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✨Protect our Grandpa Rockstars 2k17! ✨ It’s finally 2017 in my time zone haha! I’m no longer living in the past! (Literally anyway…) Wishing everyone a wonderful year full of peace and love! You guys deserve it 😘


When you get sick of the Trumpkins continuing to say “Give him a chance and he can be a great president” or “embrace Trump” at this point.


Part Two of the classic rock card thing- I felt bad about leaving the rest of the band members out!

Things the classic rock fandom can do

*Be weird
*Be weird
*Cry over dead men
*Cry over old men
*Cry over old women
*Cry over dead women
*Be weird
*Know random/useless facts about 70 year old or dead men/women
*Be weird
*Make weird edits of old or dead men/women
*Have the ability to know a song that could be over 50 years old
*be weird in general

why am i not at desert trip why am i not at desert trip why am i not at desert trip why am i not at desert trip why am i not at desert trip why am i not at desert trip why am i no

Fandom Problem #1:

When someone shits on your fav

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- queen/ brian may
- pink floyd
- donovan
- the doors
- the monkees
- groupies
- anything classic rock related, really
- anything 50s-70s
- photography and art
- cute animals
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Happiness and love can be found wherever you look. Things may seem bleak right now, but everything will be fine and there are people in the world who will keep you upright. From myself and the fellas above, have a brilliant day, love one another and spread all the peace and love you can manage :)