Ours, Ours, and Ours

I wouldn’t let myself sleep until I finished this. As a result it may just be gibberish. I apologise.

Fandom: Young Justice
Rating: T+? There’s mentions of sex and violence but nothing graphic.
Pairings: Centered on SuperMartian.

For Star and the Anon who asked for drabbles about baby headcanon. Star’s baby headcanon included adopted babies and twins named Marie and John.

(It takes place in the same universe as all of my Sea Arrow fic.)


“M’gann! People think we’re Mormons!”

“Well, it’s easier to explain than alien immigrants with refugee babies.”


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la snaibsel, s'il vous plait

Avec plaisir.

  • shops for groceries

They take turns for this. Artemis had an odd time getting used to trusting someone to fill the fridge at home without worrying that they’d starve if she didn’t take care of it, but she eventually got into the rhythm of it. Especially because Zee always brings her a little something when she does.

  • kills the spiders

If Artemis is alone at home, she has no qualms with doing so. In fact, she’ll even try to use it for target practice. When Zatanna’s around, though, they opt for poofing the spiders elsewhere. Normally a teammate’s closet or bed.

  • comes home drunk at 3am

They both do. They go out to dance and party at least one night a week. They return to the apartment hammered and horny. They wake up exhausted and with splitting headaches and the rest of the day is usually spent taking turns on head massages and trying different hangover home remedies.

  • makes breakfast

Artemis. The girl wakes up insanely early. Besides, she makes the best breakfast omelettes; no amount of magic could ever outdo them.

  • remembers to feed the fish


Borrowing a little something from my previous post:

Artemis had a traumatizing incident in which Kaldur accompanied her to a mart and he told her about all the horrible, agonizing things the fishies on sale were screaming out to him during their visit.

As such, she kind of objects when she returns home one day and finds Zee ogling over a colorful blue and purple fish in a glass bowl on their table. Zatanna insists that she can remember to take proper care of it, but she doesn’t. Instead, Artemis keeps doing so out of guilt and concern. Then one night, at 3 AM, they stumbled into their apartment hammered and horny and accidentally knock over the bowl while busying themselves on the table. They hold a funeral for the fish and cry at the toilet while they wave goodbye. Artemis is too torn to speak to Zee for the rest of the night and Zee is too guilty so they just go to sleep.

The next morning they agree not to get any more fishes (nor to tell either Kaldur or La'gaan about what happened to Venusite). Several months later, they adopt a chow chow dog instead. 

  • decorates the apartment

Zatanna, definitely. Not only does she pretty much have a better taste, but a spell or two takes care of it in a snap, so it’s no big deal. Although holiday decorating often ends up being a team effort.

  • initiates duets

Zatanna. Artemis will sometimes do so, especially during their night-outs.

  • falls asleep first

I’m guessing Artemis, which is how she always gets up so early.

Artemis Crock || here's where i begin

Young Justice | K+/T | 5,000 words | character study | season one through her eyes | birthday gift for starinhercorner

It’s not easy being the black sheep when you have to keep coating your wool with inky paint because all the white ones are terrible role models.

AO3 |

This was inspired very very much by Vanessa Hudgens’ “Promise” (as you can probably tell by me putting literally every line of the song in this fic), and also by Star’s passionate steering of the “Artemis isn’t defined by her love interests” ship, to which she is the captain.

Happy birthday, you adorable housecat. I hope you like this.

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Jade/Zatanna :D

omg my secret otp okay okay i can do this uhhhhhhhh

  • Zee’s curls were straighter than her.
  • Who knew Vietnamese backwards was sexy.
  • “I dare you to ass-ass-inate me.”
  • Sai’s? More like handcuffs and sighs.
  • Zatanna to Cave: …………………….you were right.”
  • Google: how to date bff’s sister.

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Kaldur/Gar broship--younger Gar learning how to make his hands webbed

“Hold still,” Gar orders him. “Hold absolutely, totally still.”

