Starkid at Geekycon 2015 performance links

(None of these are mine I take no credit I’m just providing the links)

Twisted -

Guys like potter-

Super friends-

Goin back to hogwarts in under 4 minutes-–4x7Z67xsc
(Also a great quality video on mychoiceisswift’s blog)

Granger Danger - ( Also a great quality video on mychoiceisswift’s blog as well as simplyperplexing’s blog….. Side note: they are actually the sweetest people so go check them out)

Ani (opening song) - (Found on theargoknots blog, all credit goes to them for being nice enough to share the video)


With my own eyes/ The force-

JMOMS: Wrong direction-

Okay and these are two vlog things from two youtubers who have HUGE CHUNKS of the Starkid performance including songs that weren’t listed above so god bless these people and again: NOT MINE

Geeky Con Day 3! -

GeekyCon 2015 Day 3 -

That’s all I have for right now if there are any problems feel free to message me and I’ll try to update it if anything new comes out! Enjoy guys!


This is probably my fave thing they did lol



Here is another video from Geekycon, this time on my YouTube channel!


Missed what happened in GeekyCon last week? Here’s a recap of what Starkid did!