starmie gif

Sorry, I was supposed to work on and release a few space Pokemon gifs but I just got lost in my own head today and didn’t get anything done really but I’m working on a cool gif at this very moment using this lil guy. I’ll still be making them despite Space Pokemon Day being almost over so expect a few gifs throughout the rest of the weekend

Edit: It’s transparent by the way!


Starmie Birthstones

January: Garnet in Black Gold  | February: Amethyst in Silver and Gold | March: Aquamarine in Rose Gold | April: Diamond | May: Emerald in Gold | June: Alexandrite in Black Gold | July: Ruby in Gold | August: Peridot in Vermeil and Silver | September: Sapphire in Platinum | October: Pink Tourmaline in Rose Gold | November: Topaz in Gold | December: Tanzinite in Black Gold