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Hey could you do an image with Mycroft and his wife while she is giving birth to their first child ?

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Onboard the U.S.S Heartsteel the medical bay was in an unholy trinity of distress, fear and panic as Ambassador Holmes and his wife were preparing to give birth.

No one outside their race has truly witnessed how they bring life into the world much less how they were conceived turning every decorated doctor on board into a second guessing ensign from the Academy.

It wasn’t that unusual considering that the Federation had only just begun communication with their planet a year ago but still it was a nerve wracking experience for the crew aboard the floating starship.

“Do we even know if their kind needs to be placed in water after they come out,” questioned Dr Kal, one of the finest doctors to serve in the fleet, “ I need to know these things or else we might damage the babies!”

“Wait-I thought Lt. Miguta translated that there was only one baby,” piped up one of the nurses.

Kal waved her claw around dismissively, “The day I trust Lt. Miguta’s translations on a new species is the day I get my horns clipped and paint them yellow.”

“Now Kal you know that Miguta is doing his best despite the circumstances and I don’t appreciate you talking ill about my crew,” D’Morge chided at the old doctor, “We all know that he’s had his share of blunders same as everyone else on this ship but so far he’s the only one of us that seems to have a hang on what Ambassador Holmes and his wife are even suggesting.”

“Captain he almost got us imprisoned on M’Bega 9 because he accidentally insulted the high priestess and then had us nearly kill ourselves by miss-translating those barrels from the Quan as something safe for consumption. That kid is the worst linguist the Fleet has every had,” Kal ranted. Her claws on full display as was her coloring at her ridges sending any nearby nurses to back away lest they burn under her radiating body heat.

Truly Kal had a beef with the young lieutenant but Captain D’Morge could not stand for any bad blood between his crew members. Putting two green suction cups between his brow he sighed.

“Again, Kal I understand why you’re pissed at him but now is not the time to start fighting when he’s literally the only one that has been able to help so far and we need this birth to go smoothly. Their planet is the only one in galaxy that produces those little insects that could save the Federation from shedding more blood and the fact that their kind can adapt like no other we’ve encountered before.”

Careful not to put his section cups on any of the dark patches of Kal’s skin D’Morge says intensely, “I cannot stress this enough doctor but we need them more than they need us. If we screw this up we are most likely not only going to lose our jobs but the fate of every species known to our galaxy so for the love of your  people and mine please do not harp on Miguta and throw him off. Understand?

Dr. Kal is still purple in some places but nods all the same. She may be an Watari full of righteous rage but even she knew that if the captain was telling her to cool it for the fate of the Federation than she needed to suck it up. “Understood Captain.”

D’Morge gave her an small smile. “Good, now what’s the status of the Ambassador’s wife?”

“Nothing like anything we’ve come across and its driving my machines crazy,” Kal complains.

“Crazy how?”

Rather than waste her voice Dr. Kal beckons the captain to follow her to the birthing part of the medical bay where Ambassador Holmes was seated next to his bedridden wife and Lt. Miguta standing somewhat awkwardly on her left talking to them. 

Despite the sweat on her brow and the redness creeping on her skin the Ambassador’s wife seemed in good spirits as did her husband. Holmes was stroking her hands lovingly and murmuring low in their strange language.

It sounded so alien to their ears but nevertheless very soothing.  

“Are they supposed to get red like that?”

“Miguta says that its perfectly normal under stress but like I said earlier I’m relying on that idiot’s word entirely,” Kal grumbles.


“Dr. Kal,” called a nurse Solin frantically, “ Dr. Kal, you have to see this!

Without much delay both the captain and the good doctor ran over to the worried nurse hovering over the body scanners.

“What is it nurse?”

“These readings are off the charts,” Solin exclaimed showing them the readings. “All of them. Pain receptors, hormone levels, brain activity, blood work-by our standards the Ambassador’s  wife should be dead.”

Kal could only hum as she surveyed the readings as Solin continued to gush about the strange data but even D’Morge knew what she was thinking. Their kind are truly something to be feared and revered.

“How can she even stand to be smiling,” Solin yammered on, “how can she even take that much pain and why is her mate so calm about it? Does he even know?”

Now for Solin’s kind the males generally harbor the offspring until they are ready to materialize via transporter from the womb as did most species once inducted into the Federation or through pod incubation.

It was the safer way to ensure growth to endangered populations and encourage to those who were fertile or unable to procreate normally to do so at a higher frequency. 

