“My crew is my family…” [x]

Mrs Hudson, Greg Lestrade and John Watson in the cryotubes.
AU: Sherlock/Star Trek

Sherlock and Star Trek crossover?

Okay. So I saw drawings of John Harrison wanting the torpedos back because John *Watson* is in one of them. I know.

A Sherlock and Star Trek into Darkness crossover. 

Is there already a fanfic about this?? even a WIP? I need this in my life.

Here are the artworks by bulecelup:


I wish there was a Parallel Works video about Garlock Simon, from what I’ve seen in the few minutes of screen time he had at the beginning of Episode 1, and from all that I’ve read and the pictures I’ve seen from the fan-base he is probably one of the most interesting characters when it comes to back story  Thanks to a certain picture I had seen and reblogged, I believe he also has the most tragic history, second to Lord Genome, and Starlock Simon.

From everything I’ve read up and seen on him, Garlock had gone the same path that Young Simon had until Episode 8 when Kamina died at the hands of Viral and Thymilph. After the battle, Simon had gone into his deep depression, anger and hatred in and for both himself and the world and soon he fell into the pit of Lord Genome’s discarded princesses. He didn’t fixate himself on the box that contained Nia, and unknowingly left her to her fate. As time continued on he and the rest of the Dai-Gurren Brigade fought the 4 Generals and approached Teppelin, they took down Lord Genome and his army with some loses to the Brigade which I believe would be Balinbow, Jorgun, Kidd, Zorthy, Iraak, Makken, and Attenborough.

After the time-skip I don’t know exactly what would transpire, however I hold the belief that Simon would have a taken the Anakin-Vader path and would of become the very thing he fought and rebelled against 7 years prior. As for cities and civilizations thriving, developing and growing to the 1 million people needed to fulfill the prophecy of the Anti-Spiral’s Spiral Nemesis, I am unsure of how that would come about, but I think it would still happen and be more of a last minute deal considering Nia isn’t around any longer to deliver the message to the people of Earth. During the fight in space, the Anti-Spirals would use the moon transforming it into Anti-Spiral Cathedral Lazengann, Simon of course being now more cocky and arrogant than his Starlock counterpart since he had never given up his aspiration to become like Kamina would want to jack it and have Lagann gain control over it, and would succeed. 

He and whom remained of the Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren Brigade would now venture off into Space to confront the Anti-Spiral, and then would be caught in the Spiral Graveyard, Yoko instead of Kittan would rush into the machine trying to destroy it and free it of their pull, fail and Kittan would rush afterwords to assure the run was a success. Stricken by his grief at the loss of his childhood crush, his last friend Simon once free from the pull would transform Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren into Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann, somehow finding his way into the Anti-Spiral’s Super Spiral Dimension and whoop his ass.

With all this new found Spiral Power coursing through his very blood, and life force we are now back at the opening of Episode 1 where Simon walks onto the deck of Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren. He has something to remind him of and commemorate his fallen, and beloved friends; Yoko’s skull ornament wearing Kamina’s glasses, the buckle of course being buckled to Kamina’s belt. With such power and the Spiral Nemesis still in play, other Spiral life seek to stop him from bringing this doomsday even closer, however he while engulfed in his own power and losing sight of what he once was or stood for he begins an all out war with all the stars in the sky, his enemies.

“Gurren Lagann, spin on! Just who the hell do you think I am?!”

PSA For Those Trashing The Multitude of Sherlock Crossovers

I’m well aware the Sherlock fandom is far from perfect.


Hating on them for creating crossovers is the sort of douchebaggery that I’ve heard many complain came from the Sherlock fandom.

Whether it’s Avengers, Les Miserables or the fucking Bible, you can always Tumblr savior it. No one is asking you to enjoy it, and saying that it’s somehow ruining fandoms is the equivalent of bitchy Sherlockians hating on Lucy Liu for playing Watson.

...this fic is definitely a rough draft wtf

The first thing John Watson is aware of is that his right leg hurts like hell.

The second thing is that his left shoulder also hurts like hell.

The third is that there’s a jewel lying next to him.

He shakily raises himself into a sitting position, dusting off his silvery robes. His light-coloured hair shines silvery in the moonlight, and he casts his eyes heavenward to his brethren. He can almost hear Astra laughing at him, so he shakes a fist in retaliation as he picks up the gemstone with his other hand.

It is, on closer inspection, a bright blue carbuncle – odd, really, considering most carbuncles are red. John slips it into the folds of his robe; his hand barely leaves his pocket before a bright glow lights up the night sky once more.  Out of the sky comes another ball of light, and moments later a bright something barrels into him.

John is thrown back onto the ground with an ‘oof!’ of surprise, and when the glow clears he sees that a young man is looking down at him curiously, frowning.

“You’re the star,” says the man.

“Way to be blunt,” John retorts.

“But you are the star.”

“We’ve established that.”

The intruder pauses, notices their positioning, and clambers off John with a grimace.