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That feeling when you realize you might be in love with your best friend and you thought this darn show was called FRIENDSHIP is magic. >:U

My long-standing view is that Trixie would be the first to fall in love and it all hit her like a freight train in a single second one day. Poor thing, she didn’t sign up for all these feels!

I also challenged myself to not go too over overboard with this. In fact, I’m trying to break out of my comfort zone or even limit myself with some drawings. Not everything has to be a masterpiece, and I need to learn to just draw for practice or fun without worrying over every silly little detail!


“Thanks, Trix. It’s so good to have a best friend like you. You really get me!”

“Y-Yeah! Best friend, that’s what Trixie is! Not like I want to smooch you or anything!”

“… Huh?”