To have natural births was pretty much an outdated system that none of them could stand to do anymore without horrific consequences. Live birth was simply to archaic and dangerous that most  generations didn’t understand the process anymore much less learn it.

Captain D’Morge had tired to see if Lt. Miguta could convince them to do the same for the Ambassador’s wife but it seemed that they were content to do this their way.

 “Nurse Solin please center yourself,” Captain D’Morge urged the young nurse, “we can only afford so many people to be panicked at this moment and I would like you not to be one of them.”

Solin did not look too terribly quelled but her antenna did not seem as ridged as it was before. “I still think that they’re crazy.”

“Given on how they reacted to us tossing those gold boxes into the compactor I think that they think we’re crazy too,” D’Morge offered as Kal handed tugged on one of his limbs.

“Captain you need to see this,” she urged.

Looking down at the body scanner cautiously D’Morge could not hide his astonishment. 

What is that?”

“I believe captain that it is their baby-moving downward.I’m not entirely sure what it means but I’m sure that it means we’re about to find out how their kind is born.”

The medical bay turns into a hush in acknowledgement of what is to come and it sends collective chills down their spines.

 “By Timor I hope we’re ready.”

“We don’t have a choice,” Kal concedes, “it’s either we wing it and fail or succeed.”

Um, Captain?”

Captain D’Morge turns on his heel faster than he thought at the sound of that voice. “Lt. Miguta, what are you doing here? You’re supposed to be with the Ambassador and his wife to let us know when she’s ready to give birth!”

Miguta looks nervous as he shifts from foot to foot. “Well that’s just it sir, they’re fixing to give birth right now.”


Outta my way,” Dr. Kal command, “doctor coming through!” 

Both the captian and Miguta race after her to the receiving bay while the rest of the medical bay crew start to work furiously at their scanners.

Upon opening the door they are greeted with a sight of Ambassador Holmes holding his wife’s hand in what looks to be great pain as his wife’s color fluctuates from white, red and blue.

What’s happening,” Kal demands at Miguta as she tries in vain to figure out anyway she can help.

Miguta talks hurriedly at Holmes and he responds tersely back not at all like the nice sounds that he had portrayed earlier. His wife was grunted and growled unlike anything the captain or doctor had heard before and it frightened them terribly.

Her hand white as it gripped her husband’s hand and strained against the bed in a way that seemed uncomfortable.

“Um, Ambassador Holmes says that she needs something called an epidural. Something like a pain blocker so she doesn’t break his hand and not break,” Miguta explains, “its really hard to understand him captain because his wife is distracting him with his hand.”

“If she needs a hand I shall definitely give her mine,” D’Morge quickly offers three of his strongest suction cups. His kind may have odd appendages but they were stronger muscles than even the most trained Kinshia.

Ambassador Holmes gives a skeptical look at the suction cups but in a move that could almost be described as ‘its your funeral’ he conceded to migrate the suction cups to his wife’s hand in order to free his own. 


CAPTAIN,” Kal injected quickly, “COMPOSE YOURSELF!”

Easy for you to say,” D’Morge grounded out darkly. It felt like the ambassador’s wife was purposely trying to tear his suction cups apart on a cellular level that was unheard of by brute strength alone. “And get that information quick Miguta or I’ll have you stranded on the next starbase when this is over.”

“Yes sir!”

Lt. Miguta talks some more to both the Ambassador and his wife in fats tones.

“He says that any pain blocker that has cortisone with lidocaine, orbupivacaine, and saline would be good right now and to hurry because depending on how tired she gets this could last a full rotation!”

“Are they mad? Those chemicals are killers. I’m not injecting her with that” Kal declares only to be growled at by the Captain.

“The hell you will because I’m not allowing the Ambassdor’s wife to crush my suction cups into oblivion! Miguta get the recipe from the Ambassador and get it whipped up and ready to inject now!

Miguta works furiously to translate under pressure and deliver the message to the other officers in the medical bay as Kal tries in vain to make them comfortable.

She watches as Ambassador Holmes despite the obvious pain in his hand looks loving at his wife and makes what sounds like encouraging noises to her. His wife on the other hand seems torn between looking mad at her mate and happy.

An odd thing to witness given the current times but endearing none the less. 

The ambassador makes a noise at Kal to which she can’t understand until he gestures to the cooling solution gel at the opposite bedside. “You want this,” she points curiously.

The ambassador nods and holds up his hand for the item to which Kal is not going to bother questioning things anymore and just forks it over.

Gently Holmes spreads the cooling agent at his wife’s inner thighs and lower back in a way that is almost reverent if not frantic as Lt. Miguta comes back with the pain blocker solution.

