staring through the son

A ficlet about how Silva found out about Hisoka and Illumi’s relationship. 

Silva Zoldyck stared at his eldest son through the large computer monitor. Illumi’s face was the same blank mask he had worn most his life. His inky hair was in a loose bun on his head, firmly held in place by two of his needles. He wore what seemed to be a loose tank top though from the computer placement it was hard to tell.

“Do you have an update on Killua?” Silva asked, bypassing pleasantries that he knew his eldest child didn’t appreciate. Illumi nodded and quickly began his report, precise and detailed as always. As he spoke Silva let his eyes wonder ever so slightly, taking in his son’s background. Silva had been surprised when Illumi had stated he was moving out. But the dark haired eldest didn’t often make requests so Silva agreed. Since Illumi had left Silva had only gotten glimpses of the raven haired boys living space, the ones he could snatch when they had their monthly video call.

Illumi seemed to change locations in his apartment each time they spoke. Silva had gotten glimpses of what seemed to be a spacious kitchen with a wide granite countertop that connected to an island. Another time it had seemed to be a homey dining room or parlor. Currently Illumi seemed to be seated at a desk that allowed view of a living room and a long, currently darkened corridor that, Silva assumed, lead to the bedroom and bathroom.

The apartment itself was actually very well decorated which had astonished the white haired man. Illumi wasn’t known for being style conscious, when he still lived in the mansion the eldest Zoldyck childs room was rather sparse; Illumi rarely spent any time there other than to sleep. Though Silva did she traces of his eldest son in this apartment, such as the surplus of pillows and blankets that were thrown casually on the couches. Illumi loved to burrow himself into a little cocoon of soft things, it was a habit since his childhood that had frightened his parents more than once when they believed Illumi to have disappeared when really he was just sleeping under a mass of blankets.

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Love story

 Summary: In which Bucky tells your son the story of your relationship

Word Count: 7,035

Warnings: none

A/N: I’ve been working on this for nearly a week so I hope you like it! also this is the longest fic i’ve ever wrote!

Bucky sat on the couch flicking through a newspaper as your son stared long and hard at the pictures of the two of you. He was fascinated by the two of you, he always looked at the photographs of the two of you and wondered how you ended where you were.

“Daddy tell me about you and mummy.” Your son asked making Bucky’s attention snap away from the newspaper, He saw your son yet again staring intently at the pictures of the two of you hanging on the wall.

“What about me and mummy would you like to know about?” Bucky said as your son’s bare feet padded across the wooden floor of the living room all the way over to Bucky who was sat on the couch. Your son placed himself right next to his look-alike father.

“Everything.” Your son said with sheer excitement making Bucky laugh scratching his neck not knowing where to start because your relationship has so much content and detail. But then he thought back to when he first met and decided he would go from there.

“How about we start when I first saw your mummy?” Bucky suggested earning an enthusiastic nod of the head from your son who was smiling widely.

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but mini 5sos reminds me of dad!Luke? SO DAD!LUKE SERIES!!!
so imagine like waking up one morning and Luke isn’t in bed so you get up and look for hi not find him in your son/daughters room staring at them through he bars of the crib and he goes “they don’t really do much do they?” and you giggle, careful not to wake up your baby and ruffle his hair messing it up even more and you pull him up and take him to the kitchen so you can make breakfast and he just complains to you about how boring your kid was while he/she is sleeping until he hears them crying so he runs to their room and calms them down by rocking them carrying them downstairs and doing everything he can to make his precious bean happy and you smile at him because you know he’s such a dork and he’s the best daddy ever like omfg why why

Jam and Jerusalem

“So…” Ben settled down beside the two women, “I need your help.”

“With?” His mother asked patiently, ruffling his hair as she settled his tea onto the table.

“I want to marry Bonnie. But I don’t really feel like she feels… like she’s enough.” He murmured softly, “so… I’d like you to try and integrate her into our social circle. Make her feel more welcome to… well, mum, you’ve scared her before. And Connie, you rather bridge the gap between normal and… Old Harrovian so… it’d be nice if you could give her a hand.”

Wanda stared at her son momentarily, thoughtfully running a hand through her hair. “We can take her to the WI.” She said eventually. “Jam making and gossip, Connie?” ( @connie-harper-rp )