Starkid challenge: 17th day

Day 17: Fave Tasty Tests

At first I didn’t know what to choose, because all they are cool, but I have at least four favorite episode.

In general, if our country has such advertising, I would have bought anything like that, although I rarely listen ads. But it’s such a great idea! Starkid are marketers from God. However, I wanted to try Red Vines since AVPS, but after Tasty Tests i want  more. After all, what the hell can’t they do? OH you will know when watch it!

Soooo, my favorite episode is that where the test was conducted on the laws of physics. Because the REAL EMOTIONS and BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY.

But here’s the gifs from Tasty Tests.


My Dad and I were watching the History Channel...

And guess what it was about? How they make RED VINES. 

I freaked out and was like, “WHAT THE HECK CAN’T THEY DO?!”

The amount of jokes that came in my mind stayed there to keep my dad’s sanity. 

But I thought I’d let the Tumblr world know because it was totally freaking awesome.