stark snark

”I have no idea how you managed to survive this long without knowing how to make the simplest food,“ Loki had complained when Tony inevitably screwed up frying eggs.

"I’m disgustingly rich.”

“I’m a Prince and I know how to cook.”

“Well, give me another thousand years, and I’ll probably learn to cook somewhere along the way,” Tony quipped, more than happy to hand things over to Loki. “How do you know how to cook anyway?”

“If you’d ever tried Thor’s cooking – and I use that term lightly – while on one of his quests, you would learn how to cook purely out of self-defence.” Loki answered as he expertly flipped the omelette. From then onwards, Tony was relegated to tea and coffee making and washing up duties.

- Road For Home - Can’t Go Home - Series (in_the_bottle)