starrfall photography


From our equestria girls photo shoot yesterday! It was 40 degrees and we were freezing!! We all have colds now but it was worth it!! Cosplays were all hand made, Rd and I made our own, PP made hers and TS made the rest! It was so much fun singing and derping about with everyone! !

Sarahndipity Cosplay is Pinkie Pie (the most perfect pinkie ever) Drowninginrice Cosplay is Rainbow Dash ( ) Pam Keesler is Apple Jack (she was sooo very tall!!) Destructivedoll Cosplay is Fluttershy (Me!!!) Katherine Cid is Rarity (Glamorous as hellllll) Steven Hyde is Spike (dat mohawk!!) Shelbeanie Cosplay is Twilight Sparkle (Shelby is best pony period.)

Photography done by Starrfall Photography (who was amazing to work with)