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Some asshole: Why is Robert in every marvel movie? I hate him.


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Uhh so this was in my drafts which I havent checked in weeks and totally forgot about? Anyway seeing as the fic I was supposed to be posting today got deleted,,, yall can have this one from like 5 months ago instead lmao.

Tony really should have noticed sooner.

On the surface, nothing seemed wrong. Steve was fine. A little ragged, maybe, but fine. He acted in the same way, smiled at Tony no differently, scolded Clint no less.


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The bear, the bear!
Lifted her high into the air!
The bear! The bear!
I called for a knight, but you’re a bear!
A bear, a bear!
All black and brown and covered with hair
She kicked and wailed, the maid so fair,
But he licked the honey from her hair.
Her hair! Her hair!
He licked the honey from her hair!
Then she sighed and squealed and kicked the air!
My bear! She sang. My bear so fair!
And off they went, from here to there,
The bear, the bear, and the maiden fair.

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How about an Steve/Tony Voltron AU? Oh boy...

BUT COULD YOU IMAGINE?? Tony an ex cadet of the Garrison joining up with Steve after his pod crashes from being captured by the Red Skull, the most feared Galra in the universe??? anD OF COURSE THEY DONT GET ALONG AT FIRST And Steve confesses that he’s not interested in forming Voltron he just wants to save Bucky whose sTILL ON THE SHIP and Tony reassures him that the only way to even touch the Galra is to do it together! LOTS OF STEVE THROWING HIMSELF INTO DANGER and Tony’s like ‘I thought I was the crazy one” and flying after him!?? PTSD? PINING?? KIDNAP AND RESCUE MISSIONS?? Just throw me in the dumpster now anon….

Also sorry its really messy ._.’’ I’m trying to get a better feel for bodies??

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keep seing the Sansa-Persephone parallels posts. What do they mean exactly? I've read the Greek myths, of course, but still... How can the pomergranate seeds forshadow anything in asoiaf? And what does Jon have to do with it all? People are writing stuff as if it were obvious, but for me it's not that obvious at all))

Oh god… I honestly haven’t personally thought that much about this. I’ve seen some metas about it, but it was not something I kept at the forefront of my mind when thinking about Sansa. But for you, dearest Anonny, I’m going to try my best to break this down. 

First, let’s begin with who Persephone is. She’s the Goddess of the Underworld, Springtime, Flowers and Vegetation. She represents fertility and rebirth, as well as death. But we’ll get back to this later. 

The story goes that Persephone was beloved by her mother Demeter (Goddess of Harvest), so much so that she was kept away from the other gods and goddesses because she was so beautiful. 

In comparison, you could say that Sansa was as well kept from the other lords and ladies by virtue of being born in Winterfell, which is as far removed from the high society of King’s Landing as you can be. Her parents initially didn’t want her to be betrothed to Joffrey and go south. 

Hades, God of the Underworld, however, saw Persephone and fell in “love” with her. Now there are different accounts, but most state that Hades went to his brother Zeus (her father) and asked him how he could get her. Together, they conspired to trick Persephone. So one day, as she was playing with her companions in the fields, she gets lured away by the perfume of the Narcissus flower. As she’s pulling at the flower to unroot it, the ground opens up and she falls down to the Underworld, or in other cases, she’s captured by Hades. 

In comparison, Sansa is attracted to what Joffrey and King’s Landing represents. Her naivety lures her into their trap. You could say it’s narcissism as well to want ‘more than anything’ to be queen and be praised as a beautiful, proper young lady. But once she’s there and starts pulling at the thread of politics in King’s Landing, Sansa ends up falling into a deep pit that she cannot escape from (ie. under the Lannisters’ control in KL). 

Other metas I’ve seen compare Hades to Littlefinger as he lusts after her and has a hand in manipulating and trapping Sansa. This is true as he had a huge hand in causing Ned’s death, which ultimately imprisoned Sansa in KL. He’s also the reason she was sold to the Boltons. I’ll actually come back to this point in a moment.

Once Persephone is in the Underworld, she is forced to become Hade’s fiance and rule it with him as his queen. However, up top, her mother Demeter is so distraught by the disappearance of her child, she refuses to let anything grow on the earth, creating barren lands and causing men to starve. Actually, some versions say that Demeter did it out of anger at Zeus after she found out from Helios (the all-seeing Sun God) that he was complicit in the abduction of her daughter. 

