*  = Smut

Oberyn Martell

Pleasure *

Perfect just the way you are COMING SOON

Changing opinions * COMING SOON

Catching her attention * COMING SOON

Fleeing the city COMING SOON

Sansa Stark

What’s stopping you *
If you insist *
Join me *

I adore you * COMING SOON


Always meant to be w/ Jon COMING SOON

Dominating beauty * COMING SOON

Betrothal and reveals * COMING SOON

Petyr’s intentions w/ Petyr COMING SOON

Benjen Stark

Ranger among the wall COMING SOON

Eddard Stark

First born son

The sword of Arthur COMING SOON


Lyanna Stark

Creating Jon Snow * w/ Rhaegar Targaryen

Passion lies within w/ Robert Baratheon COMING SOON

Different times * w/ Robert Baratheon & Rhaegar Targaryen COMING SOON

Robb Stark

Naughty girl *
Playing dirty
War is war
As you wish, your grace *
Threesome * w/ Jon Snow
A challenge
Wild, rough and dirty *

Rainy days

Awkward arrangements

A princess in winter * COMING SOON

Bumping into each other * COMING SOON

Proclamation of love COMING SOON

Be careful * COMING SOON

Jealousy isn’t always ugly * COMING SOON

Secrets and orgasms * COMING SOON

Three is a crowd * COMING SOON

Daddy kinks gone wild * COMING SOON

The Greyjoy of Winterfell * COMING SOON

Bran Stark

A vision in white COMING SOON

Possessive instincts COMING SOON 

Magic Mouth * COMING SOON

Sleepy words COMING SOON

Rainbow after the star COMING SOON 

Jon Snow

Ghost or snowy  


Threesome * w/ Robb Stark

I can handle it *

The brothel *

Elevator trips

The Ice Queen Part 1

Outstanding mouth sills

The Ice King Part 2 COMING SOON

Restored peace * COMING SOON

Dayne Goddess COMING SOON

Never too much love * COMING SOON

Life long protection COMING SOON

Finally together again COMING SOON

Reunited w/ Catelyn Stark COMING SOON

Thigh desires * COMING SOON

Three is a crowd * COMING SOON

The mother of Jon COMING SOON

Please Miss, punish me * COMING SOON

A Dragon for a Direwolf COMING SOON

Always meant to be w/ Sansa COMING SOON

Secret reunion of siblings * COMING SOON

Margaery Tyrell

Who she belongs to COMING SOON

Robert Baratheon

Different times * w/ Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark COMING SOON

