Collection of Starlock pics, colored in pencil.

  1. Young Darth Vellian, a.k.a. James Moriarty.
  2. Supreme Chancellor James Moriarty of the Galactic Republic.
  3. Darth Veritan and Darth Vellian.
  4. Jedi General Beth “Skywalker” L’Straid and private consulting detective Sherlock Holmes (formerly also of the Jedi Order).
  5. Jedi General Beth L’Straid and padawan Deirdre*.
  6. Jedi General Beth L’Straid and Senator Maré Amarina**.

Beth’s different-colored clothing isn’t a mistake, btw; it’s actually on-purpose. Realistically, a Jedi can’t wear the exact same robes every day. They do appear, however, to stick to the same color scheme once they’ve picked one (note the changes in Obi-Wan’s robes from TPM to RotS).

Also, coloring with pencils and making it look good is hard. Send help.

*Deirdre is one of the Baker Street Irregulars in Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century.
**Yes, Maré is Mary, emphasis on the second syllable of her name rather than the first.

Happy birthday dear Toril!!! ❤❤❤

 I’m so used to drawing you things I can’t post that I actually forgot I could post this until now! HB! is such a huge inspiration to me that I absolutely had to draw these fellas (with flowers of course)!

It has been a total privilege and joy to get to know you throughout this year, and it’s safe to say my life has changed for the better. So much better. You are such a strong, intelligent, motivated, thoughtful and very cool person and every single day I’m chinhandsing so hard that we have what we have. Thank you for literally every single possible thing, you know how much you mean to me and how happy I am to have you in my life!! 


ehheheh UHM HAY LOOKIT ITS GOMI AND KENTA BEIN ALL CUTE IN A GARDEN OR SOMESHIT :^D i tried to make it as lovely as possible especially because it took me FOREVER TO FINISH THIS because i got the commission right before a move and a buncha other things happened but GOSH toril and katie are so wonderful and make such amazing things both separately and together and they’re so supportive of somany other artists i adore and i loves them and everything they create REALLYTRULY. i wanna draw these two again sometime in the near future but YEAH GOSH it was super fun and you guys are the best and these characters are really interesting too and i hope its okee i drew them in a somewhat playfully intimate moment hahahahhaaa :^DDDD \n__n/;;;

ANYWHO mahou shounen breakfast club is the joint project of katie and toril so YEAH GO CHECK OUT DEM CUTE FOLK AND CLICK ALL THE LINKS n____n


I made a new oc today! 
She’s a technological witch for Jude’s and my witchsona universe!
The broom is also a first draft concept and needs to go through much refinment and development! but I was excited and wanted to share anyway!
oh and i wanted to make a cute gf for her too, but she’s still a work in progress, so she might not look like that drawing under the witch character in the end.

and also a photo study of one of @starlock ‘s beautiful enviroment photos on their instagram

Adding more concepts


These are specialized druids that focus on the plant life of the ship. They are first given a small arbor creature that they must take care of and raise until it is strong enough for it to be bound to the ship. Once that takes place it is fused with the ship permanently. 

Timbermancers are capable of controlling the plants, vines, and roots of the ship to suit its needs. The new Galestorm is a still a small ship with only a portion of its hull actually living flora. Thus, at this time, with no timbermancers and no full growth on the ship, the Galestorm cannot perform its most infamous offensive: change shape

The old Galestorm ship had many vetaran timbermancers that were capable of working together with enough precision and mastery that the ship itself was rarely the same shape twice. They could mold the living wood to change the ship’s shape for either defense, attack, or for speed. From a destroyer to a wave-cutting cruiser. 

Khalind Starlock, returning to the seas, is training the new generation of timbermancers to return the Galestorm back to its old, infamous glory.