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I haven’t heard the term “john green stans” before. May I ask the meaning? (Sorry to bother.)

a stan is a wordsmush of ‘stalker’ and ‘fan' and basically describes someone who has an obsessive attitude toward a celebrity or character and will defend them and their actions no matter how despicable they are and just generally live in a state of blind ignorance regarding their harmful actions

i.e. a john green stan will see TFIOS as a revolutionary teen romance whilst ignoring the fact that it romanticizes the suffering felt by people diagnosed with terminal illness and simultaneously puts disabled people in the position of needing to be saved by some pretentious coffee-shop romance with a manic pixie dream boy

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Ebay. Try Ebay. It’s the best place to do bulk! EBAY

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Michaels, Hobby Lobby, perhaps even Wal-mart should sell them in the crafts section


i’m not sure if there’s a hobby lobby nearby because i’ve never heard of it, but hopefully i can find sumthin good outta dese

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You really should see one. You’d mentioned this happening before and I thought you said he was getting better. That doesn’t sound better. You should talk to a professional.

he was for a little bit, but ugh. Another hurdle with that is we’ve changed insurance companies like 3 or 4 times in the last TWO YEARS. And while having to change normal doctors (or dentist) that often or whatever is a bit annoying, is not a huge deal; but something like a therapist seems way more of an issue. 

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I had clients who were too obnoxious to work with. Unless they are someone big who you think could actually damage your rep, you are probably better off. The key is telling them you don’t want to work with them in a polite manner.

you’re missing the point

the point isn’t that i didn’t want to work with them, it was that i didn’t want them to talk like a damn 14yo while we did business

it’s moot now anyways

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Just a friend’s birthday.  We’re encouraged to dress awesomely.  BUT SO MANY OPTIONS