VIXX Hairstyle Evolution.

Shit Starlights Call Hongbin (Alphabetized)

It’s really sad that my tumblr legacy is going to be taking a VIXX fandom joke too seriously.

  1. Antonio Beanderes
  2. Bacon Bits
  3. Badabing Badabong
  4. Baddabing
  5. banghong
  6. banghongdong
  7. bangtang
  8. Banjo
  9. Bargain Bin
  10. beanbag
  11. beanbong
  12. bean
  13. beandip
  14. beanie baby
  15. beanie bear
  16. beanie boo
  17. beelzebin
  18. beelzebong
  19. Beelzebub
  20. beepboop
  21. Beggin Strips
  22. bibimbap
  23. bigbang
  24. bigbong
  25. BigBong
  26. bigbongbipity
  27. bigbyung
  28. billabingbong
  29. billabong
  30. bin
  31. bin-ie
  32. binbin
  33. Binbong
  34. Binbot
  35. bindhum
  37. Bing Bing Bing Bing Bananaphone
  38. Bingadict Cumberhong
  39. bingbaomg
  40. bingbon
  41. Bingbong
  42. Bingbongyourass
  43. bingdip
  44. Bingham
  45. bingiebongie
  46. Binglebingle
  47. Binglebong
  48. Binglebongle
  49. Binglebops
  50. Bingleybong
  51. Bingo
  52. Bingo Bango
  53. BingoBoozy
  54. bingringding
  55. Binnie
  56. binnity bonnity boo
  57. blingbong
  58. blockbong
  59. bloopyhoop
  60. Boggle
  61. bogglebong
  62. boingalina
  63. Boink
  64. Bollywood
  65. bonbae
  66. bongbim
  67. Bongbinbeepbeep
  68. Bongbing
  69. Bongbong
  70. bongbongie
  71. bonghip
  72. bongo drums
  73. Boombangboom
  74. Boppit
  75. bumblebong
  76. Clementine Boop
  77. cyberbin
  78. dimplebong
  79. Dimples McGunshow
  80. dingdong
  81. dingledongle
  82. Dinkleberg
  83. dongbongle
  84. Dongleberries
  85. Doodlebop
  86. doorknob
  87. el frijol
  88. el frijolito
  89. Flapjack
  90. Flimflam
  91. Flimflapdongle
  92. Ghoulbin
  93. gongbin
  94. gongchan
  95. Greek God
  96. handbag
  97. Hangdongle
  98. hbognin
  99. hemoglobin
  100. hengbong
  101. herdingo
  102. hgbinon
  103. Higginbottom
  104. higginsboson
  105. higglepigs
  106. higglypiggly
  107. Higgs-Boson
  108. himbolimbo
  109. hingbib
  110. hingbing
  111. hingblebingle
  112. hingblingbong
  113. hingbon
  114. Hingbong
  115. hingding
  116. Hinges
  117. hingle dingle
  118. hingledimple
  119. HingleMcCringleberries
  120. hinklebinkle
  121. hinnabon
  122. hnongbin
  123. HoBagel
  124. Hobbit
  125. Hobgoblin
  126. Hobin
  127. hobnim
  128. hobnob
  129. hobnobbing
  130. Hobson
  131. hocus pocus
  132. hoebagel
  133. hogbin
  134. hogebin
  135. hognasdgbnin
  136. Hoingo Boingo
  137. Holdebort
  138. homebean
  139. honbin
  140. honey boo boo
  141. honeybear
  142. Honeybee
  143. Honeybuns
  144. Honeyding
  145. Hong Kong
  146. hongarbage
  147. Hongbabe
  148. Hongbae
  149. Hongballin
  150. hongbalm
  151. hongbanette
  152. hongbang
  153. hongbanghim
  154. hongbangme
  155. Hongbar
  156. hongbard
  157. hongbasilio
  158. hongbat
  159. Hongbean
  160. hongbeanie
  161. Hongbeezlebub
  162. HongbengbongToostrong
  163. hongbetty
  164. Hongbigbyung
  165. hongbiggitybong
  166. hongbillabong
  167. hongbinary
  168. hongbing
  169. hongbingbong
  170. hongbingo
  171. hongbinnieboo
  172. Hongbisexual
  173. hongblast
  174. hongbling
  175. hongblock
  176. hongbodiddly
  177. hongbolero
  178. hongbollocks
  179. hongbonbon
  180. Hongbone
  181. Hongbong
  182. hongbongbin
  183. hongboombadoomboomboombadoomboombass
  184. hongboop
  185. hongbooty
  186. hongborkulon
  187. hongbowser
  188. hongbox
  189. hongboxer
  190. hongbreaking bad
  191. Hongbubblebutt
  192. Hongbun
  193. Hongbun
  194. Hongbutt
  195. hongbuzz
  196. hongdimadome
  197. hongdong
  198. hongdonger
  199. hongdongle
  200. Hongdou
  201. honggopongo
  202. honghong
  203. hongib
  204. Hongjingle
  205. hongkinweenie
  206. hongkongbingbongsingsong
  207. honglebongle
  208. hongliding
  209. hongnib
  210. hongnob
  211. hongnobbin
  212. Hongobble
  213. Hongobongo
  214. hongodongo
  215. Hongoober
  216. Hongshammalammabingdingdong
  217. hongshit
  218. honhonhon
  219. honhonhongbin
  220. Honk Honk
  221. honponweiweiwei
  222. honsolo
  223. HornyBob
  224. HorseyBen
  225. HotBean
  226. HoterBurger
  227. hottibin
  228. huffle puffle
  229. hufflepuff
  230. hugglybean
  231. hungbean
  232. HungBing
  233. HunkyBen
  234. jinglejangle
  235. king kong
  236. King Kong
  237. knipknop
  238. Kong
  239. kongbean
  240. Kongbin
  241. kongie
  242. mcbingles
  243. mr. kong
  244. nipnop
  245. Oingo boingo
  246. OinkBono
  247. Pigglet
  248. Prince Bean
  249. Queenbeenie
  250. RingaLinga
  251. ringalingabin
  252. RingaLingaLing
  253. ringbingabingabinga
  254. ringbingbong
  255. ringbongbing
  256. Ringdinghong
  257. Robotbin
  258. Satanbin
  259. shinglebingble
  260. the bean
  261. the dimple king
  262. the kid from vixx
  263. trashbin
  264. Wallabingbong
  265. weenie beanie
  266. wongbin
  267. Wongbin
  268. Zigzagoon
  269. Zingzong
Fans are Getting a Little Bit too Close

