staring lovingly into each others eyes

Two Types of Couples

*James and Lily staring lovingly into each others eyes in the common room*

Remus: *Has an idea*

*Deep masculine superhero voice* Oh Lily dear?

Lily: What is it?

Sirius: *High pitched ‘Lily’ voice* Yes Jamsie-poo?

Remus: How long has it been since we confessed our love for each other?

Sirius: Minutes, my love

Remus: It feels like years!

Sirius: Oh then we must do it now, my darling!

Remus: Embrace me, my love!

Sirius: Take me in your strong quidditch arms!

Lily: …. Seriously?

Thank you to @girlswillbeboys11 and @asktheboywholived for their lovely gifs!

Best Friends (Part 5)

Summary: Meeting in college, you and Bucky strike up a friendship. And that is all there is, until Bucky realizes he’s in love with you. But it might just be a little too late for that.

Word Count: 498

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

A/N: Super short part but it’s get exciting!!

Originally posted by tonystarkz

Thrumming with excitement, Bucky smiled widely as he looked up at the large screens that listed all the arriving flights. You had texted him the previous night, giving him details of your arrival, and he had promised to pick you up and take you out to eat before dropping you off your house. You had texted back a smiley face and Bucky didn’t sleep for the whole night, trying to figure out a way to tell you his feelings without making things too awkward if you didn’t reciprocate them.

Just then, the overhead speakers announced the arrival of your flight and Bucky stood right next to the conveyor belt that would be carrying your luggage, ready to take it out for you. He knew your suitcases by now, being that there were plenty of times that you took vacations together. The thought of this made Bucky smile fondly. Vacations together, eating lunch, calling each other often… How could he have been so blind? You acted the married couple all the time. It was only right that this friendship evolved into something deeper over the years.

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She was so damn pretty, everything she did, it was just….pretty.

Jughead leaned back against the lockers, rolling the word around in his mouth, he was fairly certain that term had never passed his lips before. When you thought of Jughead you didn’t think of flowery words like “pretty”, you thought of darker words like “morbid” or “obtuse” neither of which described the blonde beauty currently digging through her locker, loose, light blue, floral skirt flowing softly behind her.

Something was different about her today though, he couldn’t place it, he really had only caught a glimpse of her face as she headed through the doors but just a look was enough to tell him something was off, not in a bad way no, but it was different.

Sure her hair was out of it’s usually tight and slicked back ponytail, but that wasn’t all. Almost as if sensing his stare Betty closed her locker and turned to face him, her eyes looking past him at something in the distance.

Oh, that was it.

Betty’s face was devoid of all makeup, her normally pale conplexion was a bit tanner and her cheeks had a natural pink blush to them. Her eyes seemed younger underneath long light lashes, free of the heavy black mascara, her gorgeous wavy blonde hair fell in her face and he watched as she blew a strand from her light pink lips. He liked that color more than her usual “perfectly pink” shade.

Suddenly dark green eyes connected with his own stormy blues and those soft pink lips quirked up into a smile, she was walking towards him, her backpack hanging off her bare shoulders.

“Morning Juggie.” She smiled softly, gently nudging him with her shoulder and leaning on him for a moment.

“Morning Bets, you look..different.” He said slowly, careful not to offend her, he knew how sensitive his mother had been about not wearing makeup.

Betty laughed heartily, resting a hand on his arm
“It was way too hot today Juggie, all of my makeup would’ve melted off, and I get horrible headaches in the heat, that ponytail was just not happening. I know I’m a mess.” She shrugged delicately as they began their walk to class.

Jughead shook his head quickly, he couldn’t stop staring at her, it was like she wasn’t real, some kind of angelic figment of his overactive imagination.

“You look good, I like this better.” He coughed awkwardly, rubbing his neck and shifting on his feet.

Betty looked up at him and beamed
“Really? I don’t look… I don’t know. Sick?”

Jughead shook his head again, putting a hand to her cheek and brushing away a stray, honey blonde curl
“No. you look good. Perfect.” He mumbled.

Betty blushed again, placing her hand on her cheek to cover his own.

They hadn’t established what this “relationship” they had begun was, after only a few stolen kisses in bedrooms or on street corners, Jughead had pulled back, he didn’t know where he stood with her and he didn’t want to over step his boundaries, but god did he ache to touch her. All the time actually. And moments like this, just staring at her. He realized just how lucky he was to have her. In any way.


