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why you should watch twisted: the untold story of a royal vizier

  • it’s a musical
  • it’s by the same people who did a very potter musical, so you know it’s good
  • it’s available for free on youtube, and the soundtrack isn’t very expensive, either
  • it gives the wicked treatment to jafar from aladdin 
  • (or ja’far, to get around copyright issues)
  • (actually a lot of the ways they get around copyright in this show are really funny)
  • “and may the rats ejaculate upon you”
  • the titular song literally gave me chills
  • “why is everyone in the kingdom white????”
  • really really good costuming and sets
  • there’s a song called “orphaned at 33″ and it’s fucking hilarious
  • the guy who plays aladdin is amazingly charming yet punchable at the same time
  • poking fun at a lot of disney’s urban legends
  • the bad guys are from the kingdom Pik-zhar
  • “what’s that name, everyone?” “TIGER FUCKER!” “no!”
  • a genuinely touching and compelling love story told over the course of one song
  • a subplot that manages to make a surprisingly well-put point about consent and sex =/= love
  • “all this for a loaf of bread” (just wait until you hear it….)
  • “I noticed you weren’t at dinner, but I saw you try to poison my wine! Usually when you do that it means you want to talk, so what’s up, are you mad at me?”
  • please just watch it because in my opinion it deserves just as much attention as a very potter musical

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I want to bring a tiny bit of a smile and sunshine to your lives this week, and seeing as I can’t hug you all - the one sad thing about Internet palsss - I thought this might be better to do instead, also it was ‘Heads Together’ London Marathon on Sunday to do with mental health and raising awareness. It’s so important we discuss this and keep on doing so. However I feel I’ve forgotten some people so I might do another one later on this week as wellll.

1 in 4 of us will experience mental health problems. If you ever feel incredibly down or stressed (even if it’s not depression or anxiety, though these are MASSIVE things) do not be afraid to tell someone, your friends, parents, other close relatives or a trusted teacher or counsellor. No one is going to judge you and if they do then they suck. ANYWAYS.

Let’s get this Monday and the rest of this week started off right!

I hope you all have a fantastic week, you have a lovely time at school/college/uni/jobs etc and are surrounded by family and friends. Remember you are loved, treasured and valued a whole bunch.

I was going to split this but…nahhhhhh. 😊💕.

@onyourstageleft Hello my very beautiful pal, I miss you, I hope your classes are going okay and you’re doing alright yourself. Remember to take a breather! You have GOT this! Very very proud of you always. Also I just adore Peggy so much 😭♥.

@earlwalrus MY SPIES AND POE PARTY TRASH FOREVER FRIEND. You already know how much I love and adore you and how much you make me giggle and scream through our messages but tough I’m telling you again. I’m blessed to know you. I’m also going to attempt to write some more fic for them after my chapter index stuff. Friends til one of us ultimately bites the grass!!! 💞.

@buttonedrose Ah yes Starkid buddies and oldest blog pals forever. I hope you enjoyed Firebringer as much as I did! You are such an utter sweetheart, it’s really comforting to see you on my dash and always a good giggle. I would illegally download you as a friend if I could 💓

@smile-even-in-the-rain I just am in love with the entire aesthetic of your blog and all the content. You’re a really kind being and I hope everything is being good to you right now because you deserve it.

@mistressemmedi MAY OMG I LOVE YOU. Fav salty wine aunt never fails. Always telling me to take no prisoners 👌. It’s so good to have you round on this platform with your insight and rounding up news items for people. I hope your exam went well (spoiler I bet it did) and things are getting to be on their way to okay again.

@danyababy YOU. ARE. A. CUTIE. I hope you had a lovely time in Florida and ready to tackle the rest of this week the way you can. Also all your pics are on point and I am hella envious. Spring is upon us and with it new things, with a bit of luck that’ll also come towards you if you want them!

@mchonda Your love for Fernando Alonso is both hilarious and beautifully relatable in all the best ways. It’s so, so sweet to see the support you give to your favourite team and drivers. Also if you aren’t one lovely person, no really! Hoping life is going well for you and if not then I hope it sorts itself out. 💕.

@mussolinguini Goodness what a sweet person you are!!! I literally love how much you root for Pascal and always look out for the funnies and sometimes create the funnies for us all to enjoy! Also everytime I look at your header, I laugh, it’s a beautiful thing. Good things are happening and all the good things to come.

@silwehrleining I think you’re hella rad and actually a pretty chill person?? I really enjoy hearing opinions from you and how life is going. All the best wishes for the new week coming, go on and style it out 💟

@hungaroring I don’t know man I just think you’re a blast and you managed to level up within the last few days (IT WAS YOUR BDAY YAAS) and I think you’re a very lovely person who deserves good things. ALL THE THINGS.

@hulkieswonderland Best music tastes. Here for the good music tastes. Also you seem to be a lot of fun, really strong and really cool! Things always have a weird way of working out! And it will!