Kaldur freezes entirely as requested, not even allowing himself to breathe. Gar is, for lack of a better word, hanging off of his arm – his feet are positioned on Kaldur’s left hip, his tail is swishing intermittently in the air behind him, and his hands are clasped around Kaldur’s wrist, to better permit him to stare protuberantly at the webbing between Kaldur’s fingers.

“Teach me,” Gar says after several seconds. “I wanna do that. I want my hands to look just like yours.”

Kaldur blinks, startled. Gar locks gazes with him and purses his lips with what Kaldur assumes is supposed to be extreme seriousness.

“I do not understand,” Kaldur confesses. “What do you wish to learn?” 

Gar huffs and somersaults off of him, landing on all fours on the training room floor. His tail continues to gyrate with alacrity. 

“Your hands,” he expounds. The “s” sound whistles between his gapped teeth. “They’re really cool-looking. I wanna learn how to put webbing between my fingers. I mean, for practical reasons. My dumb sister won’t show me because she says I should only learn to shift into things I absolutely have to.”

He plops back on his butt, crossing his arms and pouting. Kaldur frowns, bringing a hand to his chin in thought. 

“M’gann does not wish to teach you?” he muses. 

“No!” Gar exclaims, throwing his arms out and rolling his eyes hugely. “She won’t teach me anything! She says I’m too young and I need to stay safe and she doesn’t wanna lose me and all this other junk, blah blah blah, I swear; I thought she was so cool when I met her but now she’s just – she’s so lame.”

He gazes up at Kaldur with veritable stars in his eyes.

“Not like you,” he says. “You’re awesome.” He springs up to his feet again, bouncing around Kaldur’s waist. “So can you show me? Please please please please pleeeeeeeeease? I just need to look at them for a few hours! Please? Please? Pretty please with a bunch of tasty Atlantean dessert toppings on top pleeeeease Kaldur?”

Kaldur sighs. He is being eerily reminded of the time Wally insisted on learning Atlantean backflip warfare despite his crippling inability to swim.

“I do not know if I should,” he admits. “If M’gann is worried for your safety and does not think you should learn, then perhaps—”

Gar’s face immediately darkens.

“But M’gann’s stupid!” he barks. “She doesn’t know what she’s talking about; she thinks I can’t take care of myself! And every time I try talking to Conner about it he just kind of blanks out and runs out on me like he’s allergic to hearing people say things about her that aren’t totally mushy and gross. I can do whatever I want; I’m not a kid!”

“But you are, my friend,” Kaldur tells him gently, hunkering down to his height. “We all are. M’gann means well; I promise you. She is merely looking out for you, because she loves you. She would never allow anyone to harm you – not even yourself, even if it is by accident. Do not be so harsh on her.”

Gar bites the inside of his cheek remorsefully, looking down at his bare feet and linking his arms behind his back. Kaldur sighs wearily at his forlorn expression and reaches over to clasp his shoulder encouragingly. 

“I will show you,” he murmurs, and Gar’s head jerks up. “If you promise me that you will not tell M’gann that I assisted you in any way.”

Gar guffaws, punching Kaldur lightly in the shoulder. “Come on, you sissy; she’d never hurt you.”

“On the contrary,” Kaldur tells him. “Your sister would bring harm without remorse to anyone who contributed to putting you in danger. No matter how indirectly.”

Gar blinks at him wondrously, wiping his nose with the back of his wrist.

“Yeah, she is pretty scary, huh,” he giggles, biting his lip.

Kaldur chuckles along with him. “I quite agree. Now, then. What do you require of me?”

Gar beams at him, grasping his hand and holding it up to the light. “Good sir, I require you to not move at all, ever, until I say you can. Unless you get hungry. Or need to go to the bathroom. I might have to follow you, though. You’re cool with that, right?”

Kaldur lets out a long-suffering sigh, but sits down cross-legged on the floor and patiently keeps himself still.