The sudden noise caused them to break out of their personal bubble. They both broke apart, flinging away from each other like they had been burnt. Veronica and Kevin stood, their hands on their hips and smiles on their faces.

“Sorry lovebirds but some of us need to get into the classroom.” Veronica giggled, wiggling her eyebrows.

“Sorry! We were just.. I had um.” Betty trailed off, her eyes turning to Jughead, pleading him to come up with an excuse

“You don’t need an excuse to stare lovingly at your boyfriend B. It’s totally normal, I mean if I were him I wouldn’t be able to take my eyes off of you.” Veronica winked as Betty physically relaxed, leaning her back against Jugheads chest.

Kevin was nodding, his smile bright
“Next time let me know though, I’m head of the yearbook committee and I would love to get some shots for “class couple.” He winked and shoved Veronica softly into the classroom.

Jughead dropped his hands to Betty’s shoulder and turned her around gently

“So..” he started.

Betty was quick to interrupt

“I’m sorry, they can be… a lot. Veronica doesn’t know what she’s talking about, I don’t want you to feel pressured to put a label on this.. it’s not…” she rambled before Jughead cut her off with a swift kiss

Pulling away he smiled at her dazed expression
“Man, my girlfriend talks a lot.” He smirked.

Betty’s eyes instantly brightened and she smiled up at him.

“Well deal with it mister, you’re in it for the long haul… right?” She asked, a shy, questioning, smile on her face.

“You bet I am.” He wrapped his fingers around hers and pulled her into the classroom, he couldn’t wait for the long haul.

  • Krul: "'ve planned everything?"
  • Ferid: "Yep."
  • Krul: "Since at least 800 years?"
  • Ferid: "Mhm."
  • Krul: "Even that I would save the lives of these kids for my own purposes, that I would turn Mikaela into a vampire and that we're going to get roasted in broad daylight and would be saved by that kid?"
  • Ferid: "Exactly."
  • Krul: "...Is there even one thing you didn't see coming?"
  • Ferid: "Yeah, that."
  • *pointing at Mika and Yuu staring lovingly into each others eyes with lots of hearts above their heads*
  • Krul: "...Oh."
Not What You Thought || Alex Standall x Reader

Honestly, I feel like Alex is just constantly jealous of you being around anyone. Like that’s what he does.

Word Count: 649

Warnings: None


    When you had been told you were failing math, the first person to pop into your head was Clay Jensen. You’d seen him tutoring Jeff Atkins all the time, and he brought him from a D average right up to a C within a month, which, while not perfect, was still enough to pass.

    So, on the night that you were supposed to be going to Monet’s with Alex, you cancelled and called up Clay. He was happy to help, and told you to meet him at, ironically, Monet’s.

    The two of you took a seat at one of the larger tables, spreading out your books until you had taken up nearly every inch. There was barely enough room for Skye to set down your drinks. Although, knowing her, she would have been fine with just throwing them on top of your papers.

    “Are you starting to get the hang of it?” Clay asked after explaining  for the millionth time how to find the area between two concentric circles.

    You gave him a blank stare, so sick of listening to him repeat the same series of numbers that you were tempted just to tell him you were. That wouldn’t help you pass the eleventh grade, though. “Not really. I just don’t understand it like that.”

    He gave you a patient smile, reaching across the table to place his hand on top of yours. “It’s okay, Y/N. I’ll just show you in a different way.”

    From a few feet away you heard someone clear their throat. You looked up, a grin widening on your face when you saw Alex. You’d thought he’d just opt for staying at home tonight. If you’d have known he was coming anyway, you might’ve dressed up a little more.

    “Alex!” you exclaimed, not bothering to pull your hand away from Clay’s. “What are you doing here?”

    He scoffed. “What am I doing here? What are you doing here? From what I remember, you called me earlier today and said you wouldn’t be able to come.”

    “I know! It’s a funny story,” you said. “I had no idea Clay was going to ask me to meet him here.”

    “Yeah, well I hope you two have fun,” he spat, turning around and heading for the door.

