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The Three Daughters of Jon and Sansa

The three daughters of Lady Sansa and Lord Jon – also known as the Fates – broke the boundaries and were essential to the development of a renewed and broken Westeros. While such a legacy is unsurprising with the family they were born into. Their own mother was known as a Mother to the nations and a bringer of peace and their father was a living legend. This is not considering her aunts and uncles. King Bran the Divine, Commander Arya Stark the Bold and of course Daenerys Targaryen, the Breaker of Chains. 

The eldest Isra, also known as Isra the Conqueror and Isra the Wandering Wolf, took after her paternal great aunt and ancestor Aegon the Conqueror himself. However, beyond her conquests, she discovered many formally unknown lands and travelled the seas and lands of places avoided. She is the reason that we have most of the World Map as it is today. 

However, her sudden leave meant that The King of the North had no heir (his own son and heir having died), the crown would, therefore, be passed down to Largertha, known as Dark Heart. It was said by many that she knew the ways of magic and could communicate with the dead. She is the first woman to have held the North solely by her own right. She faced much opposition due to her gender and unusual accession. Her enemies dubbed her as a witch but instead of opposing these rumours, she openly accepted it. This tactic led to many of her enemies being weary of her. This alongside her numerous victories and her apparent lack of mercy made her name synonymous with magic, the supernatural and treachery. 

The last and youngest child Alvatia the Beloved was adored by all. She is the one described to take most after her mother in appearance and temperament. Unlike her sisters, she was not involved in battles or conquest but rather remained a part of the people. She was considered one of the best healers to ever exist, even surpassing her own mother. She was integral to the development of medicine. However, it is her relationship and love for animals that she is most well-known and loved for. It is said that wherever she went, packs of animals followed. The stories that she tamed and befriend the brown bear, one of the most dangerous animals that one could encounter, in her girlhood. Stories and songs of her healing powers and the animals that loved her were spread far and wide and were known by all.

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REQUESTED BY: @rubyquartzshades ◔ Robb x Targaryen!Reader where the reader was saved by Ned and was raised in winterfell and they fall in love and as a engagement present when the Starks find the dire wolf pups there is another albino pup next to Ghost and  Robb gives it to the reader

Waking up in the cold North, was normal for you. You grew up in Winterfell, where the wolves reside, but you were a dragon. Lord Stark has saved you from King Robert as you were still a babe, when the rebellion ended, and so he brought you home. Growing up, you knew you were different, people would be cautious of you, especially that you are now grown. Though Lord Stark, has convinced the King to spare your life, King Robert still dislikes you, showing his disgust at you, whenever your silver hair shone in the light to remind his hatred towards Targaryens. Even if people did look at you differently, Robb and all the Stark children, made you feel at ease, like you truly do belong.

You were dripping the hot wax on your skin, and you once didn’t flinch but Robb did. His face was red, from the pain and you laughed at him. “You can’t do it.”

Robb flicked the wax off of his forearm and blew on it. “I can do it.”

You pinched his cheek, and smiles. “Yes,” you laughed. “For like ten seconds.”

Both of you were inside his chambers, on the bed and he slowly climbed on top of you. His fingers grazed on your skin, above your unlaced shirt and it brought shivers to your whole body. He slowly kissed you, and whispered. “I can still do it.”

You nodded at him, pulling him down, to meet your lips. You wrapped your arms around him, as you brought him down to deepen the kiss. A loud knock came on the door, and both of you continued to kiss until Rickon appeared and pulled Robb by his hair.

“Get out!” Robb pushed Rickon and the little child just smiled. “What do you want?”

Rickon pulled your hand, until you stood up beside him. “It’s time for supper,” he said and he looked at you. “Will you carry me?”

“Are your legs broken?” asked Robb. He fixed his hair, and his clothes and pushed Rickon softly to the door.

You pulled Rickon to you and carried him, as he wrapped his legs around you. You felt him play with your hair as you started to descend the stairs for supper. Rickon laughed and hugged you tighter, “Go! Go! Robb is following us!”

You turned around and stuck your tongue out at Robb, and Rickon did the same. His laughter echoed through the hallway and Robb panted, as you did. You saw Lady Stark, her hands firmly in front of her as she saw Rickon. You whispered to Rickon, and he turned to his mother. “Hello, Mother!”

You put Rickon down and he ran to his Mother, Lady Stark placed him on his chair and served his food. An arm wrapped around your shoulder, and kissed you on your brow. Robb towered a foot at you and you looked at him. “Why are you still panting?”

Both of you sat down, and reached for the basket of bread. “So you can feel that you run.”

You pointed at yourself, “Me? So I could feel that I could run?”

He kissed your cheek, and he nodded. “Let’s be honest, you can’t run.”

You slapped his thigh softly, and you grabbed his bread from him. “Whatever, Robb.” 

After supper, Lord Stark proceeded to go and hunted with Robb, Jon, and with his other men. You wrapped your hands around Robb’s and pulled him down to kiss him. “Be careful out there.”

“Of course, I’ll be coming back to marry you.”

You patted at his face and pinched his cheek. “If you come back, you can.” You winked at him, as he mounted his horse, followed his father into the woods.

You stayed in your room and read a book as you waited for their return. Hours passed, and they hadn’t return and so you went to sleep for while. You woke up suddenly, with a wet tongue licking your chin, your cheek, your brows and even your forehead. You smelled dirt, mud, and you felt the sticky saliva. “Hi.”

You looked at Robb, laying beside you and two puppies on your bed. You sat up straight, and wiped your face cleaned. You grabbed a puppy, and you lifted it up. “What?”

He pointed at the puppy your holding, “We found a litter of direwolves,” he said, lifting his own. “That one’s yours and this one is mine.”

You looked at your wolf, his fur snow as white and his eyes black and red, just like the colors of your banner. He snarled at you showing his sharp teeth, but he licked your face as you laughed at the wolf. You looked at Robb’s and his pup was grey with piercing yellow eyes. “This one is Grey Wind,” he said and reached to kiss you. “A gift, for my future wife.”

You picked at your wolf, his eyes blinking at you. It reminded you of the three headed dragon on your dress and banners. The pup crashed into your body as he was tired out from playing. “Fire,” you said. “I’ll name him Peryzs.”

Suddenly, Grey Wind bit Peryzs tail, and it flinched. Your wolf growled angrily, and taunted Robb’s, and Grey Wind cowered. Perryz went back to you, and you rubbed his head.

“This is like having children!” You squealed as Grey Wind played with Peryzs and they both jumped out of the bed.

Robb propped himself and trapped you under his body. Robb kissed your neck, and your bare skin above your top and winked. He kissed your lips, and whispered against your ears which made you giggle, “Maybe we should start having children, then.”

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like please picture Stannis thinking it is His Duty to give teenage Renly The Talk

please picture Stannis coming up to Davos, informing him briskly that Renly has come out, and asking stiffly if he knows where Stannis could procure information about sexual health to pass on to Renly

please picture Stannis attempting to verbally convey to Melisandre that he is going over to Davos’ house to research sex and romance

please picture Renly Baratheon having to deal with Stannis Baratheon giving him The Talk twice

once with Renly finding the whole thing hilarious and a little bitterly ironic, so he baits a clearly uncomfortable Stannis the entire time. The other with Renly really quiet and awkward and stunned when Stannis begins with “Ahem. When we last spoke on this subject, the description I gave you was rather cis and hetero normative, I apologize." 

please picture the awkward hug Stannis gives Renly when its over before leaving the room as briskly as he can. Imagine Renly smiling a little to himself.