starkid committee

Okay loves, tis Ash again and I’m hitting ya with another contest! There are VERY FEW photos that were signed like this by Darren, all others are done in silver sharpie on the chest area.

RULES: Must be following the blog, and you can only reblog this TWICE so choose your times to reblog wisely. I only have one to give away, so when the generator chooses, I want it to be very random.

Contest ends Sunday, the 27th.

Good luck!


I forgot to put up the better version of this photo, so here it is. They are honestly such lovely people and the story behind this photo is adorable.

As most of you may know, Brian has made it his mission to make Lauren miserable, and because of this a chain reaction kind of set off. All the boys began to attempt to give Lauren a ‘wet willy’ causing them all to laugh like maniacs. Even with poor Nick between them, you can see the determination on Brian’s face to still destroy little miss Lopez, whilst Julia attempted to protect her. It ended with Lauren laughing so hard, tears were coming out of her eyes and I had to give her a tissue. Glorious people are glorious.

Alright, the middle contest!

This one shall be C2E2 inspired, and featuring Brian Holden! Courtesy of Allison who made the photo, I bring you BRIAN LANTERN.

Brian infamous little photoshopped photo, signed by the man himself.

Rules are as presented:

  • You must be following the Starkid Committee blog in order to qualify for this contest. We supply you all with free, amazing things, the least you can do is follow. Besides, how else would you know if you won? Following a blog is a lot easier than checking it every five minutes to see if you did win.
  • You can only reblog this FOUR times, so choose those times wisely. Don’t do it more than FOUR times, you will be disqualified, and we don’t want that. We want everyone to have an even chance so everyone is only allowed to reblog it the same amount of times as everyone else.
  • You may like it as often as you’d like, we don’t care about that. :]
  • You may only reblog it from one blog, it’s unfair to cheat and if we find out, you will sadly be disqualified.

This contest will only last for three days, so it shall end on the 23rd of March!

Good Luck everyone, and get your Brian Lovin’ on!



P.S- Special thanks to Allison @ for the photo!<333

Here is another photo of one of the boys! I got Walker a hand-made Spider-Man hat, in memory of his pink shirt, which according to him he has worn out completely/doesn’t have anymore (*sniffle*). It was so cute; he put it on and pretended to be Spider-Man. xD He is such a quality human being.

More coming soon, including video footage of Joey Richter freaking out over his gift.