stark im here

Im 3000% here for grease monkey Tony tho

• always has a lil grime under his fingernails bc oil and grease gets EVERYWHERE and takes forever to get rid of

• has like 2 shirts and a pair of jeans reserved for when he tinkers with tech that are just /saturated/ with grease and are torn and ripped and Pepper has tried to throw them away multiple times but the clothes magically reappear the next time Tony is in the shop

• he still manages to get at least one high dollar suit irreparably stained every year like clockwork

• little bruises and cuts on his knuckles and hands and forearms bc being elbow deep in an engine always results in some sort of superficial injury

• hates the ideal of someone else working on his cars. Even a simple oil change or replacing a battery or spark plugs

• “where is the 3/8 socket??? I literally just put it down! What the fuck?!”

• once asked Pepper to order some blinker fluid for his Spyder (trust me, it’s a real joke aimed at people who aren’t familiar with cars)

• has done on-the-fly repairs and diagnosis to vehicles belonging to reporters and his fans. “Wait a sec. Sounds like your car is missing on a cylinder. Do you mind if I take a look?” And just pops the hood or crawls under the vehicle and goes to town

• curses at vehicles or equipment then immediately apologizes

Only at a Stark Party

Steve Rogers/ Reader

Words: 1,897

Summary: New Year’s Eve always sucked because you never got kissed at midnight. After years of attending the infamous Tony Stark New Year’s Eve party, you were shocked to be in the same room as Captain America. Too bad he couldn’t see you, right?

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Author’s note: This sat in my drafts for almost a year. I picked it up just in time for the holidays! The dialogue may be similar to the NYE party scene in the movie “The Age of Adaline” where I got the idea. I ain’t a creative bitch, I’m sorry!! Might be out of character but…u know! fuck it!

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How about an Steve/Tony Voltron AU? Oh boy...

BUT COULD YOU IMAGINE?? Tony an ex cadet of the Garrison joining up with Steve after his pod crashes from being captured by the Red Skull, the most feared Galra in the universe??? anD OF COURSE THEY DONT GET ALONG AT FIRST And Steve confesses that he’s not interested in forming Voltron he just wants to save Bucky whose sTILL ON THE SHIP and Tony reassures him that the only way to even touch the Galra is to do it together! LOTS OF STEVE THROWING HIMSELF INTO DANGER and Tony’s like ‘I thought I was the crazy one” and flying after him!?? PTSD? PINING?? KIDNAP AND RESCUE MISSIONS?? Just throw me in the dumpster now anon….

Also sorry its really messy ._.’’ I’m trying to get a better feel for bodies??

Fandom Goals

The “A toaster? What the what the hell is a toaster?” squad.
Castiel, Steve, Thor

The “Your intelligence is lowering my self-esteem. (Please stop.) squad.
Bruce, Sam

The “Let’s get a drink and wait for everybody else to fuck up.” squad.
Dean, Tony

The “I don’t really want to be here but somehow got roped in…again.” squad.
Bruce, Castiel

The “Food?! FOOD!” squad.
Dean, Thor

The “Oh look, you’ve offended somebody because you think you’re funny.” squad.
Clint, Dean, Tony

The “Here I am, cleaning up your mess…again.” squad.
Castiel, Natasha, Sam

The “I’ll let you finish but HOLY HELL YOU’RE ATTRACTIVE.” squad.
Bucky, Dean, Sam, Steve, Thor

The “Old men” squad.
Bucky, Castiel, Steve


Captain America | Iron Man 3

This is for our favourites

For the ones that put everyone else first

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For the ones we spent our live with

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For the ones that were brave, even though they were scared

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For the ones that kept going

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Even though it was hard sometimes

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And the ones that never stopped believing

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For the ones who see things differently

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The round pegs in square holes

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The ones that want to change things

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The ones that showed us the universe

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The ones we could identify with

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Even the bad guys

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The outcast

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The “misfits”

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The lunatics

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And of course the troublemakers

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The ones that only follow their own lead

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The ones that take us into different worlds

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They are like our family

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And while some think of them as the crazy ones

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We see genius.

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hey, its tony stark here. im looking for the rest of the avengers, including bucky. post civil war and age of ultron, things were icy a bit, between us all but we eventually warmed up again (read: quickly worked out our issues out of necessity due to an alien invasion), after which point the team moved into stark towers with me. in my canon clint wasnt married, nor did he have children. like/reblog this and ill get back to you. stark out.


Age of Ultron getting progressively closer like


ǐ̯̦̫̪ͤ̚t̞̖̂'̹͇̺͕͚̼s̼̗̋̅͐ͯ ̟̠̗͇̲̓ͬͩ̉ͩ́t͚̲̦̤i̽̐̋̋ͫͫ̈́m̬̥̜̳̐͋̏͐̽ͅe̝̭ͅ ̯̥̿̈́ͭ̓͗̓


For one of my absolute favourite SanSan fics - These Scars We Wear by amplifyme