t do what i did”

anyway we decided luke is a waterbender and bc rey grew up in a desert environment that’s probably the element she has the least experience and the most trouble with so she goes to him to like ~~master the fourth element~

kylo is a firebender,,, obviously, and anakin was a fire nation avatar. padme was a waterbender and leia is a firebender. han and poe are nonbenders and i think we said finn should be a waterbender but i think he could be a nonbender too

im not totally sure on how the particulars of the plot would translate to avatar au but the most important part is Useless Avatar Ghost Anakin

another star wars au cherik sketch (x)

padme!charl and anakin!erik au but where no one dies or goes vader ok

  • me after Star Wars:hey at least I only have to wait a year and a half for the next Star Wars!!
  • me after hearing Star Wars is pushed back 7 months:I'm *voice cracks* fine.

BB8 telling Poe to sleep after a very rough battle but he’s just like

haha silly robot. sleep is for the weak. 

Poe is weak. like i am weak for him -laughing so hard i start crying-

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