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Something I Liked About

This guy

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And this guy

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is that they’re hugely menacing, over the top bad guys…except for one scene.

For Khan it’s when he and Kirk are about to make the jump and Kirk says something funny. Khan suddenly looks so bewildered and confused and just not the megalomaniacal guy we’ve been seeing.

Ronan is the same. To be fair, he’s a Kree zealot who gets challenged to a dance-off. And suddenly he’s doing what everyone in the theater is and pretty much asks Quill “what the hell man?”

Those scenes are genus to me. It makes them human and able be be related to while not making them too likable so you can still root for their defeat. Plus, it’s kinda fun getting to have a laugh at the guy who’s been making you shudder for the rest of the movie!

If life ever gets you down just remember

they had to keep re-doing the Sheriarty scene because Benedict kept forgetting it was supposed to be an ’almost’ kiss and kept actually kissing Andrew

most of Leonardo DiCaprio’s iconic lines are just him(most of the time messing up and) going with it

And these cuties exist:

(that’s all I can think of for now, feel free to add your own)