Passion lies within w/ Lyanna Stark COMING SOON

Jaqen H’ghar

“I can’t do it” COMING SOON

A girl is lonely * COMING SOON

Love and adoration * COMING SOON

Catelyn Stark

Reunited w/ Jon Snow COMING SOON

Khal Drogo

Mafia trouble Part One

Peace offering * COMING SOON

Tattoos and flowers COMING SOON

Mafia trouble Part Two COMING SOON

Roose Bolton

From alliance to love * COMING SOON 

Arya Stark

History of lovers COMING SOON

Meera Reed

Travelling can get tedious COMING SOON

Tommen Baratheon

Opposites attract COMING SOON

Making an heir COMING SOON

Petyr Baelish 

Petyr’s intentions w/ Sansa COMING SOON

Theon Greyjoy

Rescue mission COMING SOON

Not completely useless * COMING SOON

Yara Greyjoy

Special dragon * COMING SOON

Daenerys Targaryen

I would never leave you
Anything to make her happy *

Rare diamond *

A gift from a dragon * COMING SOON

Threesome *  w/ Viserys & Rhaegar Targaryen COMING SOON

A true born COMING SOON

Viserys Targaryen

The beginning - PART ONE
Prove you’re worthy - PART TWO
Wake the dragon *

Owning titles


Flirty Dothraki * COMING SOON

Threesome * w/ Daenerys & Rhaegar Targaryen COMING SOON

Daddy Dragon * COMING SOON

Gentle love * COMING SOON

A wedding night to remember * COMING SOON

Rhaegar Targaryen

Creating Jon Snow * w/ Lyanna Stark

Beauty at its finest *

Seduction * COMING SOON

Threesome * w/ Viserys & Daenerys Targaryen COMING SOON

Different times * w/ Robert Baratheon and Lyanna Stark COMING SOON

Runaway love COMING SOON

Ramsay Bolton

Pain and Pleasure *

Playing with fire * COMING SOON


Evil never leaves COMING SOON

Jaime Lannister

Up for some fun *

Sugar daddy * COMING SOON

Just a maid? * COMING SOON


A few steps too far * COMING SOON

Sneaking away * COMING SOON

Gregor Clegane

The mountain has a weakness COMING SOON

Tormund Giantsbane

Wilder than a wildling COMING SOON

Not her usual type * COMING SOON

Dolorous Edd

New found fire

Joffrey Baratheon

Forbidden desires

Split personalities COMING SOON

Whores like him COMING SOON

GIF imagines

Robb Stark - Betrayal     - Do you forgive a cheater? COMING SOON

Sansa Stark - Apart

Daenerys Targaryen - Inconvenience

Ramsay Bolton - Reek’s obsession

Jon Snow - Years of travel

Bran Stark - Always COMING SOON

Head cannons

What it would be like to be Robbs wife COMING SOON

Jealous Joffrey would include COMING SOON

Gendry’s wife would include COMING SOON

Text Imagines

Secrets Revealed


  • Sophie Turner
  • Maisie Williams
  • Y/N LastName


  • Kit Harington

Confessions - COMING SOON


  • Richard Madden
  • Y/N LastName


  • Arrangements between future lovers 


How they react to you being a trained combat fighter

How they react to a variety of goodbyes

How they react to jealousy provoking situations COMING SOON

Game Of Thrones Actors

Natalie Dormer

Sexy surprises * COMING SOON

Richard Madden


Acting or feeling?* COMING SOON

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Hot memories and love scenes * COMING SOON

Kit Harington

Tension, Love & Misplaced feelings COMING SOON

Dean Charles Chapman

Extra special COMING SOON

Sophie Turner

Never leave


Peaky Blinders

Fascination - Thomas Shelby

So wrong * - John Shelby COMING SOON

Harry Potter

Accept me or leave - Hermione COMING SOON

Thirteen Reasons Why

Together * - Jeff Atkins COMING SOON

Weekly Reading List 20

Weekly Recommendations get posted every Thursday. All stories are character x reader unless otherwise stated. Graphic by the awesome@wonders-of-the-enterprise

Law and Order: SVU
Rafael Barba
Cuddles and Cocoa by @inconspicuous-esparza
.80 by @svu-stories
“I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.” by @hot-cops-imagines
Away From Home by @barbalyfe
Lustful Nights by @barbalyfe NSFW
Breakfast by @hiddndaydreams
Freshman by @hiddndaydreams
Basket Case by @mrsrafaelbarba

Star Trek
Jim Kirk 
How You Fell by @captainjimsexypantskirk
Loot Part 9 by @enterprisewriting
Angst part 14 by @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse
Fated by @flirtswithdanger
Just One Dinner by @all-sortsa-stuff
Buying the Space Farm, Part 2 by @janeykath318

Leonard McCoy
When one sense is lost, others are heightened by @zsaszette-nygmobblepot NSFW
Bones Finding Out You Self Harm, Part 2 by @imaginestartrek
Long Distance by @residentevilfleet
There You’ll Be Part 7 by @imoutofmyvulcanmind
Blinded Part 8 by @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse
Eraser by @southernbellestatues
A Night on the Town by @all-sortsa-stuff 
Fallen on Hard Times by @outside-the-government
This Was Just the Worst by @daughterofthebrowncoats NSFW
Bones Motivation Ficlet by @kaitymccoy123
Unexpected Guest by @medicatemedrmccoy
Runaway by @auduna-druitt
I Told You So by @trade-baby-blues
Won’t Let Go by @enterprisewriting
Broken Hearted: The Resolution by @goodnightwife
Visions from the Abyss by @bkwrm523

