Day 2 - Write a letter to your bestfriend.

Ayo SpooF!

I use to think you were so weird cause I’d always look over at you and you’d be laughing, but then we finally started talking and you were cool af! Hands down you’ll always be my favorite person to sing with, cause you know we live for a good ad lib. Remember “sitting sideways” ?? EFFIN HILARIOUS! and getting kicked out of class? priceless. crazy thing is, i just said all of that and i’ve only covered ninth grade. fast forward to march 2011 and we discovered that both of us never slept.. started going through similar things and now we dont go a day with out talking. from taking people out on twitter, to coming up with our life rules, to venting to each other, to laughing at nothing at all, and having mini parties via text (BEEF!).. i can truly say that you’ve always been there and you will forever be my nigga! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!! 


ps this didnt cover half of what i wanted to say but hey! 

“fck around and hit a nigga with that… MUHFCKN WHOOPTY WHOOOOOOOOP!”

…gahdam. haha im aht! 

Day 3 - Write a letter to the last person you kissed

Oh boy..

i really did not want to kiss you, but i also did not want to hurt your feelings and turn you down… at the same time i was wondering if us kissing would some how bring back the spark we once had… and it didnt. kissing you made me question why i use to love it so much in the first place. i guess its because i’ve kissed way better after you. one thing is for sure, i wont be kissing you again.. and word to the wise, know when you’ve overstayed your welcome.