stark spangled

AU where Persons A and B are roommates and A is a vampire and doesn’t even hide it but B just thinks they’re joking all the time.

“Is that wine? Can I have a sip?”

“It’s blood.”

“Haha, whatever you say.”

“Where did you get these sweet fake fangs?”

“They’re real. I’m a vampire.”

“Sure you are, and I’m Bigfoot.”

Tol and Smol things

the tol randomly lifting the smol and putting them down somewhere else like people do with babies and the smol being so confused like “why??????”

the smol being the perfect height for surprise tickle attacks because no one looks down so no one sees them coming

the tol using the smol as an armrest and the smol acts annoyed but secretly loves it

the smol just burrowing into the tol’s shoulder/chest when they hug and the tol resting their chin on the top of the smol’s head

the smol hiding behind the tol and literally no one can see them because they’re so smol or because the tol is so tol

the smol being a tiny little ball of energy and rage and constantly jumping around and threatening to fight people 

the tol being the one who has to calm down the smol and apologize when the smol says “fite me” to that five year old who took the last box of lucky charms in the store 

the tol giving the smol piggyback rides

the smol running full speed at the tol and barrelling into them but only succeeding in bouncing off because they’re so smol

the smol being the big spoon and the tol being the little spoon sometimes

the tol puts all the things on the top shelf so that the smol has to jump to reach them

the smol retaliating by putting all the things on the bottom shelf so the tol has to bend over or kneel on the floor to reach them

the smol having a huge ass dog like a saint bernard or a wolfhound or something big enough to ride

the tol having a fucking chihuahua

Stony post-cw fix-its recs (MCU mainly)

Since I didn’t have the time to actually create anything for the 10th Anni of Stony, this rec list is my pseudo-contribution.

Since I don’t know how to make it a part of the event otherwise (sorry!), I’m just going to tag @cap-ironman

For more recs, check out this post by @civilwarbrokemyheart. I’m not going to repeat the recs that are already there.

This is in no particular order, and the fics are loosely grouped by absolutely arbitrary criteria :)

Mind the ratings, I guess.


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this film is what i want in Captain America: Civil War

it’s every Stony shipper’s wildest dreams:

1. look at them gazing at each other lovingly

2. OT3

3. not to mention TONY CARRYING STEVE

4. them being civilized beings and SHAKING ON IT ( and hulk looking at them like a proud dad)

5. then hulk smashes them together ( WITH THE FACE PLATE OFFFFFF)

P.S: nO oNe DiEs

the best types of otp

the type where one is a ray of sunshine who lights up everyone’s worlds and the other is the storm cloud that sometimes blocks the light, but eventually the light shines through and makes the stormcloud fluffy and white

the type where one is death and the other is life, where one is dark and the other is light, where one is yin and the other is yang, where they are complete opposites but they balance each other out so completely

the type where they’re both so broken and scattered that it doesn’t hurt them to pick up the pieces of each other and put them back together, sometimes using a piece of themselves to fix a tiny crack in the otherwise flawless shard of what used to be a soul

the type where they’re both suns and every other little planet and moon gravitates towards them, but they’re special to each other, they light up the spaces where the other can’t reach, and with their combined gravitational pulls they know they’ll never be apart from each other

the kind where one is a spark and the other is kerosene, where all it takes is a single spark to create an explosion of fire and light so powerful that it destroys everything but them

the type where one is diamond, hard and unforgiving and cold, and the other is light, warm and inviting and safe, and apart they are nothing more than themselves, but when they’re together the diamond becomes a rainbow, a kaleidoscope of beauty and color as it reflects the light

the type where one is shattered and jagged and haphazard in how they’d put themselves back together, and the other is unblemished and new and unmarked, and they don’t mind breaking off a few pieces of themself to fix the cracks left in the other’s heart 

