starkid halloween!

1/3 of me: it’s Halloween yessss lets get spoooooky

1/3: of me: this is the night that lily and james potter were brutally murdered by lord voldemort, who in turn was conquered by Harry Potter.

1/3 of me: this is the night that the potter family crashed their car into a crocodile. Lily and James were eaten, and the crocodile then took out a knife and cut a lightning shaped scar into the young potter’s forehead

Kick it Up a Notch
Rose Quartz
Kick it Up a Notch

❝ You better kick it up a notch – it’s the human thing to do. ❞

Not to say that I personally subscribe to the “Rose is Evil” theory, but it in the spirit of Halloween I’ve indulged in something along those lines! Since it’s that time of year here’s my contribution: Rose in a less than picturesque recruitment scheme. Wouldn’t it be cool if her hypothetical brand of evil was more along the lines of the ends justify the means? Feel free to guess which gem she’s recruiting!

Of course, this doesn’t affect my fancanons & theories. Just a little spoopy Halloween fun! 

Rose & Unnamed Gem vocals © Claire 

“Kick it Up a Notch” © Starkid Productions (you should watch the original!) 

Instrumental © here

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