@human-ity-almost Loads and loads of people love you. Whenever you feel like you need to, don’t be afraid to just ask for a hug from someone or cry it out. Also don’t listen to that voice in your head telling you that you aren’t loved, that voice doesn’t have a clue.

@jabbubabbu DUDE EUROVISON SOON. SOON. Anyways I think you’re cool and a lot of the stuff I reblog has managed to make me chuckle! Shoutout to the meme maker that is youu. Also again don’t listen to the voice in your head telling you things that aren’t true. Tell it off. You’re worth giving it the telling off.

@rararaenbow Oh hey Rae! I mean you already know you’re cute but do you know you’re extra cute? I THINK NOT. You are one of the sweetest lil beans I’ve come across on the website and I really appreciate you!

@harryswilsons An ultimate sass bean but also one of the loveliest. It’s really cool to see your support for all the sports and love for your favs! Also your hair is goals??? It’s so nice to have you on this site 💕💕💕.

@welcometoourmachine Always reblogging some content of mine in the early hours, it’s so nice to wake up and see that! I’m so glad you enjoy my blog and I haven’t forgotten your sweet message 💞.

@sestrachilds Haha oh hiyaaa!!! Secretly lurking on each others blogs. A classic. It’s alright we’ll wait til Eurovison and then scream at each other about what the hell is happening instead. Absolutely am stunned by the cuteness always and pics are 👌. 😊

@bavarianqueen Listen I think you’re adorable and your face is lovely!!!! I enjoy taking a look at your blog and seeing you have fun with it and make it your own! Also I fully believe you’ll get those strong builder arms, go for it, just remember to be careful!! 😘

actually-jasper  asked:

i love starkid! does it have a backstory or inspiration?

Ahhh I’m so glad!!! Thank you ever so much!! (And I’m so so sorry I took so long to respond to this, I wanted to take the chance to draw something proper for this!)

Starkid is….a star and a kid! Nobody really knows who or what Starkid is, or where they came from (themself included.) They are insatiably curious, enthusiastic about just everything (they find value in lots of things that most look over), and generally very easy-going and good natured. They don’t speak, but they’re emotive enough that it doesn’t really matter.

They are nearly constantly on the move, and don’t have a “home” in the traditional sense…their home is their bag! It’s bigger on the inside than it looks, and is really only a place to sleep and keep a few possessions.

I’m not sure what the inspiration was, I guess I wanted to draw something that looked like it came from kids book or sorts? Something kinda simple-design wise and a little goofy and colourful! 

Hey everyone! Thanks @basicbiscuit for tagging me! :)

Rules: Put your music library on shuffle, list the first 10 songs that come up, then tag 10 people.

  • How ‘Bout a Dance - Bonnie and Clyde the Musical
  • I was - A Very Potter Senior Year
  • So Much Better - Legally Blonde the Musical
  • No One Mourns the Wicked - Wicked
  • Blind Pig - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  • King of New York - Newsies
  • Piragua - In the Heights
  • Her Voice - The Little Mermaid
  • Misguided Ghosts - Paramore
  • A Thousand and One Nights - Twisted: the Untold Story of a Royal Vizier (Starkid)

As usual, full of musical theatre songs. Gotta love being a theatre major. I tag: @newt-loves-tina @dorkwolf-nightmare @puddinbun @neverenoughgay @the-wayward-jedi @wigglywerewolfdontbeaswearwolf @mischief-done

You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to! 


Location fails 

I just wonder, since they did film and use the footage, if they had to actually ask for permission. How did that go? “Excuse me, can we film 30 seconds of footage of you kicking us out for not having permission?”

CrissColfer MasterPost

Now, I have a friend who is having her doubts about Crisscolfer, so I decided to help her out ( Because I am a good friend) Now, because I’m lame, ill be posting with the help of tumblr, some gifs with their sources, but if i cant find the source I’m probably going to use google so bare with me. Just know these Gifs aren’t mine! None of them! Also I’m gonna have a read under the cut for some people who don’t ship CC and I don’t want any shit okay? So just know I warned you. Also there will be some mentions of Chill and Miarren and gifs as well. Soif this is sensitive to some people, don’t read.

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On this day 6 years ago, a bunch of goofy college students performed this weird and funny parody musical for the very first time. Who knew that these crazy crazy kids would become an internet sensation, loved by many all over the world? 

Team Starkid has done so much! 2 concert tours, 2 sketch shows, 9 musicals and tons of conventions. They’ve given us a way to enjoy musical theatre from our homes, sometimes for free (who does that?? crazy kids, how we love you), they brought us together, they are the reason I, personally, have met most of my friends. 

Words cannot describe how proud I am of everything they have achieved in 6 years and I can’t wait to see where this road will take us next. Lead the way, Starkid! We will always support you and have your back.

