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NAC- funny or important facts about starkid please? (i need this for a school thing)

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  • Nick Lang’s favorite My Little Pony is Twilight Sparkle
  • Jaime Lyn Beatty has a star tattoo on her hand where Ann Arbor is
  • If Jaime, Lauren, and Brian had jobs on Bug World, they’d be a bug that ruins your picnic.
  • The Snickers joke from AVPSY is based off something that actually happened during AVPM. Jim Povolo was supposed to go get Walker a power bar as Joe was getting his makeup done, and at first gave Walker a Snickers in said. Joe was already thinking in character, and said “Snickers!” in his Voldemort voice.
  • Joe Walker broke several prop swords during Twisted
  • F*ck is Jeff Blim’s favorite word…

How’s that? That’s what’s on the top of my head! Check the reblogs for other favorite misc. StarKid moments!



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