starkid gang~

HEY! Fans of Darren? Chuck? Carlos? Starkid? Awesomeness?

Wayward Guide still needs to raise $33,000 in the next nine days!!

We’ve been DYING to see Darren act with Starkid again, get the gang back together. This is an amazing chance!! The cast is chock full of talented people who we normally wouldn’t get the chance to see together! Any donation can help us reach the goal. We’ve raised money for projects in the past, we can do this! Please, please donate and/or spread the word!


I’d just like to announce here and now how bitterly disappointed I will be if the opening night of The Cursed Child goes by and I learn that no-one has done a full, in costume flash-mob of AVPM’s ‘Goin’ Back to Hogwarts’ outside the theatre. This CANNOT be allowed not to happen. I am down for doing it myself. Siriusly guys, let’s make this happen. It needs to be done. We have a duty.

  • Starkid: Hey, guess what gang? We're taking Trail to Oregon to New York City for a run Off-Broadway in May!
  • Starkid: And we're going to G5 and Geekycon this summer!
  • Starkid: AND we're doing a concert at U of M in October!
  • Fandom: OMG Starkid is ending nooooooooo!!!