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they wanted a grisha queen. mal wanted a commoner queen. and what did i want? peace for ravka. a chance to sleep easy in my bed without fear. an end to the guilt and dread that i woke to every morning. there were old wants too, to be loved for who i was, not what i could do, to lie in a meadow with a boy’s arms around me and watch the wind move the clouds.

A Guide to Female YA Leads
  • Clary Fray: Imma do the thing
  • Literally anyone: Don't do the thing
  • Clary: I'm sorry did I fucking ask you?
  • -----
  • Aelin Ashryver: Imma do the thing
  • Someone: Don't do the thing
  • Aelin: Fine
  • Aelin: *whispers* Imma do it later
  • -----
  • Alina Starkov: Imma do the thing
  • Mal: Don't do the thing
  • Alina: Why not?
  • Mal: *gives reason*
  • Alina: Hmm. Good point.
  • The Darkling: Hello
  • Alina: Imma do the thing
  • -----
  • Juliette Ferrars: Imma do the thing
  • Someone: Are you sure you can?
  • Juliette: *stares*
  • Juliette: *rips a car apart with her bare hands*
  • Someone: Yeah nevermind forget I said anything
  • -----
  • Ruby Daly: Imma do the thing
  • Liam: Don't do the thing
  • Ruby: Liam, leave this to the big kids, okay?
  • -----
  • Adelina Amourteru: Imma do the thing
  • Someone: Don't do the thing
  • Adelina: Why not?
  • Someone: Um, because it's morally abhorrent, blatantly disregards every law ever, and will likely end in death?
  • Adelina:
  • Adelina:
  • Adelina: your point being...?
  • -----
  • America Singer: Hey, Maxon, let's say I, hypothetically, were to do the thing...
  • Maxon: Please don't do the thing
  • America: Okay, so let's say I, hypothetically, did the thing 20 minutes ago...
  • -----
  • Penryn Young: Imma do the thing
  • Angels: Don't do the thing
  • Humans: Don't do the thing
  • Penryn: ...maybe do the thing
  • Raffe: Don't do the thing
  • Penryn: Imma do the thing
  • -----
  • Tris Prior: Imma do the thing
  • Someone: Don't do the thing
  • Tris: *makes direct eye contact, promises she won't do the thing, then does the thing*
  • -----
  • Linh Cinder: Imma do the thing
  • Someone: Don't do the thing
  • Cinder: Look me dead in the eye and tell me that you think I'm doing this because I feel like it. I dare you. I fucking dare you.
my top 10 fav characters introduced in siege and storm

1. Nikolai Lantsov
2. Sturmhond
3. the second son of the Queen of Ravka
4. Korol Rezni
5. The Too-Clever Fox, as Alina calls him
6. Vasily’s little brother
7. The ‘bastard prince’
8. scourge of the true sea
9. the prince who masquerades as a privateer
10. the pirate king


“You were wrong.” My voice was steady, but doubt rustled in my heart. The Darkling shook his head. “You cannot lie to me. Do you think I could have come to you again and again, if you had been less alone? You called to me, and I answered.”
I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing. “You … you were there?”
“On the Fold. In the palace. Last night.”
I flushed as I remembered his body on top of mine.
Shame washed through me, but with it came overwhelming relief. I hadn’t imagined it all.
- Siege and Storm (The Grisha Trilogy) by Leigh Bardugo


Book ladies: part one, /part two/

She gave it all, you gave her shit
She coulda done, just anything
Or anyone, cause she’s a goddess
You never got this
You put her down, you liked her hopeless
To walk around, feeling unnoticed
You shoulda crowned her, cause she’s a goddess
You never got this