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Headcannon #1

Tony’s primary interests concern bettering the world for humanity whether it be by providing clean energy, hosting donation parties, or running around and Avenging. He still has a bit of an ego (ok maybe a lot) but he likes being with ‘the good guys’.

Furthermore, since he runs around to play hero or is busy working days and nights on new tech he entrusts Pepper to run the company as CEO.

Wife and I went to go see Avengers last night. I was surprised that she wanted to go - comic book movies, and action movies in general, aren’t her thing - but she was enthusiastic. So we went.

Great movie. It was full of Whedon-isms, but most of them were great. There were lots of little touches added to it that didn’t so much add to the story, but told great character moments - my wife was in love with a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it scene with Captain America and Black Widow, where he throws his shield over her to protect her from a laser blast. In other movies it would have been the forefront of a scene; here, it was just Captain America being Captain America.

(Mine would have been Stark and Loki towards the end. “Are you going to plead to my humanity?” Nope. Gonna threaten you. Want a drink?“ "Are you stalling?” “Nope! Threatening!”)

It made me seriously go back and consider picking up the new Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game that just came out from Margaret Weiss Productions; I got a chance to read through it at our local comic shop’s Grand Re-Opening Day and it looked killer. I was watching Avengers tonight picking out exactly how scenes would have played out in MHRPG; I’ll have to give the book another pass today, I think.

Also saw the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises; they’ll never give me the Catwoman movie I want (the stupid, “I’m totally a badass oh shit went too far”) but I think I can agree with Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle. And look at that style! Wife’s not too excited for that one though.

comickergirl asked:

For the Marvel thing, WAS tempted to go with Tiger Shark because, well, shark and all, but after some deliberation, Kate Bishop possibly? Mostly due to unsafe levels of snark. (Or maybe I should just second Redonthefly: Tony Stark. All the way.) (Just realized we've got shark, snark, and Stark all in one ask. Huh.)

HAWKEYE YES.  I lack a Kate Bishop gif.  What is wrong with my life.

RP 4.14.2015

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The Bodyguard

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Pepper needs a bodyguard, and Tony has the flu, so Clint reluctantly volunteers. Tony is not amused.

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