starkid referances

  • me: *auditioning for Broadway or whatever* hi today im going to sing a song from my favorite musical
  • judges: *smiles as if i was going to sing phantom or cats or something*
  • me: hit it
  • me: underneath these stairs i hear the sneers and feel the glares-
  • judges:
  • me:
  • me: of my cousin, my uncle, and my aunt
Things I noticed while watching Fantastic Beasts for the second time

Warning, minor spoilers and Harry Potter theories ahead.

1. SO, do you know why Grindelwald wanted to find an obscurus so badly? It’s because Dumbledore’s little sister, Ariana, was an obscurus, and Grindlewald saw the extent of her power. Just think about it, she was kept hidden her whole life, and she died during a chaotic moment where she could have easily just transformed and died. Plus didn’t she kill her mother in an “explosion”? I don’t remember that part completely so I may be wrong…

2. Also, how did Newt find the beasts so fast? Well he’s a Hufflepuff, and they’re particularly good finders. (StarKid reference)


4. Let’s talk about Seraphina Picquery for a second. She is a woman of color, and also a highly respected president… in the 1920′s!!! How freaking awesome is that! She rose above the racism and became a freaking President. Props to her!

5. We have the Harry Potter series with Gryffindor leads, the Cursed Child with Slytherin leads, and Fantastic Beasts with a Hufflepuff lead, I’m expecting a Quidditch Through the Ages with a Ravenclaw lead hopefully? That’d be cool, it’d be breaking Ravenclaw stereotypes. #RAVENCLAWPRIDE (I’m also hoping for some more Slytherin leads, to even out amount of movies/books)

6. I’m going to be 18 years old, sitting in the theater by myself and crying at the Warner Brother’s symbol, when the next Fantastic Beasts movie comes out. 

7. I almost forgot about this one! Newt was close to a Lestrange while at Hogwarts. That means that 1) not all Lestranges were evil, and 2) I’m assuming that she was in Slytherin, and that means that there were inter-house friendships! That makes me so happy!

Please add your theories/what you noticed! I’d love to read them