Falling in Love

Falling in Love

Chapter ½

Rating: PG-13

Words: 3,623

Summary: Darren Criss is your average, run-of-the-mill gay guy with a beard. Chris Colfer is your average, run-of-the-mill seventeen year old fanboy. When the chance arises to win a phone call from Darren, Chris hastily gets to it. He just hadn’t expected to hit it off so well with the man of his dreams.


@darrencriss LISTEN UP!!! First ten people to donate to the Trevor Live Project will get a phone call from me. No shit. 100% serious.

Chris reads and rereads the words. When they finally process, he realizes that he doesn’t have much time. He scrambles around to find his credit card—it’s out in the kitchen. He practically flies out there to grab it.

“Watch where you’re going, Christopher.” Not now, Mom. He pushes passed her—she’s in the middle of chopping carrots for dinner—and grabs his wallet which always sits next to his keys. He then runs back to his room. He hopes that, since he’s always stalking internet-,sensation-turned-movie-star-overnight Darren Criss, he will still be one of the first. He quickly clicks on the link provided and hastily fills out the information.

Enter the amount you wish to donate






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So we’re coming to the end of 2015, it’s been a year… It’s had ups and downs but it’s coming to a close either way. What I do know without a doubt is how much of a positive impact all of you and your wonderful posts and reblogs have had over the last 12 months. I’ve never exactly grown to know anyone in other fandoms as I have people in the Person of Interest and Orphan Black where I started out with this blog but that doesn’t matter because none of them have had the welcome these two have had. 

Anyway, I won’t clog your dash with that much sappyness, but, I’m just glad to say that I’ve met some wonderful people here and made new friendships that I hope will grow stronger in the New year. So here’s to you my 100 followers? (how did we get here? I don’t know, but hey we made it! Good job!) Thank you for being wonderful, and I hope the best for all of you in 2016.

Honourable mentions: @thebadgerqueen Cassie how could I not put you here? My wonderful heartbreaking friend who likes to send me emotional plots to wake up to. Such a wonderful friend and partner in feels-breaking crime. You’re the best, I love you. // @officiallyfrisk CATBUG, HAHAHAAHA I’ve dragged you into POI hell with me and I’m not letting you escape. Oh god we’re going to have such a riot with this one. >;) // @kcatwrites Kcat, where to begin besides what a year we’ve had I’m so glad that you’re a friend and such a great writer! It’s an inspiration to read anything you write so keep doing it. // @hellahairflip Twin! What a year with so many great adventures in London, Italy and theme parks. May our travels and cracker taking from old Italian grandmas continue. // @drowning–slowly Saaam, Sam it’s been how long now? Years since I’ve met you and we’ve had such great times I hope you’re always around because you make me laugh so much. PLUS STARKID. //  @little-jellyfishes Claire you wonderful person. Another favourite to write with, you’re amazing and your accent is so adorable.

@ohcurtains Jas! One of my favourite people to talk to and blogs to see on the dash, you deserve the best of everything coming in the new year. Merry Christmas m’dear! // @marcus-kane Lauren, Lauren my wonderful Kabby shipping and Bear McCreary loving friend who I can always count on when I need to yell about my love for Black Sails or just OSTs in general. // @justanartefact Jess, Jess, Jess! I could go on for how glad I am we started talking, your commentary on the fic just ugh, I have no words for how much your support and kindness means to me. Plus you live in one of my favourite countries, how much more awesome can you get? // @rootcode (this glitched but I’ve just fixed it) it was an absolute pleasure to watch your descent into love with Root and I’m glad you enjoyed the show as much as everyone else I know has. Merry Christmas!  // @trishicasjones We haven’t really talked much but I always see you on my activity and it’s always a pleasure to see your posts :D // @thechildofthemoon Vickie, my fellow comic book fan, Spallen shipper and AC fanatic. Probably one of my first friends in the fandom when I joined it’s always a pleasure to talk to you. // @superles-n7 Paula! Another friend with adorable animals, my go-to person when I’m in need of screaming about the new Assassin’s Creed DLC (my heart still hurts) and I should also thank you for helping me create this fic idea and turning it from an idea into a reality! // @sh00t Krista! The blog with all the greatest collection of POI meta along with such a wonderful person behind it. You deserve the best in the future and I hope you achieve everything you aim to. // @tinygrumpshaw another person with a great taste in fandoms, POI, ATLA/LOK, Penny Dreadful to name a few who puts up with my odd occasional rambling about Evie Frye. Also a wonderful writer who deserves all the awards for her Shawcentric fic, like seriously it’s incredible.

This got stupidly long I’m so sorry aha, so I’m going to put this under a readmore from here.

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I got to meet team starkid today! They were all really nice. Nick Lang was a sweetie, and he was the only one I had time to chat with a little bit. I told him how much starkid has meant to me since 5th grade, and said thank you.
Also, Joey Richter is as gorgeous in real life as he is on the internet.