starky love

  • svtfoe: *makes a tom and marco centric episode*
  • me: man I love tomco
  • svtfoe: *hinting at starco*
  • me: man I love starco
  • svtfoe: *makes jarco canon*
  • me: man I love jarco
  • svtfoe: *makes janna and star interact*
  • me: man I love janstar
  • svtfoe: *makes jackie and star interact*
  • me: man I love... starkie? is that their ship name?? eh, whatever. still like it
  • svtfoe: *makes two characters interact with each other*
  • me: man I ship that
  • ~meanwhile~
  • me, @ myself: what the fuck

“I’m not messing no I, need your blessing
And your promise to live free, please do it for me.”

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