Summary: Steve loves both Tony and Bucky, and they both love him, and it’s all just a big confusing mess until they come up with the right solution.

A/N: These three idiots are my ot3 and I wanna write them forever. Hence, polyamorous Tony, Steve and Bucky.

Warnings: Oooone tiny little swearword as well as indications of sex, but like I think your innocence will be okay.

Also, no spoilers for Age of Ultron, just to be clear.

Words: 1 456

Steve never knew something so good could leave him so confused. To be fair, lots of things in this century gave him mixed feelings, but he’d never had thought that any part of his old life would be added into it.

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anonymous asked:

Porn star Steve/Tony AU?

  1. Steve works under the name Jamie Strong. His agent asked him to pick a name and he froze, so the only name he could think of was James - Bucky laughed himself sick and rolled right off the couch when he found out.
  2. He didn’t really set out to become a gay porn star, but what the hell. It pays his mother’s medical bills and it’s a lot more lucrative than waiting table at Applebees.
  3. He meets Tony in a completely unrelated way - Tony knocks into him at Starkbucks one day and spills his coffee down the front of Steve’s shirt. Tony offers to buy him a new one and keeps giving Steve strange looks like maybe he recognizes him.
  4. He totally recognizes him. But even Tony has enough tact not to mention it.
  5. They end up talking while they drink their coffee and make arrangements to meet again. And again. And again.
  6. It takes six dates for Steve to work up the nerve to confess his career. What finally makes the decision for him is the fact that he decided he can’t sleep with Tony until Tony knows the truth.
  7. Tony rolls his eyes so hard he almost hurts himself and confesses he knew Steve was Jamie Strong from day one, he just didn’t want to say anything if Steve wanted to keep it private.
  8. Steve thinks it’s a little weird that his boyfriend has seen him having sex with other guys. But mostly Tony just wants to try out some of the more ridiculous positions.
  9. Tony never asks him to quit, but he can’t watch any of Steve’s videos after he realizes he’s falling in love. 
  10. Steve quits one morning a few months later when he wakes up with Tony drooling on his shoulder and finds himself thinking that he wants to wake up to that every morning.

polaroidcats asked:

i dreamt about starbuck last night. not the coffee-kind of starbucks. the heartbreaking, sad, angsty, one-sided pining, two beautiful dark haired boys who love each other deeply but in different ways type of starkbuck. NOT OKAY. I BLAME YOU.


Had a wonderful roomie morning at #DentonArts&JazzFestival this morning! Starkbucks, jewelry, and great music! Perfect day! @herbeautifullife (at Denton Arts & Jazz Festival)