starkid at leakycon

dana2249: Story time! I’ve been a huge fan of @darrencriss for six years now, but despite all the concerts, Starkid tours, Broadway shows, and LeakyCon almost-run-ins, I never actually met the guy. Turns out Hedwig has been rehearsing in my school, and I finally caught Darren on Monday when he was on his way back after their lunch break. He stopped to talk to us and he was super sweet. Since I’ve been following him for so long, it felt like seeing an old friend, even though we were talking for the first time. 2011 Dana would be #dead right now, but 2016 Dana is very grateful for the positive impact he’s had on my life these past several years, and I’m so glad I finally got to meet him. ☺️


StarKid at LeakyCon - Not Alone, No Way, Stutter, Voldemort is Going Down and Days of Summer

courtesy of TheShamidkpzd on youtube


StarKid at Leaky Con - To Dance Again, Missing You and Those Voices

not mine - TheShamidkpzd

*oh and brolden sings in those voices :D!*


StarKid at LeakyCon - Harry, Guys Like Potter, Pigfarts and The Dragon Song

not my video - TheShamidkpzd on YouTube