Here you go, starkstardisfromsunnydale. Finally got it to upload. 

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I did not, but I must say that is a pretty badass tattoo if I am picturing it correctly. What other tattoos do you have? I also had to change it because I rewatched Star Wars over last week, and it reminded me why I fell in love with Harrison in the first place. :)

Here, just took a photo of it for you :)

Ah, I have 5 skateboarding related tattoos, Abe from Abe’s Oddysee (PS1 classic), Dexter (the name of his boat ‘Slice of Life’ over a slice with blood dripping) and Hellboy :D

9 in total.

Ah, yes SW <3 I’m due for another viewing! :D

I’ve had a few people ask me about my b/f, I’ve been adamant in posting a picture of him seeing it’s my personal life and there’s a bit of age difference between us. If you send me hate, I’m just going to ignore you so don’t bother. No need for it. 

Here’s my gorgeous sweetheart, I love him - all that matters really.

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btvs and the walking dead

BTVS (also asked by dahliawalker!)

  • favorite male character: Giles.
  • favorite female character: Tie between Buffy and Willow.
  • least favorite character: Warren , and Parker.
  • prettiest character: GIL - er - Jenny Calendar
  • funniest character: Xander. GILES. 
  • favorite season: Close call between 2 and 3.
  • favorite episode: Just one? :(  - Hush. 
  • favorite romantic ship: CALENDILES.
  • favorite family ship: Giles and Buffy (a father’s love) ; The Scoobies
  • favorite friend ship:  Xander and Willow
  • worst ship: Giles/Buffy or Giles/any of the scoobies ; Spuffy (*ducks*)

The Walking Dead:

Tougher time picking favorite characters, because I like so many.

  • favorite male character: Hershel, Rick, and The Governor (don’t judge me)
  • favorite female character:  Michonne, Carol, and Lori
  • least favorite character: Ed Peletier
  • prettiest character: Lori
  • funniest character:  Hershel. Milton (unintentionally). 
  • favorite season: 3
  • favorite episode: Walk With Me. (The first one I ever saw :’) )
  • favorite romantic ship: Um. Rick/Lori and Glen/Maggie I guess. 
  • favorite family ship:  TEAM PRISON.
  • favorite friend ship: Daryl and Carol. Rick and Hershel.
  • worst ship: um. Ed/Carol? 

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My favorite scene from the 50th was when they were in the tower and they were talking about counting the children of Gallifrey. Ten was like yes here is the exact number, and eleven was like no. Then Tennant was like YOU DON'T THINK ABOUT IT? and it broke my heart. :(

UGH I KNOW. 11 is so goofy generally, but I absolutely love when we’re reminded that he is the oldest doctor right now and he’s the one who’s lived through everything.

It’s sleepover Saturday, 50TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION! Send me anything you want! Crushes, stories, jokes, random questions, or TELL ME WHAT YOU THOUGHT OF THE 50TH!

@starkstardisfromsunnydale said: I believe what you said about Neal being the hero. I’d go as far to say that Rumple is more of a hero than Hook is.

Yes, Rumple will be the hero too. But to me, Neal made ​​the difference. Emma will not need to pay any price for the life of her father, because Neal demanded that way. Rumple would call a favor to Emma, cause we know how it works. But Neal not allowed that. David, THIS TIME, will be saved without any concession.

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What if you ship couples that are together? Like Tony/Sarah? Just curious.

That’s fine. Especially if they are as adorable as those two.

But shipping RL people that aren’t is just.. weird!

Oh and by “fine” I  mean, liking that they are together, and going “aww”, and stuff. “Fine” is not coming up with ship names or writing fanfiction or making photo manipulations. They are real people and its disrespectful (and creepy) to treat them like they’re fictional characters that don’t exist.