In Darkenss Part 4 by @mccoymostly

Jim x Reader X Bones 
Sunshine Boys by @trade-baby-blues

Steve Rogers
I’ll Keep You Safe by @itsanerdlife
Asking For It Part 10 by @itsanerdlife
Make A Wish by @itsanerdlife
Don’t Let Me Get In the Way by @imagine-assembling-the-avengers
No Sleep Til Brooklyn by @imamotherfuckingstar-lord
Ink my Skin by @fvckingsteverogers

Tony Stark
I’m Here Now by @lazydoodlesandfanfic
The Knot by @beccaamm
Gold Digger by @emmelineparker308
Fix You by @avengeultrons
Castle Kisses & Princess Proposals by @writers-square

Tony DiNozzo
I Only Date Italians by @workingforthewidow
Dancing Lessons by @spaceemonkeyyxd

Criminal Minds
Aaron Hotchner
Mr. Scratch Kidnapping You After a Fight with Hotch by @silentwaters4

Soulmate AU
Heart Skip Part 7 by @after-avenging-hours

Single Dad Headcanon by @svu-stories Rafael Barba
Elegir y entender (Choosing and Understanding) by @lt-sammi-matthews Rafael Barba
Papi Rafi and Surprises for Mami by @ohbelieveyoume Rafael Barba
Winter Kirk Chronicles Part 1-4 by @startrekwonderer Jim Kirk x Winter
Double Trouble by @trade-baby-blues  Jim Kirk 
Jim Having A Teenage Daughter by @imaginestartrek Jim Kirk
Parent Day by @phangirl1septiplier Tony Stark

A/B/O Dynamics

Modern AU
Safe Haven Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 by @itsanerdlife Steve Rogers

Misc Fandoms
A Little Lesson in Easter Eggs by @vintagemichelle91 and @rauliskafan The Barba Family 
A Patient Man by @imamotherfuckingstar-lord Killian Jones

Karl Urban
Save a Horse, Ride a Rohirrim by @alicemoonwonderland NSFW

Chris Evans
Birthday Girl by @ilovethings-somuch
Far From Boring by @stallingdemons
Young and In Love His Girls Episode 1His Girls Episode 2 by @avaalons
Unexpected Reader - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A/Part 3B by @ohevansmycaptain


So I know a few people have had issues with the Master List when not on a computer so hopefully this one will work for everyone!
99.99% sure this is fully updated! Love you guys! 

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anonymous asked:

After tony got back from Afghanistan he learns Urdu and then consistently learns new languages bc he never wants to be in that position again. Consequently he knows Russian and understands when Nat and Bucky speak it. They realize this and keep switching languages trying to find one tony doesnt know. he doesn't know them all but he knows enough he can usually get a basic understanding of what they're saying-like from root words and such. This game brings the three of them closer together.

c“(Note I am using google translate for most of these so if you have proper grammar/ spelling for anything please help)

Tony doesn’t really share his language skills, doesn’t tell the world. They’re a skill born out of fear and weakness. Learning Urdu and Hungarian were the first acts of silent defiance after Afghanistan, they were Tony’s method of coping. He kept learning though, kept learning to understand as many languages as possible. He never again wanted to be in a position where he couldn’t understand his captors. 

It’s come in handy a handful of times, when his captors have attempted to outwit him. More so though, it comes in handy when it comes to the assassin trio. 

“Ya nenavizhu, chto posle boya chistyat.” Natasha grumbles. I hate post battle cleanup. Tony translates, he should have expected that her and Bucky would complain in Russian.  She shovels a bunch of green goop into a bucket, a disgusted look on her face.

“No natasha eto khorosho dlya nashikh svyazey s obshchestvennost'yu” Bucky says, and Tony nearly snorts at the way he straightens his posture to look more like Steve. But Natasha it’s good for pubic relations. The scolding tone was hilarious, and Tony could swear Natasha was smiling. 

