starlet movie

dream girl asks

sweet faerie: do you feel comfortable around  nature? why ?
hollywood starlet: invent a movie where you could be the main character
graceful princess: are you capricious ? what do you like to have the most ?
heaven queen: If you had a kingdom, describe what it would look like.
wild witch: if you were to be a wizard, what power(s) would you have?
shy nymph: Do you like it when people flirt with you? How do you flirt ?
dark angel: Is there a secret you’ll keep with you until the end of time?
femme fatale: How many people have you kissed/seduced ?
rich doll: if you had all the money in the world, what thing would you buy first?
devilish beauty: post a selfie (or reblog an old one)
famous model: describe your favorite outfit//link clothing you’d like to buy

add more if u want ♥♥

Seriously one of the best movies out there. And despite the explicit content and language, everyone should see it; there are times when there are no words said yet you’ve never heard anything more coherent or clear. It’s a thought provoking, heart jerking indie that’ll make you fall in love with the characters and the plot. Everything the characters say has some sort of meaning, some sentimental value that I simply adore. I recommend this movie (it’s on Netflix) but be warned, some might be offended by the amount of language and, as previously stated, explicit content.


So digging thru an antique store bin today I found an old scrap book that belonged to a high school girl from Fall River, MA around 1929-1931

She filled it with almost 150 pages of photos of her favorite movie stars, cut from papers and magazines. Here are just a few pages, she really loved Joan Crawford and James Cagney.

This really shows me that fans still have an amazing connection to one and other ever after 80+ years. Just now they hit reblog and use photo shop which isn’t that different.

I mean, God help whoever finds the moody emotastic day planner I had in 80 years but I still really love this.

Things I need to see more of: Tiny, lovely SoSu’s who look like 50′s movie starlets and are happiest when they find a new shade of lipstick in a burnt out department store, who wear pretty dresses with a beautifully decorated snub nosed revolver in a garter on their thigh like a Film Noir Femme Fatale. They somehow manage to walk over the rubble of bombed buildings in cute kitten heels and are sad when their nails chip or their stockings ladder.

And they are starry-eyed head-over-heels in love with their muscular, foul mouthed, blood spattered warrior of a girlfriend, Cait, who breaks bottles over the heads of anyone who looks at her wrong, who is always first through the door and ready and willing to take a bullet for her, because she is so beautiful and pure and outshines all the stars in the sky. For the first time in her life Cait isn’t fighting just to survive or because she’s bored and angry, but to protect her soft and fragile lover from a world that doesn’t deserve her heart. The rotten core of humanity that Cait has seen so many times will not take her, not while she’s alive and fighting, because she is so bright and wonderful and Cait will absolutely beat the living hell out of fucking anything that tries to hurt her perfect soul.