“We have to inject this into her lower back in order to help her,” Miguta says handing the hypo injector to Dr. Kal.

Just in her lower back?”

“Holmes said he would guide you.”


Indeed the Captain’s green suction cups were turning a very worrisome pale green so Kal quickly set forth to inject the solution.

Holmes had been very careful in trying to move his wife forward that even Miguta had to step in and help but the application was tricky.

“He wants me to stick the hypo there,” Kal kept trying to confirm as Miguta translated.

“Yes there.”

“But there’s too much bone there for me to get to the nerve endings.”

“Look, Holmes says to do it there so we have to! You need to trust me!”

“Boy it will be a hot day on Anmari before I trust you-”

JUST DO AS HE SAYS!” screamed the Captain that even had the Ambassador’s wife flinching.

There’s a hiss from the hypo and a groan from the wife before she releases his suction cups and slumps on the bed.

“Lomar above please tell me we didn’t kill her,” Kal pleads until she opens her eyes and gives a worn smile.

Even ambassador Holmes looks more at ease as the chemicals kick in and besides the captain whimpering over his suction cups the room’s atmosphere is more tranquil. 

Again the Ambassador whispers to his wife and she in turn looks lovingly at him until there’s a grunt, a movement and shrug and then grunt again.

“What’s happening?” Kal demands frantic and unsure of what to do.

“He says she’s pushing the baby out and that we need a blanket and scissors to cut the cord when it comes out,” Miguta explains as he fetches a towel and hand held mini laser.

Both work quickly and diligently together as the captain is still shivering on the floor.

“He says we need a warm light for the baby to be under.”

“Nurses get on it.”

“He says we also have to give the baby some injections to help booster its immune system.”

“Nurses see if you can access their planet’s data base on what that is stat.”

“ Computer time?”

Approximately 13:04:26 ship rotation it sounds off as a foreign noise starts to materialize in the room that is coming from neither the captain or ambassador’s wife.  

“What is that?” Kal says as the Ambassador helps expel the baby from between his wife’s legs.

“That,” Miguta says cheerfully, “is their baby.”

Kal can’t say that its a pretty thing but then again she can admit that she has a bias for her own kind. Noticing that now both are crying Kal looks to Miguta and asks, “Is it okay?”

There is some talking to which Miguta confirms, “Yes the baby is okay. They are both just overwhelmed by the magick of it all.”

“What in Yarmil is ‘magick?” 

Miguta shakes his head. “I do not know but if I were to guess it would be the experience of it all like when my younger sister was brought home in her pod.”

The two of them watch as Holmes kisses both wife and child fervently. How he holds them both so gently and murmurs in that strange tone again.

“What is he saying?”

“I love you. I’m so proud of you. You are so strong. I’m the happiest man in the universe and our aughter is beautiful like you.”

“What is a ‘aughter’?”

“Again I do not know but we’ll wait to ask that until we get better communicators at Federation central. I know I’m not the best linguist and I sure don’t want to screw up again by offending them.”

Kal puts a friendly claw on the young lieutenant’s shoulder. “Now I wouldn’t say you’re the worst either. Look what you did today! You helped me monitor and deliver the first live birth in centuries. Not a lot of people can say they did that.”

Miguta doesn’t look convinced but Kal retracts her claws something very rare for for her species to do. “Listen, I know I’m hard on you and I shouldn’t be since I only know the common tongues and nothing else but you are not worthless and after today you’ll go on to be the galaxies greatest. I just need to remember that you are doing your best and as long as you’re working toward getting better I need to lay off. In fact, feel free to tell me off when I’m coming at your back.”

“Oh but I couldn’t-”

“Hey, doctor’s orders,” Kal insists, “You have to follow them.”

Miguta looks embarrassed and pleased until he hears some faint murmurs from Holmes again. 

“What’s he saying?”

“Ambassador Holmes and his wife want to know if the Captain is alright.”

Looking down the Captain did indeed look like he was still in immense pain on the floor clutching his three suction cups. 

“By Timor Captain compose yourself,” Kal groaned trying to aid the man up and out of the room, “it couldn’t have been that bad.” It’s a slow process as Miguta stays to keep the Holmes company but she manages all the same.

Not even past the door frame Dr. Kal is bombarded by nurses alike.

Doctor you have to see these readings!”

Doctor the pain levels were something never heard of before!

Doctor the amount of strength in her one arm was that akin Quagmire in battle lust!”

