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[Tumblr’s Top Ten Heartbreaking Moments] - #9 Harry First Sees His Dad

I open at the close…

Starkid challenge: 24th day

Day 24: Fave Line

Ohohohohoh. It’s hart to choose but not me! Because I write this quote EVERYWHERE I can! I really, really love it!

It is at the end AVPM, and I don’t know how many billions of times I re-watched this ending, because it is the most GORGEOUS thing I’ve ever seen.

So, these are the words of Voldemort, how can it be someone else?. It’s their talk with Quirrell. Forever in the hearts of fans Quirrellmort <3333

IN FACT! I even have an audio recording of this talk. Is called “Is Okay Good?” And I’m very veeeery love to listen to her. I know it by heart!

So. My favorite line:

And, also, the whole ending of AVPM.


DAY TWOFavourite Male Starkid.
→ Jim Povolo