    You gave Clay a confused look before letting your gaze trail slowly down to your hand, still tucked underneath his. That confusion snapped to realization. “Oh no,” you said quickly, pulling away and pushing yourself to your feet. “Thanks for the help, Clay. I’ll call you again Wednesday!”

    You stuffed your things into your backpack as fast as possible, darting out of the door and towards the direction Alex had gone. You found him just as he was climbing into his car.

    “That was not what you thought it was,” you told him. “Clay is just tutoring me in math.”

    “Oh, so staring lovingly into each other’s eyes was just a part of the learning process?” he asked. He attempted to open the door, but you slammed it closed.

    “No, you jackass. I’m not trying to hook up with Clay in any way, shape, or form,” you replied. “You’re my boyfriend, and will be until either you dump me or one of us dies in a horrible accident.”

    “Poetic,” he said, sarcasm dripping from the word. “If you needed help with math, you could have just come to me.”

    “Okay,” you responded simply. He watched you as you walked around to the other side of his car, opening the door and crawling inside. You peeked through the driver’s side window, motioning for him to get in. “I need help with it now.”

    He sighed, following your lead. Once he was behind the wheel, he turned to you with an expression halfway between annoyance and adoration. “I didn’t mean to be an asshole.”

    You leaned over, kissing his cheek. “I know.”

Lord of the Rings/Hobbit male characters (So, Like, all of them): die for each other, hugs and cries all over each other, pour their hearts out to each other, has no personal space, whisper sweet nothings to each other, gives each other starry doe-eyed looks, kisses each others foreheads, stares deeply, intensely and lovingly into each others eyes while sweeping romantic music plays in the background, smiles secretly at each other, long for each other, is unable to put into words what the other person is to them (seriously, Bilbo, just say “he was the love of my life"… everyone else already knows).

JRR Tolkein and Movie writers: No Homo tho


Being Jughead’s girlfriend and going missing on the same day of Jason’s death (Part 2)

Part 1

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Good Morning, love - Chris Evans

Hello internet! First thing first, thank you so much for all the sweet things you said about part II of Bucky’s story [ if you haven’t read it, here’s part 1 and part 2 ] Sooo, while waiting for ispiration for the third part, here’s a little one shot I want to share with you. Enjoy! :) xx

                                        CHRIS EVANS X READER

Summary: you love early mornings with Chris and this is why.

Warnings: okay, none, this is just adorkable fluff

Mornings with Chris were the best thing to exist, especially at the start of his acting hiatus. The feeling of freedom and calm, no rush to do anything, we had time to do every little thing we missed whilst being apart. Mornings were my favourite, no special reason, although there were some perks about it: it was the start of the day, the excitement of doing something new, waking up in his arms and living a normal life with a normal domestic routine for once, no jet-lag or hotel nights, just home. He was my home.

This morning I woke up in a tangle of limbs and sheets, just wearing one of his t-shirts and underwear while Chris was shirtless as always. He was sleeping on his side, facing away from the window and the few rays of sunshine peeking from it. I scooted near him quietly, trying not to wake him in the process, and rested my chin on his bare shoulder, drinking in his amusing appearance and letting my fingers lightly trace circles up and down his arm. He smiled, meaning that he was now fully awake, therefore I moved my arm to surround his torso and pressed my front against his back while bending slightly to whisper in his ear “good morning,love ”.

Chris smiled again, causing butterflies to erupt in my stomach, even after four years, the connection never changed. I then pushed him softly on his back by his shoulders and straddled him, before laying on him, my arms on either side of his head and hands buried in his messy hair.
“Good morning to you, too” he chuckled, letting his hands wander up and down my sides, before settling on my back with a steady hold. I kissed him, slow, meaningful, my fingers stroking the hair at the back of his neck while I tasted his cherry lips. He hummed in the kiss and I pulled away, smirking when he pouted “I want more of that”
“You will get it, love, don’t worry” my laugh made him smile and he reached for my lips to connect them with his again in another long kiss. Oh, how much I loved him. I think I felt so incredibly in love with Chris that sometimes, it ached, and I didn’t know the reason. I just knew that when I stayed with him, I felt at home. I couldn’t stop thinking about him, he was my best friend and my soulmate, I couldn’t even wait to spend the rest of my life with him, no one and nothing else could compare. Although, knowing that he felt just the same, warmed my heart in a way impossible to explain.