“Tebe nravitsya eto tol'ko potomu, chto ty smotrish’ na zadnitsu Starka, kogda on rabotayet” She teases, and Tony drops his shovel. You only like it because you get to look at Stark’s ass when he’s working. Jesus Christ the woman wants to give him a heart attack. Natasha turns suspicious eyes on him, and he scrambles to pick up his shovel and get back to work.

 “Eto khoroshaya zadnitsa.” Bucky replies, and Tony knocks over the garbage can next to him. Well, it is a nice ass. Bucky thinks he has a nice ass? Or he knows that Tony knows what he’s saying and he’s making fun of him. 

“ Penso che parli russo.” Natasha comments, switching to Italian. I think he speaks russian. Bucky’s face drains of color, and Tony’s stomach drops. 

“Oh Dio ha sentito quello che ho detto sul suo culo?” He shoots a murderous glare Tony’s direction to cover up his concern, tony carefully casual. Oh god did he hear what I said about his ass? Bucky demands, Natasha smirks at him. 

“ Pravděpodobně slyšel, vzhledem k tomu, že jeho matka byla Italka.” Natasha says, seamlessly switching to Czech. He probably heard that too considering his mother was Italian. Bucky glares at Tony again, and Tony whistles to himself pretending he’s busy. 

“Can you two stop talking and clean?” Steve grumbles, carrying what looks like a crushed food cart past them. Bucky grunts, and kicks out a leg to trip him, making Tony laugh and earning Steve’s disappointed glare, it was worth it.

“Jeho smích je tak roztomilý, ale teď se bude kolem mě cítit trapně. Nat, co mám dělat?” Bucky complains. His laugh is so cute, but he’s going to feel awkward around me now Nat, what do I do? Tony blinks at that, wondering why he would feel awkward over Bucky liking his ass. I mean sure, he hasn’t stopped blushing since he heard it, but awkward? He’s Tony Stark, he’s never awkward. 

“Mondd meg neki, hogy szereted, idióta.” She says, not explaining the sudden switch to Hungarian. Tony wonders if she actually doesn’t know he speaks Hungarian. Just tell him you love him idiot. Wonders if she actually knows how many languages he speaks. 

“Ja, Ich liebe dich, Tony.” He grumbles sarcastically, glaring at the man in question. “Wunderbare Idee, Natasha. Das wird gut gehen. Er mag mich nichtmals.” Yes, I love you Tony. Wonderful idea Natasha. That will go great. He doesn’t even like me. The derisive tone at the end, and the way he glances away from Tony is heart breaking. 

“ Reiß dich zusammen .” Natasha says, throwing her shovel at him. Get over yourself. Bucky looks surprised. “The asshole can still understand us, and he looks heartbroken at the thought of not liking you Bucky. He does like you. Tony stop eavesdropping and come kiss him. Idioten.” She grumbles storming off.

“Natasha we’re supposed to be cleaning up, and you’re not supposed to manipulate the outcome if you’re in the betting pool.” Steve calls after her, holding up one end of an I beam. 

“Combats-moi Rogers.” She throws over her shoulder. Tony waves awkwardly at Bucky. “It’s not even my week.” 

“Did you really understand all of that?” Bucky asks, rubbing his neck awkwardly.

“Jeg kan måske vide et par for mange sprog.” Tony admits, I might know a few too many languages. Bucky groans. “Do you really lo-like my ass?” Tony asks, face tomato red.

“Oh, screw the bet, he loves you and your butt stupid!” Steve yells, shoving some rubble into a dump truck. “Ugh, why do I even bother? Team clean up, it’ll be fun, they said. I’m the only one cleaning.”

“I’m helping!” Clint protests. Steve glances at the hotdog in his hand, raising an eyebrow. “What? I was hungry.” Tony laughs, and Bucky’s eyes go soft. 

“God you’re pretty when you laugh.” Bucky says, and Tony blushes. “I do like your stupid butt, and your stupid laugh, and your stupid tower, and your stupid hair, and your stupid lab.” Tony goes from blushing to outraged in a second. 