Kal looks down at D’Morge and concedes, “Okay maybe it was that bad.”

“My Kori how can their kind even stand to do that let alone have more than one offspring?” 

Dr. Kal gives them a disbelieving look. “I don’t know but given what I witnessed in there we definetly do not want to make an enemy of them. Keep them happy and send me all data on the happening after that you may all step off rotation. Lt. Mo’Roack will have the com until D’Morge feels better. Understood?”

“Yes Dr. Kal.”

So… I did a thing.

This photo, the original black and white, has always been my most favorite picture of Jeremy. He’s so young, and unbearably beautiful. This isn’t even the first time that I’ve colored this photo, but this is definitely the version I’m the most proud of, because I layered my colors and kept tweaking and tweaking and tweaking…


“My crew is my family…” [x]

Mrs Hudson, Greg Lestrade and John Watson in the cryotubes.
AU: Sherlock/Star Trek

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You're writing a Sherlock Holmes/Star Wars crossover? That's awesome! How's it going? I wrote one earlier this year, only short, but it was such a fun challenge trying to mesh the two universes. How are you doing it?


So… I’m not sure if you know that I’m “aleineskyfire” on FFN? Because I’m pretty sure you’ve read at least some of my December challenge stories, yes? And a couple of those SH/SW stories—I call them “Starlock”—showed up in last year’s December challenge.

It actually started with @lost-without-my-detective, “Riandra” on FFN. While doing the 2015 December challenge, she got a prompt from me, and the constant airing of the Star Wars saga on TV inspired her to take the idea and put it in a Star Wars context. So, her first fic had Sherlock Holmes as a young Jedi, and James Moriarty as a Senator and his mentor. Sounds familiar, right? :D

She wrote three more stories for prompts, and then let the universe go. I asked her if I could adopt it (we’ve been co-writers for years now), and she let me.

So what Star Crossed is, technically, is a fusion crossover, wherein the characters of one universe replace the characters of another. Sherlock Holmes is loosely Anakin Skywalker, James Moriarty is loosely Palpatine, etc. John Watson is actually scheduled to show up at the end of the first “episode” in kind of a unique way. Kitty Winter, from “The Illustrious Client,” actually is one of the main supporting cast, as a Jedi Knight. Mary Morstan is no less than the Queen of Naboo. (No, this is not a blow-by-blow replacement of the movies; Sherlock will not be marrying Mary. :D )

Integrated into the Star Wars universe, too, are characters from the cartoon Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century, because apparently I can’t ever write another massive Sherlock Holmes AU without including Beth Lestrade from said cartoon. (There will be at least a couple other characters from that show, but they’re not showing up for a good while yet.)

It’s a challenge, for sure, because I want to write interesting and engaging Star Wars stories, using Sherlockian characters. How do you stay true to them while keeping them grounded in the Galaxy Far Far Away?

Sherlock, especially, is very different in a lot of ways. He’s not upper class anymore; he’s the son of a freed Tatooine slave, and his entire world (galaxy?) view is influenced by that fact, by Tatooine slave culture, by the awareness that he’s part of that people, even if he’s never been a slave himself. But his mind is still hyperactive and brilliant, observing and figuring things out. And his Tatooine background actually lets me highlight something that I think gets overlooked a lot by adaptions and fanfic alike: his sense of justice. Sure, Sherlock Holmes enjoys unraveling a good mystery, but he’s also propelled by a powerful sense of justice, especially when that sense of justice runs a little bit counter to the law.

Anyway, if you want to read the story as it is chronologically (on mine and Ria’s shared accounts): FFN || AO3. A ton of art and edits and odds and ends can be found here: And last but not least, Ria’s original stories are linked to from this post:

Sherlock and Star Trek crossover?

Okay. So I saw drawings of John Harrison wanting the torpedos back because John *Watson* is in one of them. I know.

A Sherlock and Star Trek into Darkness crossover. 

Is there already a fanfic about this?? even a WIP? I need this in my life.

Here are the artworks by bulecelup:


Happy birthday dear Toril!!! ❤❤❤

 I’m so used to drawing you things I can’t post that I actually forgot I could post this until now! HB! is such a huge inspiration to me that I absolutely had to draw these fellas (with flowers of course)!

It has been a total privilege and joy to get to know you throughout this year, and it’s safe to say my life has changed for the better. So much better. You are such a strong, intelligent, motivated, thoughtful and very cool person and every single day I’m chinhandsing so hard that we have what we have. Thank you for literally every single possible thing, you know how much you mean to me and how happy I am to have you in my life!!