“Wanna hop in the tub for a long, lavender scented, hot bath?” he asked after we parted and stared into each others eyes for a while, whilst my hand stroked his cheek, him relaxing into my touch. I nodded excitingly, grinning and giving him a peck on the lips before jumping off of him and going to prepare the bathtub. What I didn’t know was that he was lovingly looking at me, staring at my frame moving in the other room as he watched, laying on his elbow, with a smile plastered on his face. Chris observed me while I did my chores and then proceeded to brush my hair and teeth, following my usual routine. When the water was warm enough, I took all my clothes off and as he looked at my naked frame, hopping in the tub, he felt his heart skip a beat. He felt so lucky and honoured knowing I was only his, but he still needed a while to let me understand that. When he got up, looking in the mirror, he tried to adjust his hair, failing miserably. I was already in the tub when he came up at the bathroom door, leaning on the door frame and looking at me as if I was an angel on earth. I had put my hair in a messy bun, trying not to get them wet with the bathtub’s water, but some strands of hair had fallen on my face, which I repeatedly moved behind my ear. I was surrounded by bubbles, but for him, I looked perfect.
“Care to join, Mister Evans?” I asked, blushing a little when he chuckled, shaking his head.

Chris then proceeded to take off his only piece of clothing and enter in the tub behind me, almost letting the water get out. I then leaned on him, positioning my head on his shoulder, enjoying the feeling of warmth around me, his strong arms holding me tightly. Chris sighed contently, taking one of my hands in his, looking at them intertwined out of the water.
“You know, I had an amazing plan for us today: a walk in the park, a picnic..” he kissed my neck once “but these moments, God, I would give my life for them.” I smiled and closed my eyes when I felt his lips return in their previous position, peppering kisses all over my skin. I turned my face enough to press my head gently against his, kissing his jaw.
“I’m so in love with you, it hurts” he mumbled and I chuckled, tightening my grip on him as if my life depended on it.
“I swear I couldn’t love you more than I do right now, but yet I know that tomorrow I will”

“You’re kind of an asshole” - Superboy x Reader

I just finished season 2 of Young Justice (I know, I’m super late to the party)…And I kinda totally love Conner. So. Here we go. 

Summary : Reader is Batman and Catwoman’s daughter, and has a thing for Superboy…Maybe part one of a series ? Don’t know yet. 

(My masterlist blog here :


You were SO DONE with Superboy and Miss Martian lovey dovey behavior. So damn done. They were always smiling stupidly or looking lovingly at each others and all of that bullshit. Besides, you totally had a crush on Conner since the day you met him, and seeing them together made your heart ache a bit. 

Except that you were wrong. Because his eyes shone with love not for Megan, but for you…But you didn’t notice. You thought he was looking at her when he never was, as you were always there, in the background. You never even noticed that he kept his eyes open while kissing her to stare at you. Your oldest brother, Dick, noticed, and was fomenting a plan to clear things up for the both of you, hopefully not hurting M’gann in the process. 

M’gann was feeding him a cookie when you finally had enough, rolling your eyes to the sky, you left the room under his gaze, unaware of his attention. 

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Work It Out

In which Eric Bittle officially comes out to his Mama. 

Read on Ao3

It was only hours into Christmas vacation and the Bittle Family’s quaint, sunshine yellow kitchen was already overflowing with every kind of pie-like confection imaginable. Apple. Cherry. Rhubarb. You name it, and it was probably perched on one of the many crowded windowsills.

This increased state of pie productivity was due in part to the fact that the elder Bittle had missed her son/best friend/partner in sugary crime something fierce while he was away at college, but it was mostly just because Eric himself was more nervous than he’d ever been in his whole life.

Today was the day. Today was the day he would tell her about Jack.

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I Love My Redneck

Daryl Dixon x Reader | SmutAF | 18+ Only Warning!

Request #1: I’m so happy that now we can make requests lmao. Would you do one with lap dance? Like … Daryl find some old CD of some band that YN likes (Led Zep for ex) and she do a lap dance on him and … you know how end up hehe ! Love your work, sincerely!

