February Fic Rec Round-Up, Part I


Rather Emotional Days by Draycevixen

This fic is delightful. Yes, Harry Hart Lives!, but he comes back as a field agent and utterly confident in his desire for Eggsy. But things aren’t always straightforward; it takes time for Harry to requalify and Eggsy is the bright, shiny new agent taking on all the exciting missions. This throws Harry for a loop, but luckily, Merlin is around to troll assign his agents to missions where they’ll be forced to confront their feelings.

Callouses and Canes by starredthought

Adjusting to the world without a sight would be challenging for anyone, and Harry’s no different- his reaction at the beginning is heartbreaking. But with time and Eggsy by his side, he gradually adapts to his new circumstances and the world. This fic follows the process, and how they slowly grow together and take care of another. It’s just lovely.

First Impressions (Or a second) (Maybe a third) by propriety_is_not_a_priority

Think of this as the Meet Cute from hell. Harry springs Eggsy from jail, they share a pint at The Black Prince, and quickly realize they’ve met before… and we’re not talking about when Harry gave Eggsy the medal. Eggsy is cheeky and brazen here, and Harry’s embarrassment is palpable and delicious.

Accidental Roommates by enjoy_acne

YASSSS! @enjoy-acne just updated this, and it’s fucking awesome. Devastating, hilarious, and a great mix of canon elements. The Hartwin interactions are gold. READ READ READ.

Unwin, et al. (2016) by eggmuffin

Nerd humor FTW!

Okay, I love this fic. I’ve read other academia AUs and they tend to focus on the petty politics and the soul-robbing process of finishing the thesis. This story touches on all that and more, but the difference is its tone. It’s gleeful. It’s fun. You can tell that @eggmuffinwrites had a blast writing this, and for me as a reader, it’s so delightful to read.

where on this earth i could be by fideliant

When I was a teenager, my grandpa gave me his copy of “The Royal Road to Romance” and I learned that the word “romance” has many different meanings. I’m bringing this up because this fic by @fideliant embodies romance. Eggsy and Harry go on epic adventures together, and the slow burn between the two is gorgeous. Their love is never voiced, but you can feel it in every interaction.

And can I say that when they finally get together, I love how easy it feels?

to all the men who have stood without fear by romans

Hartwin vampire AU where Harry, instead of recruiting a young man into the service, has a taste for rent boys.

So this is fantastic with one hell of a twist.

For the sake of a simple thing by concernedlily 

At least in terms of ubiquitousness, Rentboy! Eggsy is the coffeeshop AU of Kingsman fandom, but @concernedlily elevates the trope to a new level in this fic. Harry is assigned to take Dean’s group down and Eggsy is his confidential informant.

The first thing that struck me about this fic is how gritty it is. There’s this low level tension that permeates the story and never lets up. Also, no glamour nor gloss here; the inglorious side of spycraft is emphasized. A lot of waiting, a lot of watching, a lot of politics and behind the scene machinations.

I was also struck by the writer’s empathy for Eggsy. Usually CIs are portrayed as craven and motivated by personal greed, but @concernedlily never lets you forget that Eggsy is the one taking all the risks, and he is the one with the most to lose. I remember feeling infuriated when Eggsy literally risks his life and limb (due to shoddy information) for an assignment.

Read it! The storytelling is top notch and the characterization of all the players, even the minor OCs is outstanding.  There’s a sequel as well, and it seems to lighter, thank goodness. I don’t know if I could take another equally intense follow-up.

A Long Way to Go by 221watson

Eggsy gets woke.

I love this fic for three reasons:

1. While class issues were discussed in Kingsman, nothing else was said about the lack of diversity of this mostly white, male, upper class group.So I enjoyed how @queercroft explored the prejudices that would exist in such an insular group.

2. The roles are reversed, and Eggsy is Harry’s teacher.

3. The emergence of Harry Hart, unapologetic feminist. (”…he even gets enthusiastic about it, because a gentleman should know his privilege, he says.”)  

Kingsman fic recs

I have this terrible habit of loading my Kindle up with fic to make my hell commute slightly less miserable then never going back to let people know how much I love their stories, so I’ve been on a retrospective commenting binge lately and wanted to make a rec list of my favourites. Ones with asterisks are favourite-favourites, but ALL of these are pure magic. Please read and leave the authors some love! All Harry/Eggsy unless stated otherwise, and all complete.

Grabbing tumblr names off fic endnotes etc but I know I’ve missed some - will edit more in if anyone can provide. (Although some of these refused to be @ tagged and I’m too much of a dinosaur to know how to make it work.)

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So in my youth, I was a bit of a Jack Davenport junkie.

Since I saw PotC: DMC I was in love with the man.

I convinced my mum to buy me Coupling, which said right on the cover “A sitcom all about sex” when I was in middles school, because he was in it.

That voice, and he was so posh I just wanted to explode.

But after PotC: AWE, he kind of fell out of my life. BUT NOT MY HEART.

So 8 years later (holy shit) I’m watching Kingsman in the theaters with my sisters.

And this came up


I fell forward in my seat and I was like “HOLY SHIT THAT’S HIM.”

I didn’t catch him in the first scene because it was dark and I was like “oooh Colin Firth”


MMMMhMmgmmmgasdjglkj yiss.



Long story short: you never forget your first.