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hi so i’ve gotten a really positive response back from so many of you because of my jeff blim spam. so please let me know if there is anyone else you’d like to see more of or if you want me to do more jeff stuff or screenshots from twitter or my experiences with starkids on twitter or just jeff spam 24/7. please let me know & send me an ask or something. okay, i love y'all :)

  • other fandoms:what's ur fandom like
  • starkid fandom:i flirted with joey richter for ten minutrs once
  • starkid fandom:i asked nick gage out
  • starkid fandom:meredith stepien talked to my dad for a good half hour...
  • starkid fandom:joe walker gave me a piggy back
  • starkid fandom:they've all replied to me, a couple even follow on twitter <3
  • starkid fandom:so what about you guys?
  • other fandom:*awkward cough* they um... faved my tweet... once.. yeah :/

the best thing about this whole dang dress fiasco is the starkids reaction to it

Just in Case You Were Curious

because after seeing Trail to Oregon I know I sure was. Here are the names the awesome audiences gave the characters on various showings (based on Starkid’s tweets). They are funnier to me now that I have a context for the names. Here we go, on: 

P.S. I’m making this a “read more” thing because this will get pretty dang long.

P.S.S. EDIT 6/8/15: Now including the names from NYC!!

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