Request #2: One that YN get calling by one man that she finds in a run, he says something like “can’t believe you’re with a old redneck” and that’s hurt Daryl and then when you two got back, he gets quite and then you two make love, all kind and eye in the eye 😍

Summary: Early Season 4. Prison Era. Daryl and the Reader have been dating for a while, they go out on a run to scavenge for supplies and the Reader turns Daryl on. Smut ensues. Reader finds a radio with some tapes including Daryl’s favorite band, Led Zeppelin. Reader takes it intending to treat Daryl with a lap dance later. Later that night they are around the campfire at the prison when to younger men ask the Reader why she is with an old redneck. The reader responds and later finds out Daryl is upset by it. The reader comforts Daryl and treats him to a lap dance. They make love afterwards, salty and sweetly.

(A/N: This one was really fun to write, I hope you all enjoy it! A great way to send off the Daryl smut before Macmanus March.)


You trip and scrape your knee as you run quickly through the forest and trip and fall onto the asphalt of the nearby town you were scavenging as a group.

“Gah!” You cry out in pain as you sit up and cradle the blood scraped knee, on the ground.

Suddenly, from the corner of your eye you see Daryl rush over and sit beside you, not worried about anything else but you.

You smile softly over at him and roll your eyes, “I’m okay, baby. I am just a klutz, you say chuckling to yourself and reaching your hand out to him.

He smiles softly and nods his head, standing back up and taking both of your arms in his big strong hands and pulling you back to safety and back into his arms. You wrap your arms loosely around his shoulders and sway your body back and forth lovingly in front of him, smiling as his hands rest softly on the small of your back.

You hear a throat clear behind you and your eyes turn quickly to the source. Rick stands there trying to remain in serious mode, but grinning a little that he had to pull you two off of each other, yet again.

He nods to you and up to Daryl, who smirks uncontrollably at his friend, shrugging his shoulders at his fatherly stare. Rick chuckled and nodded his head to the ground, kicking the dirt with his boot a few times before turning an easy smile back towards you both.

You grin and square your shoulders, standing next to Daryl, pressing your shoulder to his, as you reach down and grab his hand.

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anonymous asked:

Headcannons on how lance, shiro, and Keith flirt? I guess we all know how lance flirts tho...😅 Love your work!!

thank you! here you go!!


* ok so obviously we know how Lance flirts right??
* you’re wrong.
* that’s just harmless flirting he does with people he knows he most likely won’t see again.
* when it comes to people and their terms of flirting, there are also different preferences and circumstances.
* Lance does not flirt with every breathing female in the universe, buuuut, he does at the same time????
* ok so if he really does know someone, like knows more about them as a friend and such, then I feel like his flirting would be a lot different
* Like, say you’re close with him, but not BFF close, then he’ll probably say something’s like “oh really now?” “Make me.” y'all know how those are when it comes to flirting I assume
* if he really really reallllly likes you, he will be the most polite gentleman ever.
* lance: are you gonna [eat/drink/do] this? you: should I?
lance: well it’s up to you of course, if you don’t wanna you don’t have to. I can get something else for you [or ‘I can do it for you instead’]
* crying would totally at one point get really awkward and go back to being a crazy flirt and you’re just like “ohmymgodjj”


* shiro??? I think you mean the purest being to walk and breathe and LIVE????
* call out post: shiro is a babby
* will only flirt if you really know each other and would never flirt if you had just met because he doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable
* he’s either extremely quiet and shy or just straight out bold when flirting
* “Uhm, I uhm, like, uh, can I, get, uh, uhm, like,” and you basically just break down into tears because you don’t know if you should help him or laugh???
* “Your eyes are gorgeous.” and you’re just eating w/ him and he says this out of no where after staring lovingly at you for minutes on end now and you’re going to cry
* hi once he was really confident, but like Lance confident and when you guys were hugging he squeezed your ass and you both gasped so fukccn loud Keith thought you both were suffocating
* shiro just sat down and covered his face for an hour and you started to think his Galran Arm absorbs water AKA his tears
* you weren’t wrong yet you were right because his tears just seeped through the joints


