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Interview with Toril Orlesky, author of gay centaur Western “Hotblood!

Hotblood! hasn’t been around for long, but it’s already capturing hearts and minds on Tumblr thanks to its combination of snappy dialogue, classic gritty Western tropes, and foreshadowing toward queer romance.

Written and drawn by webcomic artist Toril Orlesky, it tells the story of a pair of 19th century adventurers, James Rook and Asa Langley. Asa is an obnoxious, money-obsessed steel magnate, while Rook is the curmudgeonly Civil War veteran he accidentally hired to be his secretary. Oh, and Rook’s a centaur.

Speaking to the Daily Dot, Orlesky explained a few of her philosophies on fandom, Asa/Rook shipping, and her storytelling process.

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Q: Could you extrapolate a bit on what you mean by “sticking it to the bromance genre”?

A: There are a lot of people who can say this better than I can, but I’m sick and tired of seeing the term “bromance” slapped onto a relationship between two men—usually the two lead characters of a show—as a “no homo” disclaimer. It’s a simple way to erase the possibility of a queer relationship while also implying that the word “friendship” would be too tender and wimpy for these particular leading men. Asa and Rook do some fairly despicable things over the course of the story, but investing in a relationship with each other is not one of them, and I don’t want to understate that.


Happy birthday dear Toril!!! ❤❤❤

 I’m so used to drawing you things I can’t post that I actually forgot I could post this until now! HB! is such a huge inspiration to me that I absolutely had to draw these fellas (with flowers of course)!

It has been a total privilege and joy to get to know you throughout this year, and it’s safe to say my life has changed for the better. So much better. You are such a strong, intelligent, motivated, thoughtful and very cool person and every single day I’m chinhandsing so hard that we have what we have. Thank you for literally every single possible thing, you know how much you mean to me and how happy I am to have you in my life!! 



my hand slipped ..into another bout of fanart doodles. I can’t help that I’m on a centaur kick … I like drawing equines. So any excuse I can use to doodle horses, I’ll take it and run into the night!  ❤ ❤ ❤

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it is TORIL’S BIRTHDAY. you may know them as a carnivore, animal, cannibal, creator of popular centaur webcomic Hotblood! or by their many other projects/successes– toril is an unstoppable force of superchamp proportions and i feel so happy to have begun getting to know them. what positive, inspiring energy and drive. (ps: also hella cute.)

so here are some silly things of their babs, and also one of mine… … oops


Hello, everyone! I am thrilled to announce that I have not one, but two books up for preorder on Storenvy! Here’s the breakdown:

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ARGO is a pornographic space opera set in a future united by commercial interstellar travel and a galactic federation.

The first episode of the comic was commissioned in June 2015 by Slipshine Studio, LLC. This book contains that comic as well as sketches, character bios, and other development work for the project. 

8x5.5", 64 pages, b&w, m/m, m/f, f/f. 

Hotblood!: CASTILLEJA (18+)

Back by popular demand! Extra 18+ scene from my webcomic Hotblood!, a historical fiction/romance which follows the story of centaur James Rook, a washed out Civil War vet and secretary to the irreverent, criminally-inclined steel tycoon Asa Langley. 

8x5.5",16 pages, full color, m/m, human/centaur.

Castilleja is also available as a .pdf download.

My aim is to have the books in my hands and ready to ship out by the end of December! Preorders will be open indefinitely, or until they sell out.

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OMG these two will kill me someday >//<

Recently I discovered the cutest webcomic ever! It’s the awesome Hotblood! (by Toryl Orlesky, check her art now seriously!). Asa and Rook are super cool and I love the development of their relationship (i tought i saw it coming… oh I’m so naïve), and then of course I had to draw fanart of one of the panels (this one)! 0v0

Thank you so much for creating it, you’re awesome! <3 sorry if they’re too much OOC >.<