starlight reserve

Bucket List! 

Places I plan to see before I die!

“Salt Flat”, Bolivia ↴

“Kelimutu Crater Lakes”, Flores Island, Indonesia ↴

Venice, Italy ↴

“Sea of Stars”, Vaadhoo Island, Maldives ↴

“Paranol Observatory”, Atacama Desert, Chile ↴

“Starlight Reserve”, Tenerife, Canary Islands ↴

“Kyaut Sae Cave”, Myanmar ↴

“Batu Cave”, Malaysia ↴

Naxos, Greece ↴

“Aurora Borealis”, Alaska ↴

Scottish Highlands ↴

“Mauritius Island”, Indian Ocean ↴

“Black Sand Beach”, Vik, Iceland ↴

and finally:

“Melissani Cave”, Kefalonia Island, Greece!

voicevisualvalue  asked:

imo people complaining about sharing the video are being petty. they're not going to take it down. i'm sure most of us internationally would love to be able to go to that showcase and give jelpi our money, but for 99% of us that's completely impossible. i'm sure hongbin would like for us to hear it, i don't see the harm in sharing it among intl fans who can't possible go to the showcase.


Ah, no one actually has complained yet but from what I know about private videos is that it’s usually reserved for Starlight members in the fan-club and those videos are definitely not allowed to be shared. That is why I was a little bit fickle about sharing it because I couldn’t understand if it was applicable here too.

But I, 100%, agree with you that Hongbin probably would want everyone to hear this. It’s absolutely amazing ;^;