Imagine Your OTP

Person A and Person B share a class and after finishing a test, Person A is staring out into space and daydreaming about Person B. Person A snaps out of it when they realize they’re looking straight at B, only to see B with the same spaced out look.

sometimes i stare at people for longer amounts of time than i should and when they notice i play it cool by making myself look like I’ve zoned out and they just happened to be in the general direction i zoned out towards and then i shake myself out of it and give THEM a look like why are you looking at me and i’m kind of proud of this because i can unabashedly check people out when i want to

Seungri: Daesung hyung is so cute, his smile brightens my day. he makes everone feels happy when we work. hes the mood-maker. I love you hyung!!

Daesung: k. 

K-netz: Seungri doesn’t belong in bigbang! hes an embarrassment! what was YG thinking! hes doesn’t even look like a celebrity! he’s getting fatter! 

Daesung: Seungri is the bestest makane ever. hes the most business-like and gets us a lot of promotion! he’s so talanted, he is always misunderstood. bigbang wont ever be the same without him. I love you seunghyun-ah!

Seungri: k. 

anonymous asked:

I have one fucking image in my head that I cant get rid of that I thought you might like. McCree trusting Reyes enough to the point where he doesn't even flinch when he shoves a gun in his mouth. And when Reyes asks him to pull the trigger himself, he does it without hesitation. There's a satisfying click and Reyes pulls the gun out of his mouth, scratching Jesse's head, "Good boy."

Holy shit Anon I legit just stared off into space for like a full minute after reading this. I think my pupils dilated. This mental image is amazing and I hope you don’t mind me using it as a prompt:

EDIT: Link to the fic on AO3 because Readmores don’t work on tumblr.

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