AU where Bruce and Steve work in Hot Topic and Tony wanders in because they’re playing AC/DC Pepper bringing me to the mall was the best thing ever thank y-where’d you go? and Bruce flirting like hell to get Tony to buy the five band shirts he’s holding and then blushing and stammering when Tony flirts back twice as hard, because holy shit he’s being serious Steve you bastard don’t give him my number!

cute things your otp can do:

  • go on walks at sunset
  • buy each other random things that remind them of each other
  • get matching tattoos
  • take cooking classes together
  • stay-at-home date nights once a week
  • fuck until their throats are raw from screaming
  • get a pet

anonymous asked:

Stuckony prompt? Super soldiers keep using their Brooklyn charm on Tony who can't help but blush because they are way to hot and sincere.

I live for Stuckony tbh

Steve and Bucky came as a package deal. Everyone knew this, the media, the team and basically anyone who watched them for more than five minutes. Thankfully, this closeness resulted in the duo having very similar tastes; In food, in literature and especially in their partners. The common factor in all their past lovers had been a fiery attitude, a quick wit and a sharp mind. And hell if the snarky genius who never backed down from anything didn’t tick every single box.

Tony Stark however was a man who enjoyed many things, especially the finer things in life. He enjoyed fancy rooftop dinners, exotic islands and equally exotic partners. Anything that took him away from his mind for a while. So when the team realised Tony had quite the thing for accents, well it wasn’t a surprise. But once an Italian man had charmed Tony with sweet compliments in a sweet accent enough to warrant a blush, a plan had been formulated.

At first, the soldiers thought it was just an accent that got Tony flushed and smiling- a look they wanted to see him wear more than his fancy suits, no matter how well they suited him. Bucky was especially good at dropping into his thick Brooklyn accent around Tony, so much so it seemed natural.

“Sure you don’t needa hand liftin’ that? Sure looks heavy for a little fella.”

“I’m not weak, Barnes.” Tony had snapped, batting Bucky’s hands away from the two boxes of parts he was carrying. It wasn’t until Steve spoke they realised what they should have been doing the whole time.

“Hey sugar, he didn’t mean nothin’. Just didn’t want a sweet guy like you getting hurt.” It had been a matter of seconds before Tony was red down to his neck and stumbling over his words.

“Oh…well I…thanks I mean, but I uh, I guess you could take the top box, if you really wanted.” He smiled at Steve, looking everywhere but his eyes. Behind him Bucky grinned.

Tony Stark- billionaire, genius and hero- turned to mush at compliments.

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Superhero AUs

I’m a really famous hero and you’re a really well-known villain and we’re archenemies but one day i walked into the park in the middle of the night and found you, dressed as a civilian, giving money and food to a homeless man and i followed you for a few weeks because surely you’re plotting something but wait you’re not that bad and now i’m in love with you AU

You’re a super famous hero and I’m your sidekick and you’re alway flirting with me because it riles me up but you don’t know about my secret crush on you and i know you don’t like me back but one day i was kidnapped by a villain and you flipped your shit and kissed me when you rescued me AU

We’re both villains and our dates are basically us going out and destroying shit but then we get arrested because we don’t actually have powers so we become the head honchos of the jail and start a gang and teach the inmates how to knit and create a book club and shit AU

i’m a hero and you’re a random civilian who knows the plan my archnemesis made and now he/she’s after you so i have to protect you and you keep almost dying and i keep getting hurt protecting you but it turns out that you have powers too and don’t actually need protection AU

i’m a henchman working for a villain and you’re one of the people who works in a hero’s house and both of our bosses are arrogant assholes and we met when my boss had me sneak into your boss’ house and i ended up taking you with me and you became another henchman because you hated your job but couldn’t afford to quit AU

we’re both really famous heroes and we’re rivals but one day i’m patrolling the city and i find you being attacked by a group of villains so i save you and then you follow me around and try to help me with everything because you have to pay back a debt or something and we fall in love but then you end up saving my life for real but does that mean you’re going to leave me now? (THIS ONE HAS SO MUCH ANGST POTENTIAL)