Recently a Starlight who was trying to shoved her letter into Leo’s hand at the air port got caught on the camera. Some Starlights on twitter community were so disappointed and strongly against this action.

Base on the account, the fan got caught by one of Vixx’s manager. And even when the manger told her to stop shoving letter into Leo’s hand and took her letter away. She still kept continued her action and kept a very close space with Leo.

This account mentions that, even after getting the waring from manager she took out her second letter and kept pushing it into Leo hand. This action made some fans uncomfortable because (un)intentionally the fan even touch Leo’s thigh.

We are also aware that incidents like this happen often within K-pop community.This is also not the first time Vixx’s personal space in public got violated. However, this time the action had crossed the line and bothered a lot of Starlights.

We are realized that our fandom has growth bigger in the past few months. New fans might be not aware of the already existed rules and things that been so called “Stralights culture”. Therefore, through this incident, we want to kindly reminded everyone the rules/ culture again:

*Please note*: Some of the rules are official and made by Vixx’s management team

 1.Vixx will be not excepted any forms of gifts, letters AT the AIRPORT (please refer to the fancafe post above for more details)

Fans’ letters please send to:

100-612 Seoul Central PO Box No. 1283 Jellyfish Entertainment <VIXX- member name>.

2. Please keep a decent distance to the members at airport to avoid blocking the traffic as well as bothering other people.

3. Please keep in mind seeing your idols in public is a rare opportunity, however respect their private time and personal space is even more important. This is what Starlghts have been maintain and doing very well. We hope new Starlights could take note about this and pass this on.

Once again, we hope incidents like this wont happen again in the near future.

Fy-Starlights admin


Vixx Fans

“hehehehe~ How does each member’s fans resemble their idols. for example: N’s fans personalty, are they like him talk alot or are they totally opposite?” - Anonymous

Thanks for asking!
- DearlyB :3

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Starlights are becoming destructive

Yeah. I said it. I’m not going to sugarcoat it anymore. I’ve been part of this fandom for about two years now and have known it to be chill and respectful to VIXX and anything or anyone involved with them. Lately, however, it’s changing. I guess it’s because the fandom is growing or whatever. Anyway, from the end of this year up until now, I have no idea what happened. We have fans attacking other fans within the fandom, Starlights attacking other fandoms, insulting artists and their fans who win on music shows if it’s not VIXX, blame the fandom itself, or say how these music shows are rigged, but Starlights will be defensive when VIXX wins and other fandoms call us cheaters. Hypocritical much? 

Guess what’s even worse? We have Starlights attacking VIXX, mostly verbally, on social media and even in person. For example, everyone knows about the musical Leo just finished right? Our man Leo has worked along side his cast-mates for a few months, so naturally friendships will be made. What happens when Leo or any of his co-stars upload a photo? There’s a huge uproar. There are fans leaving nasty comments to both the actress and Leo. The attacks get so bad, the actresses end up deleting the photos. Sophie Kim did and just recently Luna(I think that’s her name). I’m also appalled by the fans that police what these ladies should or should not post. Yeah, I’ve seen the comments like “___ should not upload these photos knowing it’ll upset the fans.” Why do fans feel so entitled in the first place? They have every right to post whatever they want. 

It’s a little funny. Most of this fandom say how much they want VIXX to date, but are so quick to throw dangers at any woman that comes close. That’s assuming all the members are straight, but that’s a whole other topic I won’t get into right now. The comments about that dating rumour between Ravi and Hyuna that circulated a few weeks ago were pretty nasty. Whether they’re dating or not is besides the point, but those comments were uncalled for. Leo and the other women upload selfies together, shit hits the fan. Good job guys. You just gave Leo and potentially the other members a clear idea of what it would be like if they actually came public with their relationships. 

Yesterday after Leo’s final departure from the theater, there was some craziness that most people behind the screens possibly do not know about. After Leo took photos and gave his thank you and goodbye speech to his fans, he and his manager were crowded. Leo’s leg was injured and fans huddled in close giving them a tough time getting out. It was so stressful the manager had to raise his voice and force their way out of the pit. Do you know the feedback he got from it? His last day working for VIXX? Fans were saying he was rude and disrespectful when it was the exact opposite. Wow. Just wow. 

There’s so much more I want to say, but I just want people to realize what’s going on. If you know you’re not one of these fans then you know it’s not about you. There’s just a lot of people who are now which is very unfortunate. I’d love this fandom to return to where it once was, but if no one speaks up and instead let all these instances slide then it’ll just get worse. I know I’ll get some nasty feedback, but I just couldn’t sit quietly anymore. I had to say something. Someone hast to. I can’t be the only one who feels this way.