WIP for my friend of a character I am designing for her. I may make the head smaller or the legs larger but either way some proportion things need to be fixed. I am liking the design though! Edit- by the way, the antlers are actually like, mini trees growing out of her head. The flowers aren’t ornamental, they actually grow from where they are. I thought it was a neat idea.

Character design semester 2 assignment 1- we basically had to convert a classmate into a caricature based on the style of a tv show of our choosing… and then we were randomly assigned an occupation for them. I got “Crazy Vampire Slayer” and the show I used was (if you can’t guess) Little Witch Academia.

I did a little research and, along with garlic, stakes, etc- vampires don’t like fire, which would go perfect with a little witch in training. Yeah idk what’s up with the large stakes on her back either. It’s just an idea I sort of went with.

I kinda went too much with the shading I think… I don’t think we really had to but I was having fun with it.

FFXIV Portrait Commissions!

I am gonna take ONE SLOT. Gonna be like the one above, $15!

Filled, thanks guys! :3

I accept PayPal only, please! Send me a message if you would like the slot for it, sorry I can only pretty much take one at a time cause I can’t be swamped before school starts in uh… 3 days (T_T)

I may take more, so if this happens to fill quick, don’t worry!