Whenever you're on fanfiction binge
  • Me: One more.
  • Friend: I haven't heard from you in a couple of days, what's up?
  • Me: *hiss*
  • Me: Must not leave the precious.
  • Tony: [holds up leg] Feel my leg I shaved.
  • Bucky: [gently stokes] Holy shit...
  • Steve: Guys. We. Are. Under. Attack. This Is Not The Time.
  • Bucky: So what, you’ve already got Tony!
  • Steve: How do I have Tony? In what universe do I have Tony?!
  • Bucky: So I can have Tony?
  • Steve: Hell no!

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tony is a single dad, and bucky&steve are his very hot neighbours.


Tony tried not to grind his teeth as he chased his four-year-old son down the sidewalk. As always, the little voices in the back of his head told him that he was doing a terrible job. He needed to keep a closer watch on his son. The real world was dangerous! What if Edwin ran out into the street and got hit by a car? Or if someone wanted revenge on Stark Industries and…

“Daddy! Look!”

Edwin finally slowed down, excitedly holding his hand out in front of him. Tony was out of breath when he finally caught up, but couldn’t help but smile when he looked at Edwin’s hand and saw him holding a red butterfly on one of his fingers. His little boy looked entirely enraptured by the tiny creature. “Isn’t it pretty, daddy?” Edwin asked, looking up at his dad.

“It sure is kiddo,” Tony replied, just as the butterfly took flight again, and slowly swooped away from the two of them. “Say ‘bye, butterfly’.”

“Bye-bye butterfly!” Edwin echoed, waving as the butterfly flew off. He grinned back at Tony, and Tony forgave himself a little bit for not being a stellar parent. If his kid was happy enough to give him that look, he couldn’t be that bad.

Tony took his son’s hand and continued leading him down the street towards their house. Edwin continued to babble about what he had done with his tutor that day, and Tony was about to ask about what exciting things he’d found out about levers when he saw a moving truck sitting in front of the house next door to theirs.

“Daddy, who are they?”

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Things I’ve Noticed in Stuckony fanfic

1. Bucky and Steve are obsessed with Tony’s ass. (I don’t blame them.)

2. Bucky and Steve shower Tony with old-school pet names. Ex: Darling, Doll, Sugar, etc.

3. Tony refers to Bucky and Steve as his Brooklyn Boys™.

4. Spitroasting. So. Much. Spitroasting.

5. Tony loves to bottom. (Sometimes Steve and Bucky switch though.)

6. All three of them are kinky motherfuckers. Especially Steve.


8. The absence of condoms. Boys, why?

9. The snark is tripled when these three are together.

10. Bucky and Steve love teasing Tony.

11. Tony is super oblivious that these idiots like him oh my god.

12. Natasha is tired of their pining and tries to help them get their shit together.


  • Bucky: I've been thinking about asking Tony out for the last couple of weeks, but it's hard. There's so much build up now, you know?
  • Natasha: Not really. I don't ask people out, I just tell them where we're going.