Hey kiddos, so I decided to make my first favorites page!!


  • mbf me
  • reblog this post (likes only count for bookmarking)
  • be active and reblog stuff from me
  • be nice

⭐️For a better chance:

  • talk to me
  • tag me in your posts #7flower
  • have a similar blog type
  • message me why I should choose you
  • like/reblog stuff from here


  • a spot on my faves page
  • a new friend
  • a follow back(if I’m not following you already)
  • queuing a ton from your blog
  • advice whenever you need it
  • more followers (probably??)


  • banner made by me, photo from weheartit
  • choosing once this gets a decent amount of notes
  • if you don’t make it this time, I’ll be making another one later
  • I love you all!! Good luck!!
  • if this doesn’t get any notes forget it ever happened