“You take that back you ass, my lab is beautiful, and brilliant, and not stupid.” Tony says, practically tackling the supersoldier.  Bucky remains largely unmoved as the genius collides with him, pulling his arm out of the way so Tony doesn’t hurt himself. 

“Of course, my apologies.” Bucky says, and Tony finds himself awkwardly close to Bucky’s face.

“It’s okay.” He mumbles. Bucky smiles, leaning closer to him, and Tony blushes, pushing up on his toes. 

“Kiss already!” Clint cheers, and Bruce slaps a hand over his mouth. 

“It is my week to win, and you are ruining their moment asshole.” Bruce hisses, and Tony blinks, as Bucky turns to glare at them. 

“Okay, did you all really bet?” Bucky demands. Clint nods before Bruce can stop him. “I hate you all, and I’m taking the winnings so me and Tony can go on a date.” Bucky decides, scooping Tony up bridal style, and walking away from the mess.

“We’re still supposed to clean!” Steve calls after them, and one gleaming metal finger appears over Bucky’s shoulder. “Fair enough.” Steve mutters. “Why do I always end up doing all the work at these things?”

“Cause you’re a goody two shoes.” Clint offers. Bruce nods along.

“Also because nobody else wants to be here.” Bruce adds. Clint points at him. 

“That too.” 

“I hate all of you.” Steve grumbles. 

“Wait, is Bucky really taking the money? I won fair and square.” Bruce protests, looking ready to fight either Steve or Bucky if necessary. 

“Well Natasha cheated.” Steve says. 

“Then she’s disqualified, I still won.” Bruce says, crossing his arms angrily. “That’s my money.” 

Thanks @wrenchirps for the help with the German translation

Thanks @kikosaito for the help with the Czech translation

White Widow - Part 2

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6 | PART 7 | PART 8 | PART 9 (Smut)| PART 10 (Final)

Character Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: When the reader loses her fiance to Hydra, she is sent to the Avengers compound for her protection. Forced to share the guest house with the famous assassin, the Winter Soldier, she must learn to cope with her loss and her new roommate. All this, while trying to solve the mystery of why Hydra is now hunting her.

Warnings: Nightmares, depression

Characters this chapter: Steve Rogers, Sharon Carter, Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark

A/N: Thank everybody for the feedback! Like I said, I haven’t written anything in 10ish years and I’ve never posted a fic on Tumblr before, so I really appriciate all the help. I’m already getting requests for tags, so shoot me an ask if you want tagged.

The Avengers Compound looked impressive from the sky. Two people stood on the ground to greet us as our helicopter landed.

“Captain” Tony greeted the man with a handshake

“And Sharon!” he pulled the woman in for a hug “I didn’t know you’d be joining us”

“Just for a few days, Tony. I have to head back to Berlin soon.” She smiled

“Ms. Y/N, this is Agent Carter, FBI. This is Captain Steve Rogers, he’ll be showing you around and getting you settled today.”

I shook both their hands, trying not to be star struck. It was one thing to share a helicopter ride with the always eccentric Iron Man. But to meet Captain America, the hero I’d seen on the news so many times, it made me blush a little.

“I’m terribly sorry for your loss miss” He looked down at me, sullen.

“Thank you” I replied

“I’m going to head off to my office, see if Vision was able to get any intel on those weapons dealers in Egypt…” Tony trailed off  “You kids have fun.”

“Let’s begin the tour?” Steve gestured towards the enormous building behind him

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# 1,401

Omega Radio for May 1, 2013; #16.

