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If August and/or Linnae tried to go into town somewhere, what would happen? In Europe or in any other areas?

In Europe:

Mass panic, people hiding in their homes, riders immediately sent off to beg the crown for aid, and a troop of Execution-Class knights storming into town a week or three later to hunt their asses down. Even the most tolerant, open-minded towns on the edge of the wilds would still hide them (an open secret at best) in fear of an outsider or visiting merchant spilling the beans.


A quieter kind of freaking out because people would probably not have seen either of these incredibly-rare-outside-of-Europe creatures before, a lot of finger pointing, people sorta avoiding them but not wanting to seem rude about it, and just a lot of “what the fuck is that a real drago-ohmygod the knight thing has TEETH I’ve never seen that before” and “Jesus christ Greg don’t stare at them” and “Mom you’re embarrassing me stop pointing they’re just buying bananas”

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Ain using his pendulum as an actual weapon, was this done yet? (I played too much Tales of Zestiria and this idea came in)

Whack. Whack. Whack.

As Ain mowed down row after row of enemies with his pendulum, the search party stared in disbelief. Where was his typical flashiness? He was just… swinging it around to hit them. Somehow, he was still winning. But what on earth could have sparked this decision?

But their staring didn’t bother him; Ain was having the time of his life. Sure, it was certainly alright to use the power of the El, but why stick to that all the time? Was it not just as entertaining to watch the pendulum whoosh through the air, and then hear the disgusting, splintering crack of the demons’ heads splitting open.

“Oh, how enjoyable!” He thought to himself as another wave of enemies were knocked to the wall to the left him, crumpling over into a pile. He certainly was going to do so more often.

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Hi, if James doesn’t stare into your eyes constantly he’s doing something wrong. Cause you have such fucking beautiful eyes 😍😍

Thank you, he does :) 


“Rumen’s Mojito tasted like booze”


i love the third years

Writing Problems
  • *types a word and then sees that it has the notorious red squiggly line* you wanna fight Google Docs I know I spelled that shit right"
  •  *types a word and it turns out it is not an actual word* WELL THAT SHOULD BE A WORD"
  • “I wrote the word ‘said’ in my work 124 times FUCK”
  • *makes inhumane screeching noise when someone interrupts my typing midsentence*
  • The blinking cursor of a blank word document
  • *spills beverage on notes*
  • *cat sits on laptop*
  • 'I’m in the middle of writing a good chapter and my laptop is about to die and the charger is on the other side of the room, why is my suffering so real’
  • *stares off into space for upwards of five minutes*
  • 'Am I characterizing a character so well because I know the character or am I writing them as I would write myself’
  • “lol who needs sustenance when I’m IN THE  Z O N E
  • Feeling like you will never be able to write well again
  • Feeling relief when you get inspired and write like crazy
  • That feeling of inspiration that makes you shiver and makes your nerves buzz
  • oneshot? more like 'oh-shit-this-morphed-into-a-thirty-chapter-novel'shot
  • *more staring into space*
  • lol what’s dialogue
  • having to pee but can’t because I’m IN THE  Z O N E
  • being IN THE  Z O N E
  • Being OUT OF THE  Z O N E and crying about it
  • comparing myself to other writers (never do OK)
  • switching POV accidentally
  • Tenses
  • *stares more intensely into space*
  • *computer starts whirring like crazy* babe I know this writing’s fire but you need to calm down
  • *looks into empty beverage mug* why
  • *sees a cliché* *cringes*
  • will the reader understand what I’m saying here lol I hope so
  • sleep? what’s that lol
  • *thinks about writing while at social events*
  • *gets inspired to write at the most inconvenient of times, such as at the dentist’s or in the shower*
  • *gets zero inspiration when actually has time to write*
  • B L A N K  W O R D  D O C U M E N T
  • *stares into space forevermore*

“Hello, Jane,” he said, and his voice was as bright and intense as his eyes. It was hard not to be captured by this Gansey; he was both powerful and worrisome in his tension.

Don’t stare – too late.