* save this boi
* once he tried flirting with this girl while on a field trip, because 1) said girl wasn’t from his area and he probably wouldn’t see them again. And 2) said girl doesn’t know that he’s an awkward bean
* it did not work out to say the least (he went to buy her some popcorn and started eating it on the way back and wasn’t paying attention and watched as he tripped and seagulls ate the popcorn and he just didn’t meet back up with her
* if he was in a relationship it would come slowly and surely
* probably a large gentleman if you’ve been together a short time
* holds open doors and helps you cook
* I headcanon he cannot cook full meals
* once he kissed you for the first time you were used to it but before that he kissed the top of your head once and he could’ve sworn you were on the verge of tears
* it was so soft and sweet n pure and you just got so happy because it was just such a comforting feeling and you didn’t know how to react
* my gosh if u ever see him with Lance and they aren’t arguing get him out of there he is ASKING LANCE FOR TIPS
* if he listened to Lance he’d come up to you and mix it all up
* “Did u sit on a pile of sugar????? cus you’re from Tennessee.”
* save him

MichEmil Wedding Headcanons

- Sara is Michele’s maid of honor
- JJ is Emil’s (surprisingly the two are best friends
- Phichit and Chris plan the wedding
- Chris insists on sneaking some stripper poles into the reception
- “Just one, Phichit! Just one! … Or two”
- Michele, being fully aware of Emil’s terrible fashion sense, insists that Sara take him shopping for a tux
- Sara ends up insisting on a super expensive designer brand black tux despite Emil’s protests
- Michele’s tux is pure white
- Emil thinks Michele looks like an angel
- Emil keeps constantly pinching himself like is this real?? Is he really marrying the man of his dreams??
- Emil swears when he sees Michele come up the aisle he literally stops breathing
- If you asked him how beautiful Michele was coming up the aisle, he’d smile fondly and say words couldn’t describe it
- Michele giddily screams into his pillow every night leading up to the wedding
- While usually pretty closed off about his feelings the night before the wedding Michele spends the whole night blathering to Sara about how much he loves Emil
- “But do you see his eyes when he’s skating? They’re so sparkly and distant and they just draw you too him and he’s like a god when he jumps it’s so beautiful and when he smiles at me in the morning it’s the cutest thing and he’s just so adorable and”
- When Michele is walking up the aisle he feels as if the whole world melts away and it’s just him and Emil and no one else
- During the entire ceremony they can’t keep their eyes off each other
- When they kiss Emil swears he felt time stop
- Michele swears he felt the universe implode
- They stare lovingly into each other’s eyes while everyone bawls their eyes out
- When Michele throws the bouquet Mila catches it
- The reception is LIT
- Emil and Michele spin around waltzing clumsily and laughing when they trip over each other
- Everyone gets drunk af
- Even Seung-Gil is grinding his ass on the dance floor
- Phichit takes lots of pictures of Michele and Emil kissing and holding hands
- That night while Michele is asleep and lying on Emil’s chest Emil thinks again that he is the luckiest man in the universe
- The next morning when Michele wakes up to find Emil’s arms around him he finds himself positively euphoric with the realization that he is Emil Nekola’s HUSBAND

Comatose-Chapter 11

Summary: You are the sister of Charles Xavier. You are part of the Avengers and dating Bucky Barnes. Unbeknownst to you Bucky is having an affair with Natasha. When you catch them in the act, things go downhill from there. You are a Mutant with similar powers to Jean, only with Immortality thrown in.

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Bucky X Natasha, Logan Howlett X Reader

Warnings: Angst, Violence, Cheating, Feelings of worthlessness, Depression.

Waking up alone, Logan nowhere to be found, has your heart plummeting. He had obviously snuck out during the night, leaving you to deal with the aftermath of the previous evening.

Conflicting emotions raged inside you, hurt being most prevalent among them. You resign yourself to the stunning realization that you were, once again, betrayed by a man for whom you had feelings. Shame coats your insides as you make to get out of bed.

You freeze when a grumbling Logan throws open the bedroom door, carrying a tray of breakfast foods. Momentarily stunned, you gape at him. He smirks at your stunned face.

“Close your mouth you’re gonna attract flies,” he chuckles, smiling widely.

“You brought me breakfast?” you ask in wonder.

“Well.. ya. You had a day yesterday an I thought..” he trails off when anger flares in his eyes. “You didn’t think I’d run out on ya, did ya?”  

“You were gone when I woke up. It wouldn’t be the first time, Logan.” You remind him gently.

