starkid at leakycon


I’m sorry, but have you guys seen this masterpiece????

can we appreciate that Harry Potter is just the fandom that keeps on going

we’ve had the books themselves, but when they ended we still had the movies,

and then when the movies ended, we still had the musical series,

and then when AVPSY happened, there was still Pottermore,

and then with Pottermore’s slow start, we got the Wizarding World

and then with the Wizarding World doing expansions, we got news on Fantastic Beasts,

and then with that in production, we get legit harry potter canon update

AMONGST all this have been more parodies, fan films, wizard rock, LeakyCon and other conventions, an Alliance of charity workers, other snippets from JK Rowling

While we move on with other parts of our lives, this is always there just under the surface, never really going away.

We are a generation that are with Harry until the very end.

We are the Fandom that Lived.