Hi! I’ll try to explain, here’s a simple example

1 I did the watercolor style in a program called Clip Studio Paint. This brush is called “rough pencil” (circled in red) for line art and I made it by tweaking the settings a lot. If you don’t have this program, any pencil-like brush will do, though having a brush like this isn’t necessary, I just thought it would make it look more watercolor-ey lol

2 This brush is called “Darker pencil 2″ (also circled) and it’s just a plain brush that’s sort of like a pen. Used for coloring and flats.

3 You make your line art first with the brush you use for line art, I forgot to use the pencil one for this so it looks like a normal pen drawing

4 Create a new multiply layer and color in the line art. Basically how you would normally draw things

5 Go on Google or something and search for “watercolor textures” and find a design that you like, then open it up in whatever program you use to draw. Select and copy it.

6 Paste the watercolor texture into a new layer above your drawing, which should be finished (so you can flatten it by combining the color layer + the line art layer, but only because the line art will also change when the watercolor effect is added. If you don’t want to flatten your image yet, you can do this above the layer that has your colors so that layer will get the watercolor effect only, if that makes sense).

7 Now select the layer with the watercolor texture and clip it. For Clip Paint Studio, you click on the circle button to clip a layer. I’m not sure where the clip button is for other programs. Again, make sure that the watercolor layer is above the drawing and that your drawing is transparent (it usually is). If you did this correctly you should see the silhouette of your drawing. 

8 Now it’s time to select a layer mode for the effect. Each mode produces different looks, so go through all of them and decide which one looks best. I recommend trying multiply, color burn, linear burn, and overlay, but also try the other modes too. Here’s a gif of what it looks like.

And that’s pretty much it! Also try different colors of watercolor textures, like this blue-purple one.

Another important thing is to change the opacity of the watercolor layer to lessen + adjust the effect to see if it improves the overall drawing.

Please ask any other questions you may have! 

spywerewolf  asked:

Dear Person I Like

Dear breanasaures-rex,
I love you hon. You’re always so giving and seem to always know when I’m not doing well and need some help. Those simple touches and hugs you give me get me through the work day a lot of the time.
Whenever I see you I just want to hug you and never let go. You are my drift compatible partner, and one of the best things to ever happen to me.
I love you so much.

Dear misscyaniide,
You are one of the sweetest people I know. I enjoy spending time hanging out with you and appreciate how you give me and others little gifts sometimes. Also how you’re willing to help me solve a problem when I’m having trouble (like with my Sim game). You have such a good heart.
I know you’re going to be a great mother.

Dear starrcat,
Thank you for looking after me when I was so sick. It couldn’t have been easy having me show up at your door sobbing and wanting to hurt myself more than once. I was an absolute mess but you stuck with me and gave me shelter when I needed it.
I also appreciate those times you tried to take my mind off things by dragging me out to places. And how you went to bat against my aunt and her family for me.
You’re a good friend.
I hope he doesn’t hurt you like he hurt me.

Dear katie1227,
I believe this is you Julie. You’re never on tumblr (I understand it’s not for everyone) so I can’t be sure but I swear I remember this being your SN.
You’re one of the most loyal people I know. You live all the way out in Canada but still somehow managed to always be there for me. Even when I lashed out at you over messenger and tried to push you away so I could be left alone to kill myself you came back with, “I’m not going anywhere. You’re stuck with me sis.“
Thank you for not giving up on me.

Dear thesassymooseking,
I still haven’t met you yet face to face but I can already tell you’re an amazing person. You’re always willing to lend an ear when I have troubles and you’ve given me pretty solid advice more than once.
The fact we share similar interests is a bonus.
I can’t wait till the day I finally get to meet you.

Dear werewolfspy,
You’re one of the first friends I made on here. Didn’t we follow each other after talking over a post about something not being on the news? It was something about a girl and math I think?
Anyway, you gave me support during hard times and I appreciate that. Also you give some of the best writing pep talks. I still plan to frame this one.

(I hope it’s okay I wrote the screen names of the people I’m writing to in. There’s nothing mean here so I’m guessing it’s okay? But if anyone is uncomfortable let me know and I will change it so the name isn’t there.
Also, this made me realize how not isolated I am now. I have so many people who care about me and this list isn’t even complete. This is a big difference from where I was before.)

starrcat replied to your post: *posts a status about wanting disabled…

I haven’t heard the term “john green stans” before. May I ask the meaning? (Sorry to bother.)

a stan is a wordsmush of ’stalker’ and ‘fan’ and basically describes someone who has an obsessive attitude toward a celebrity or character and will defend them and their actions no matter how despicable they are and just generally live in a state of blind ignorance regarding their harmful actions

i.e. a john green stan will see TFIOS as a revolutionary teen romance whilst ignoring the fact that it romanticizes the suffering felt by people diagnosed with terminal illness and simultaneously puts disabled people in the position of needing to be saved by some pretentious coffee-shop romance with a manic pixie dream boy