staring them in the eyes and TELLING them that they love them

Sleep, dear - Samuel Seabury X reader

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“ Luke 6:13,  Do to others as you would have them do to you.” 

Your husband, Samuel, read aloud to you as he laid next to you in your warm and comforting bed. He always read aloud to you from the bible on nights when you couldn’t fall asleep, tonight was one of them.

You stared into his beautiful eyes as they scanned the paper in front of him, his kissable lips moving in sync with them. His eyes turn to yours for a split second and he notices you watching him.

“Something wrong, Y/N?” He said, closing the book and setting it aside. You shake your head and he gives you a brilliant and warming smile. You return it when he wraps his strong arms around you and pulls you closer to him.

“Y/N, I don’t tell you how beautiful you are enough” He said, running his fingers through your hair. 

“You tell me every day, love” You laughed, leaning up and placing a light kiss to his perfect lips. 

“If it was possible, I would tell you every second of my life” He began pressing kisses all over your faces. You giggled as he mumbled words of love between every peck

“I love you,” He kissed you “ You’re so beautiful” He kissed you once again. 

“Sammy, if you keep this up I’m never going to get to sleep!” You said, nuzzling your face into his chest. You felt his hand rub down your back as you breathed in his calming scent of light chocolate and honey.

“Oh, I’ll get you to sleep alright~” He teased at you. He started gently massaging your back with one hand as the other began playing with your hair. You felt your eyes get heavy as his actions hypnotized you closer to sleep.

His scent intoxicated you as he held you close against his muscular chest. Though your mind tried fighting back, your body was growing closer to rest. 

“Samuel….” You mumbled sleepily and he chuckled. You listened closely to his calming heartbeat.

Lubdub His heart went as you felt your eyes close involuntarily on you, leaving your only sense to be the feeling of Sam lulling you into rest.

“I love you so much, Y/N” You heard his say as he kissed the top of your hair

“I love you too….” You yawned before surrendering to sleep, the sweet and comforting embrace Samuel brought never fading.

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Seventeen reaction to you having blue eyes? :)

They’d be completely in love with your eyes. They’d tell you how beautiful they look when you were something that makes the color pop. They’d always compliment you and your eyes and would just love them. : WONWOO, VERNON, S.COUPS, & DINO

They’d be so drawn into your eyes, that they’d just stare. Like not like a creepy stare, but like endearing eye contact as they listen to you talk. Sometimes, if you’re just playing a game with them or something, they’ll just look at you and at your eyes and just lose their self. Like they’d love them, but would be pretty subtle about it. : JOSHUA, WOOZI, SEUNGKWAN, & THE8

They’d always use the cheesy compliments like “You’re eyes are a blue as the ocean, and baby I’m lost at sea.” : HOSHI, DK, JEONGHAN, JUN, & MINGYU

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remember where they come from. remember that they used to live in the heavens, where they lifted their golden crowns and sang in ethereal timbres.
do not let your eyes linger on where their wings were. don’t be nervous when their fingers trail to their backs, right between their shoulder-blades. don’t stare at their scars, for that makes them more unloved. kiss their scars, tell them that you can still see the imprints of large wings, for they are still there, but invisible.
iii. they will be angry. they will hate their father and curse his name, sometimes when they don’t realize it. let them explore their anger, allow them to scream and curse and wish for the heavens to burn in hell’s fire. it will all pass.
most of all, remind them that they are loved. they were cast away and turned on by the one they loved most, made to feel ugly and hideous. kiss their constellation - patterned skin and shower them in golden compliments. tell them that they are special.
—  how to love fallen angels. | loving the mythical series | l.