I know it shouldn’t affect me the way it does.

But after some shitty anons raided my inbox, I got a bunch of really really nice messages in my inbox. Telling anons to fuck off and making me feel better.

Just the love and support that radiates from people who I have never met and don’t owe anything to me is incredible.

I can just feel the love in the air. Even though it is over the internet. It just makes me tear up in time like this where you realize that people do care and really have hearts.

So thank you to everyone who has reached out to me. Today and in the past. Your messages filled with love are work thousands times more than any stupid anon.

I love you all so much.


anonymous asked:

(to the starkid confession) No, funny because Brian has basically spoken really rudely towards pro-gun people and kept saying how they are 'helping the murders' and Joe actually has guns...

Again, people can have different opinions than their friends. And because Joe doesn’t use twitter that much, I don’t think we know what his opinions is…? All that’s given is pictures?

Also I don’t think he’s spoken rudely