Now, looking at Sansa’s storyline in the show, she was obviously never married to LF, but she was forced to comply with everything LF did at the Vale to survive. But then she actually was forced to marry Ramsay and was abused by him during that time. Her marriage allowed Ramsay to sit at Winterfell as its lord and in essence rain destruction down upon the North. The consequence of this marriage brought devastation to the lands and Sansa was powerless to do anything to stop it, just like Persephone was powerless to escape the Underworld.

Once Demeter confronted Zeus and he realised how much anguish Demeter was causing to the world of men because she refused to let anything grow, he went to Hades and demanded that Persephone be returned to her mother, so Hades tricked Persephone into eating four pomegranate seeds (although the number varies between mythological tellings) and it was law that if you ate food from the Underworld you had to stay. Since Persephone only ate four seeds, she was decreed to return to the Underworld as its queen four months out of the year. And in protest, Demeter would make those four months barren. Persephone’s return from the Underworld signaled the rebirth of crops and thus bringing in Spring/Summer. And that’s basically how Greek mythology explained the changing of the seasons. 

In comparison, this is where it gets a little tricky because Sansa’s confinement in KL, the Vale and in Winterfell with Ramsay all happened during Summer. But when it comes to the Starks, GRRM turned the symbolism of the seasons upside down on its head. There is a reason after all why ‘Winter is Coming’ is House Stark’s motto – and why Jon’s resurrection occurred right on the precipice of summer and winter. For House Stark, ‘Winter is Coming’ isn’t just a motto, it’s a battle cry. It’s the time for wolves; a time for the North; a time for the Starks. Sansa escaping Ramsay during summer but returning to Winterfell during Winter signifies her rebirth and the rebirth of the North. For the first time since Robb, they’re now uniting again under the Stark banner. Yes, there are 2 wars on the horizon and the wights are coming, but I believe the Starks will prevail in some form or another. They are, as GRRM said, the heart of this story. 

Now, pomegranate seeds have a lot of symbolism. In Greek mythology, they are most commonly known as “the fruit of the dead.“ And while some believe it also represents the indissolubility of marriage because by eating the pomegranate seeds, Persephone ties herself to Hades, I believe that it actually represents Persephone being stripped of her agency to be his wife for 4 months out of the year. After all, Hade’s abduction of Persephone was also commonly coined ‘The Rape of Persephone’, and many people have interpreted Hades tricking Persephone to eat the seeds as his taking of her virginity (as seeds = fertility = virginity isn’t a stretch symbolically). 

So, how does this relate to Sansa? Well, like I said earlier, if Littlefinger represents Hades then this scene is very telling: 

Petyr cut a pomegranate in two with his dagger, offering half to Sansa.“You should try and eat, my lady.”

“Thank you, my lord.” Pomegranate seeds were so messy; Sansa chose a pear instead, and took a small delicate bite. It was very ripe. The juice ran down her chin.

Sansa’s refusal of the pomegranate is a poignant moment. She is keeping her wits about her around Littlefinger and retaining her agency. Although the pear she chooses is still ripe and messy, it was her choice rather than accepting the offer of Littlefinger’s pomegranate. She is in control of herself and she will not be manipulated by him. 

I will go one step further with the symbolism of the pomegranate. It’s not merely a “fruit of the dead”, but it also acts similar to the “forbidden fruit” in the Biblical-verse. In the myth, Persephone refuses to eat or drink anything while in the Underworld. Whether she knows of the law is unclear, but let’s say she doesn’t, it’s a form of protest for her, the only thing she can do while being imprisoned there. Her choosing to eat the pomegranate seeds offered by Hades is her being unable to resist temptation and the vices of the body.

Littlefinger offers Sansa half of his pomegranate. He doesn’t offer her a whole but only half of his. It’s a symbolic proposal, urging and tempting her to side with him and his plans; be his accomplice, his wife, his toy. Sansa refuses that. She refuses temptation and his proposal. 

I hope that answers your question and makes the parallels a little clearer. If not, then… sorry. I tried lol. 

you: ugh peter was just given a spider suit with all the tech instead of coming up with his own

me, an intellectual: peter and ned hacked and altered / enhanced majority of the suit’s sub-systems and mixed-and-matched things tony didn’t even think of doing