  1. Brian Eno “Third Uncle”
  2. Patti Smith “So You Want To Be (A Rock And Roll Star)”
  3. Iggy Pop “Nightclubbing”
  4. David Byrne & Brian Eno “Strange Overtones”
  5. Parts & Labor “Fake Rain”
  6. Throbbing Gristle “Her Arm Was Her Leg” (live)
  7. M.I.A. “Paper Planes”
  8. Martin Rev “Mari”
  9. NON “Warm Leatherette”
  10. Normal, The “Warm Leatherette”
  11. Kraftwerk “The Robots”
  12. Suckdog “Oh, Mighty Pidgeons”
  13. FFH “Worth Doing”
  14. Einsturzende Neubauten “Styropor”
  15. Foetus “Today I Started Slogging Again”
  16. Sleatter-Kinney “Get Up”
  17. Mika Miko “Dear Teen Magazine”
  18. Ms. Les “And Now We Know”
  19. Swell Maps “Midgets / Submarines”
  20. Slits, The “I Heard It Through The Grapevine”
  21. X-Ray Spex “Warrior In Woolworth’s”
  22. Enharjharna “Starka Band”
  23. Pailhead “Ballad”
  24. Crass “Shaved Women”
  25. New Bomb Turks “Dragstrip Riot”
  26. Subhumans UK “The Day The Country Died”

Anything goes.

I was tagged by @neverlands-little-lost-girl, thank you for the tag awesome!

Rules: Choose any 3 fandoms (in random order) and answer the questions. Then tag some friends.

I choose:

  • Reign
  • vikings
  • Game of Thrones

the first character you loved:

  • Queen Mary Stuart
  • Ragnar Lothbrok
  • Arya Stark

the character you never expected to love so much:

  • Queen Catherine de’ Medici
  • Floki
  • Tyrion Lannister

the character you relate to the most:

  • Bash
  • Ubbe Ragnarsson
  • Daenerys Targaryen

the character you’d slap:

  • Kenna
  • Rollo
  • Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish

three favourite characters (in order of preference):

  • Mary Stuart - Bash -  Lord Gideon Blackburn
  • Ivar The Boneless - Ragnar Lothbrok - Ubbe Ragnarsson
  • Tyrion Lannister - Ramsey Bolton - Arya Stark

a character you liked at first but not anymore:

  • King Francis II
  • Rollo
  • Bran

a character you did not like at first but now do:

  • Lord Stéphane Narcisse
  • Torvi
  • Jamie Lannister

3 otp’s:

  • Mary Stuart and Bash
  • Ragnar and Lagertha
  • Brienne of Tarth and Tormund

I will tag; @sereniti9 @itharley @raekenimages @hello-helianthus @burningsunshin3 and everybody else who wants.

reblynnh  asked:

Game of Thrones. I know one of the awesome couples you ship, so that won't be too surprising (Brienne x Jaime Forever), but maybe you'll surprise me with the other questions.

Originally posted by winterfellskingdom

Game of Thrones

  • my all-time ultimate fave character: Tyrion Lannister
  • a character I didn’t used to like but now do: Jaime Lannister
  • a character I used to like but now don’t: Littlefinger
  • a character I’m indifferent about: Arya Stark
  • a character who deserved better: OBERYN MARTELL
  • a ship I’ve never been able to get into: Jon/Dany
  • a ship I’ve never been able to get over: Jaime/Brienne
  • a cute, low-key ship: Jon/Sansa
  • an unpopular ship but I still enjoyed it: Davos/Daenerys
  • a ship that was totally wrong and never should have happened: Jaime/Cersei
  • my favourite storyline/moment: pretty much all of season 6
  • a storyline that never should have been written: Sansa’s rape. Oberyn’s death. 
  • my first thoughts on the show: This looks like Lord of the Rings
  • my thoughts now: THIS LOOKS LIKE MY DEATH

send me a show!

Thank You for the Music pt. 1

OC x Father!Tony Stark

A/n: This is my first story using an OC instead of reader insert because I included a lot of specific details about the character. (I forgot to give it a title… what is wrong with me!? I fixed it… but titles are tough!)

Thank you @sharknadoslut and @scentofpineandhazelnutlattes for the help! 

Summary: Tony meets his biological daughter who he put up for adoption.

Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood

When Tony took his seat in the back of the theater and looked up at the stage he was overcome with shock. The woman standing there under the bright lights was eerily familiar.

