What kind of writing is this? Jon Snow would NEVER turn his back on his family, his house, or his people. By giving Dany the North, he is dishonoring Robb’s death, as well as dishonoring House Mormont and the wildlings that helped him reclaim Winterfell. And above all…he is breaking his promises to Sansa, who has done everything in her power to hold the north, keep everyone well fed, warm, and content while he’s off staring longingly at Daenerys. They will all turn on Jon and NEVER respect him again if word reaches them that Jon has surrendered the North. Sansa, along with Arya and Bran, will probably never forgive him. 

I don’t understand why it’s so important for Dany to have the north. The north would do just fine independently, she wouldn’t have to worry about war or enemy attacks because she seems to trust Jon and his judgement now. Why can’t she just entrust the north to a man she finds honorable?? She will never be able to control the north or gain the amount of respect from northerners that the Stark family has.

Why GOT S7 is painful to watch

With only one or two episodes left before the Long Wait til season 8, it’s time to reflect on the cons of season 7, and examine Game of Throne’s…

Complete departure from any common sense

The Lannisters

At the beginning of the season we have House Lannister in a tight spot. Jaime pointed it out himself, they hold only three kingdoms at best. Let’s consider the power distribution of the major houses as of the start of S7. Let’s consider Cersei’s options.

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  • Jorah: I'll go... let me serve you
  • *dany nods*
  • Jon: I'll go too
  • Dany: *triggered af* EXCUSE ME??? Did I say you could leave??? Honey it's dangerous out there and my babies like you now so stay with me!
  • Jon: Daenerys the white walkers-