armin-cheetopacolypse-doge asked:

I follow you because you're the one who helped me with my first fanfic and continue to help me in the sequel to it!!! You always have the best ideas for them. U cool! Oh! And you helping me with my video! Thanks for that, too!!!

Aw man, thanks so much, yo. ;u;

No problem, and thanks so much! I don’t know what to say, but you cool too!

Stay awesome, Rachel!

armin-cheetopacolypse-doge asked:

Say Prince Aikka, what is your opinion of Eren Jaeger?

Eren Jaeger….He sounds a bit like Molly to be honest, or at least what I have noticed about her personality. Um, I do not think he is someone I would like to deal with personally as I am fond of associating myself with people that have a bit of a temper.

Overall, he does not seem very bad, but I do not think I would like to meet him..