The music started to play, and her slender fingers danced across the keys effortlessly. Her voice gently flowed along, singing a song she introduced as one of her favorites.

It wasn’t until the tears rolled down his cheeks and fell upon his closed hand, that he realized he had been crying. Until this point it all seemed like dream. As he watched the vision before him of a woman who he recognized as a ghost.

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Syndafloden / The Flood of Sins
(Written by Patient C)


Det har ingen betydelse, 
hur mycket ni än försöker få mig att inse 
Hur mycket ni än tröstar mig och hjälper mig 
Det finns alltid den där lilla, men ack så starka gnistan 
Som på något sätt lyckas få brasan att fatta eld igen 
Som bränner mig inifrån och ut 
Hur mycket ni än fyller mig med lögner 
Lögner om att allt är bra, det löser sig, det fixar sig 

Jag spottar er i ansiktet och tackar för mig 
Det räcker, jag har hört tillräckligt många lögner 
Lögnerna som tillsammans med elden tar död på mig 
Sakta men säkert går jag runt i cirklar 
Sakta men säkert självdör jag i denna gråa stad 
Av äcklig betong, byggd av äckliga händer 
Byggd av falska, lögnaktiga äckel som du 

Förvisso hoppas jag djupt inom mig att dina lögner stämmer 
Samtidigt som jag ber tyst för mig själv 
“Efter regn kommer syndafloden i vilken vi alla ska dras med i”


No matter how hard you try to make me realize, how much you’re comforting me, helping me
There is always that small, but yet so strong, spark 
Which somehow makes the fire burn once again
Which burns me from within and out
How much you fill me with lies
Lies about everything being great, it’ll be fine, it’ll be OK

I spit in your face and says thanks and good bye
It’s enough! I’ve heard all too many lies
The lies which together with the fire is killing me
Slowly but surely I’m walking around in circles
Slowly but surely I’m selfdying in this gray city
of gross concrete, built by gross hands
Built by false, lying gross fuckers like you

But deep inside I wish that your lies are true
While I quietly prey 
“After rain there’s the flood of sin, in which we all shall be caught up in”

~*~*Master List*~*~


The Avengers

Meeting The Avengers
Little Miss Chameleon
All Hallow’s Eve
Five Colors In Her Hair

Bucky Barnes

Meeting Bucky
Beautiful Distraction [Bucky]
Like The Back Of His Hand
Excuses, Excuses

Natasha Romanov

Won’t Back Down
Come Back

Clint Barton

Archery Lesson

Tony Stark

A Date To The Ball [Part One]
A Date To The Ball [Part Two]
Beautiful Distraction [Tony]

Bruce Banner

Lab Mouse 
Challenging The Brave 
Can I Be Him?

Steve Rogers

Daddy Long Legs
It’s Not A Secret Anymore
Dream Of Me
Right Hand On…!
Piece by Piece

Sam Wilson

If Requested…

Pietro Maximoff

Midnight Dance
Unexpected Date
As You Wish
One Too Many Drinks
The Melody of a Broken Heart
Out Of Control
I Hate That I Love You

Wanda Maximoff

For The Fallen


If Requested…

Loki Laufeyson

All Hallow’s Eve [Loki Version]

Thor Odinson

If Requested…

Reader Loves More Than One

Who Says Three’s A Crowd? Steve x Reader x Bucky

Marvel Universe

Peggy Carter

Caught With Red Lips!


A Blush is Worth a Thousand Words
More To 1 Side of Her
The Call
Aloha O'e

Matt Murdock

A Blast From The Past
I Wanted You To Stay…
Anything You Can Do…


Mating Season

[Chapter One: Natasha]
[Chapter Two: Pietro]
[Chapter Three: Bucky]
[Chapter Four: Steve]
[Chapter Five: Bruce]
[Chapter Six: Tony]
Clint, Thor, Wanda, Falcon Coming Soon


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Avengers Preference 20 - Date Night

Thor Odinson

One of the dates you remember most, was when he told you to be dressed in finery, and he was to take you for a formal dinner. What you didn’t know, is you were to be whisked away to Asgard, where he took you to the palace, for one of the most elegant meals of your life. However, for a date on Midgard, he is more custom to take you on a picnic at midnight, in order to see the stars, and tell you stories of them.

