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Dancing with the Stars Season 24 Week 10: Finally!

We’re finally at the end of the season. I’m so glad because I was ready to lose my mind. Anyway, tonight was actually pretty decent. TPTB finally stopped interfering and the show played out as normal as it possibly can. So yeah, let’s just get started.

Redemption Dance

David and Lindsay- Viennese Waltz (Score=33)- I thought this was much improved from David’s first time doing the VWaltz. It was not nearly as clunky or shuffle-y with his footwork and his posture was much better. There were still issues so the score was fair, but he did improve a lot on everything.

Normani and Val- Quickstep (Score=38)- Val did not make a good creative choice by putting Normani in that catsuit. She looked amazing in it, but as Len said, some of the flaws in that dance would have been covered up had she been wearing a flow-y skirt or those flow-y pants. You need to be absolutely flawless if you’re going to wear something like that. There was body contact issues and her legs were still doing weird things. It was too hectic and I think she definitely suffered from that too. It was an improvement from the first time but there were still mistakes.

Rashad and Emma- Viennese Waltz (Score=40)- This was amazing. Emma’s choreography was incredible and Rashad executed with perfection. He was really in the zone tonight. You could tell that he wants to win and he wanted that perfect score. This was definitely a huge improvement and my favorite dance of this round.

Freestyle Round (Everyone got perfect scores)

David and Lindsay- Lindsay is so smart. She knows exactly what to do for all of her partners. This freestyle was the perfect dance for David. And he performed so well. To me, it was perfect. It was fun, original and actually challenging for someone like David. And he did not miss a step.

Normani and Val- I mean, this was pretty and nice. But that’s it. There was nothing memorable about doing a proper and safe Viennese waltz with kids as a freestyle. I don’t even know why he went down this path. And being sandwiched in between two really big and memorable freestyles? This is not good for these two. I can’t really say anything else. It was incredibly underwhelming.

Rashad and Emma- This was the freestyle of the season and my favorite freestyle that I’ve seen in quite some time. Emma and Rashad’s choreography was A1 and they delivered! 

So that’s it. Tomorrow is the finale. Two and a half hours of DWTS. I hope you’re ready for that (I probably won’t watch the first 30 minutes). Make sure you vote! Let me know your thoughts on tonight and I’ll talk to you all tomorrow.

DWTS S24 Week 10 FINALS Recap / Review

Recaps [HERE]

I think we’ve said everything we could about these 3, we know everything we need to know, we’re rooting for who we’re rooting for. I don’t really think this week’s dances will change what I think will be the outcome to much, unless someone someone literally falls on their face or sets the place on fire. It’s really just a countdown to the results. I think Dave is pretty much a lock for 3rd. As much as I think Normani has the edge, Rashad is immeasurably close competition. Neither outcome would surprise me. But Normani has been so fire from Week 1 without few down weeks if any. I hope it’s not a Katherine Jenkins / Zendaya situation.. idkkk

1. David Ross & Linday Arnold 

Redemption Dance: Vienesse Waltz (8+8+8=33) David is absolutely the most improved celeb this season. Compared to Week, he has a lot more control over his movements, the transitions & Lindsay. It was a sweet earnest dance, he is still heavy footed but who cares at this point.. lolol

Freestyle: (10+10+10+10=40) David & Lindsay’s freestyle is just a big Cubs version of their fun high energy hip hop influenced dances. ..Again won’t change a damn thing but on brand, which is pure joy & fun.

SN: It’s nice when likable people like David make it a lot further than anyone ever expected over “sure things” like Simone Biles or maybe even Candace Cameron Bure over Amy Purdy, because they are what the show was initially supposed to be about. BUT the show is truthfully never about that once the finale hits, because it’s really about top dog eats top top dog. In this case Normani vs. Rashad. What I’m taking forever to say is, while it seems like it’s noble that weaker dancers advance this far, it’s really stripped away when they’re standing next to such obvious forces like Rashad & Normani, & they are destined for 3rd place. As Len basically said to Bonner, don’t overstay your welcome. The longer Bonner went on the worse he looked. As much as I like David, it would’ve been nice to see a final 3 that is competition from top to bottom (S23 is actually a rare example) because that’s really what it boils down to anyway. 3rd place just becomes a throw away situation.

This is just a side thought, not a criticism of David & Lindsay

2. Normani Kordei & Val Chmerkovskiy

Redemption - Quickstep (10+9+10+10=39) I don’t even remember Normani & Val’s first quickstep that could be commentary on the dance itself or my own memory. Heck I barely remember Erika Jayne competing this season. This was a FAST quickstep. Truthfully, as much as I loved this dance, I think it was too fast. The minute I saw the lack of body contact & (kinda messy) swinging kick turns, I knew Len would call it out for being hectic. I would watch it again tho, which in-itself is an improvement over the first one.

Freestyle (10+10+10+10=40) Yessss, this dance is so beautiful in the purest & most earnest way. The kids were a nice touch without feeling like a gimmick. Normani & Val’s freestyle is such welcome change from the “emotional” contemporary freestyle that all start too look alike. It’s hard too make “emotional” freestyles stand out & not seem cheesy, boring or repetitive without going too big & over the top to be noticed but they did it. They really could have a went a variety of ways for this dance, 

I wonder after seeing Rashad & Emma’s freestyle if the tone will hurt or help. They’re both perfect in completely different ways.

3. Rashad Jennings & Emma Slater 

Redemption - Viennese Waltz (10+10+10+10=40) Rashad easily had the most improved dance this round. His footing & partnering was stronger & more grounded. 

Freestyle (10+10+10+10=40) Something told me Rashad might “Donald Driver”, Normani & Val. Meaning produce a spectacle freestyle while the others focused more on dancing. Donald & Peta won S14 over Katherine Jenkins & Mark Ballas after a cowboy freestyle, & it shifted the outcome possibly. Katherine & Mark bested the competition the entire season, 10′s on 9′s on 10′s but their freestyle was perfect but maybe predictable & he won. I wonder if Rashad might have done same thing. The difference thought is Rashad is a better dancer & his freestyle had a lot more dancing in than Donald’s. His freestyle was truly that, fun, big, loud, he was front & center hitting every move with flair.  If Normani does have the edge, his freestyle is the only thing that could shift gears. 

Recaps [Here]

What did you think of the freestyles? How do you think the final 3 will place after seeing the freestyles?


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