We the People of these Tumblr Blogs, in order to form a more perfect Roleplay Environment, establish butt sex guidelines, insure slash shipping tranquility, provide for each new fan, promote bisexual, asexual homosexuals and transgenders in canon, and secure the Blessings of Fandom Friendships to ourselves and our sanity, do ordain and establish this Bias List of Captainspangly.

That was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever typed, I’m so sorry in advance, that was probably some form of treason and Obama is on his way to my apartment so I best make this quick. I recently noticed that people were doing ‘bias lists’ rather than follow forevers and I’ve been meaning to do one myself as I am coming up on 3000 followers but work so here it is, my bias list. If I have forgotten any of you, I apologize in advance, I really do love and appreciate all of you, thanks for sticking around through all the ups and downs. You guys have made this a safe and fun place for me to escape to when the weight of the world just won’t fall off my shoulders. 


These are all the people I’ve gotten the closest too. I don’t know where I’d be without you guys. Thanks for existing. Thanks for tolerating my bull shit.Thanks for trading sad headcanons with me. Thanks for having a billion threads with me. Thanks for being my friends in ways some of the people I’ve met in real life couldn’t compare to. I love you all. 

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These are all the other people I’ve interacted with and enjoyed the company over time but I haven’t gotten the time to get to know properly or perhaps I’m still just stalking you from afar, who knows. Thanks for existing as well, because that breathing thing you do? Tickles me pink. You keep that up. 

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If I left anyone out, I promise it wasn’t intentional but again, thank you all for taking part in the soap opera that my life can sometimes be. Thanks for choosing to follow me, thanks for existing and I would like you all to continue to do that, exist. You’re all amazing. 

In the Light of the Moon +starkred

For a house full of people who prized intelligence, the Ravenclaw tower was surprisingly easy to sneak out of. Once out of the common room, a disillusionment charm (one of the spells she was most proud of, considering she’d taught it to herself in just her first year) was all it took to ensure that Bryce could sneak down to the grounds without being spotted by Peeves or any of the few staff members who weren’t aware of her condition.
Initially, this hadn’t all been necessary; for a short time, one of the professors had always escorted her to the Shack a few hours before the moon rose and returned later to take her back to the castle. Once she had assured the headmaster that she was capable of making the trip herself, the escorts had stopped.
When she reached the ground floor, she removed the charm and opened the doors, heading out toward the Whomping Willow.