Tony Stark

As much as we expect this man to be completely large and too fancy with his date, he tries not to go too over the top. He keeps it classic, taking you for dinner, and sneaks a kiss on the way back. However, as you get to know him, you end up out together, doing something somewhat dangerous and illegal. You know, he would take you an any date, if it meant a smile on your face as he walks you home, hand in hand.

Steve Rogers

After his first date with you, which was a simple Dinner and Movie date, he became a little more adventitious. He took you out Dancing one time, another to Liberty Island in New York, where you both had a Lunch together. His favourite, by far, was the Fourth of July, when he sneaked off with you to the top of the hill in the park, to watch all of the fireworks, where he also got a kiss from you as a birthday present - something he would never forget.

Bruce Banner

He wanted to take you somewhere special for your first date, somewhere where he could spend more time learning about you, than both of you being distracted. Which is why he choose the Museum. He took your hand for the most time, walking around with you, whilst talking about everything you both hand to offer. It was then he realised how much he cared for you, and how much you were truly alike. He did well, for a nerd.

Loki Laufeyson

It was Winter, when you went on your first date. He took you Ice Skating. Of course, you were a nervous wreck, never being good at skating. However, it gave you an excuse to hold onto him for the whole night, which you gladly did so. He was more amazed by you, when you went to get a hot chocolate afterwards, and he make you jump, getting cream on your nose. It was the most adorable date, and this dark man seemed to show his soft side, only for you.

Clint Barton

Clint was not normal when it came to dates, and everybody knew this. He took you out to see a movie, as a gentleman would, but then he took you somewhere a little different. There was a passageway, from the vent, to the large ‘A’ of the Avengers Tower. He took you there, you being seemingly shocked, as he showed you his secret, which he trusted you with. From that day, that place was always known for you and Clint.

Bucky Barnes

Bucky and your first date was very unexpected. Both of you had been invited to the same wedding, and both of you had agreed to go together. As much as you both sat at the same table, or outside for most of the time, talking to one another, he risked a dance with you, keeping you in his arms for most of the night. He was way too happy with himself after this, and even managed to give you a small kiss, as he took you back to your room for the night. Needless to say, he was there to take you to the wedding breakfast in the morning.

Pietro Maximoff

Pietro was a little cheeky man, we all knew this. Much like Loki, he had tried to find a date, which would leave you on him all night, which is why Roller Skating came up. Unknown to him, you were already an expert, whereas he was a little bad. He was the one, holding onto you for most of the night, whilst you laughed a little at him. However, he was the one who bought drinks afterwards, and ended up taking a super long walk with you, where he realised how much he loved you, from one date.


Vill sitta på ditt face 💖
Utöver det. Försöker vara mer äkta. Mer jag. Men det går så sakta framåt. Tålamod är väll inte riktigt min starka sida. 🙃 Denna väntan och sakta förändring får mig att självhata mer och mer. Jag försöker låta bli. Tänka på ett annat sätt. Känna något annat. Evig struggle med mig själv. Men varje dag, lite närmre målet. Friheten. Jag får mer fokus. Och just nu tar jag hand om mig själv bättre än tidigare. Selfcare liksom. På både fysiska och mentala sätt. Det känns stabilare och tryggare. Jag har dessutom insett något nytt. Anledningen till att jag inte vågat/vågar. Det är pga not feeling worthy. Not being worthy of love. Not good enough for you. Men jag försöker acceptera att.. maybe jag kan få bara lite av det ändå. Trots allt. Allt jag är och inte är. Lost liten tönt som inte kan någonting om relationer egentligen even tho jag har så himla mycket kärlek att ge. I wanna fall in love with you. Visa mig en helt ny värld. ❤ #underwear #body #pansexual #poly #polyamorös #pink #selfcare #selfie #selflove

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