stark trek voyager


Character Moodboard ➤ Kathryn Janeway.

“I don’t want something even better, I want coffee.”

Requested by @tobeconquered

No, but seriously - 

How many times did Voyager eject it’s escape pods?  What Starfleet engineer is there at the end of the series, counting the number of microstress fractures and going, “Goddamn, Janeway!”

(And Harry is standing there going, “Well, there was that one time with the Dreadnaught missile,” and Megan Delaney starts counting on her fingers and saying, “There were the two times with the Vidiians - no, wait, the three times with the Vidiians,” while Vorik looks unimpressed and says “The Starship Voyager completed evacuated it’s remaining crew on a total of - ” but then Tom jumps in and says, “Wow, hey, now, someone stop the Vulcan.  That’s cheating, we have to count it out ourselves - ” and Harry nods and says, “Exactly.  So.  There was the one time with the Dreadnaught missile,” and the original Starfleet engineer is just standing there looking horrified.)