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If I Ever Go To The Night Court: I would make bargains left and right just to get those aesthetic, beautiful ass tattoos all over my body 

Me: *is visibly upset*

Gf: what’s wrong?

Me: nothing.

Me internally: Plankton’s “do instruments of torture count?” question in Band Geeks has been so undeservedly overshadowed by Patrick. Like, that’s some comedy gold, and if it wasn’t for the slightly brighter comedy gold that is “is mayonnaise an instrument?” it would be much more popular. It deserves to be.


It was a period of great boredom.
The Wander Over Yonder Crew,
having one of several extended lunches,
discussed ideal cross-overs for their
beloved orange hairy spoon.

During the lunch, two
Staffers conceived of a
crossover with Disney’s ultimate weapon, STAR
WARS, a property so massive that
they’d never let us near it.

In a completely unofficial, fan art capacity,
those two staffers created a comic
about a strange encounter
somewhere in the galaxy…

Again, very very unofficial.  Entirely not for profit.  Please don’t sue us.


outer space // band logo lockscreens

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