“Are ya fucking kidding me (Y/N)? I thought we were past that!”

Wrapping the sheet around yourself, you rip it from the bed and get to your feet.  “Past it? Past you abandoning me for another woman? Or past the fact that you did it two weeks after you proposed?” Tears welling in your eyes, you swipe at them angrily. “No, Logan! I’m not past it. I’m angry and confused. I don’t know what you want from me!” Exasperated, you sink back down on the bed.

Logan sets down the tray on the dresser and takes a seat beside you. Running a hand through his hair, he sighs. “I know ya don’t trust me to not hurt ya again, but I’m not the same man I was. All I want is a chance to do it right. Make things right. I’ll do anything for ya. I just want a chance.”

Biting your lower lip, you contemplate your next words carefully. “I’m not over Bucky, Logan.” His shoulders stiffen slightly so you take his hand, needing him to listen before he reacts. “But I want to be. I don’t know what I’m feeling right now, but I know that I feel something for you, and I want to try. You’re good for me. You keep me grounded.”

He stares at you for what feels like an eternity.

“You don’t trust me,” he states matter of factly, “an that’s alright. I’m gonna prove ya wrong.” He squeezes  your fingers. Bringing them to his lips, he places a gentle kiss on your knuckles before getting up to collect the tray with breakfast. “Now eat. You have to face the others eventually.”

Sighing, you resign yourself to the fact that you are going to have to deal with Bucky and Natasha. It was time to clear the air.

Leaving Logan to his own devices, you exit the room in search of the team. You had to apologise for losing control, for scaring them, for hurting them. It was a slippery slope you were on, and you had to rein in the darkness that was threatening to overwhelm you.

You are so deep in thought, you don’t see Bucky standing in front of you. Walking straight into his muscled chest with a faint ‘oomph’ he grabs your arms to steady you, concern painting his face.

“Are ya alright?” he asks checking you for injuries.

“I’m fine, are you?” you reply, noting his bandaged shoulder and the various scrapes on his face.

“I’m alrigh’. Can we talk?” he asks.

Nodding, you follow him to your once shared bedroom. Pictures of you still coat the walls.

“Are ya with him?” he asks, tone laced with steel.

You snap your attention to him. “I don’t know,” you answer truthfully.

“Do you..” he clears his throat and takes a deep breath. “Do you love him?”

You take in his appearance. Dark circles around his eyes, shoulders slumped in defeat. “I don’t know,” you reply a second time. “It’s complicated.”

A look of relief flits across his face. “Do you love me?” he asks, hope shining in his eyes.

“Yes, James, I still love you.” The smile that graces his face is beautiful to behold, but you harden your heart against it. “But that does not mean we can be together. Trust is a fickle thing. It takes years to build and a second to destroy.”

His smile slips off his face. “I can make it right! I know I can!”

You sigh. Picking up a photo depicting you and Bucky staring lovingly at each other, you show it to him. “No, James, you can’t. I may love you. I may want you. I may even miss you, but this was over long before you decided that Natasha was who you wanted.” Setting the photo down, you wipe at your eyes before continuing. “You chose not to confide in me. You chose to shoulder whatever was going on in your mind by yourself. You chose the comfort of another woman over me. That was the single most painful thing I have ever experienced. You were my one, the person I relied on, and you shattered me. There’s no coming back from that.”

Tears stream down his face as he begs, “Please. Please don’t do this.”

Feeling your heart break all over again, you turn to leave. “I’m sorry, Buck, but it’s over. You and I… are over,” you say as you make your way to the door.

“No!” he yells, grabbing you by the arm and yanking you to him. “No,” he repeats gently, burying his face in your hair, taking in deep breaths like he needs you to breathe. “Don’t leave me, not again,” he sobs into your hair.

Pushing him gently away from you, you run a finger over his cheek, through the tears that mirror the ones on your own. “I’m sorry, Buck. But for the sake of my sanity,  it’s over. It’s done. I can’t be with you anymore.” You walk away as he watches you leave.

Disbelief and anguish surround him in a thick fog that has you choking.

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Seven| Fade |Dunne

Title: Fade

Pairing; Past Trent Seven/Reader, Pete Dunne/Reader

Words; 2457

Summary; Now all I can do is say congratulations and fade into the background.

Warnings; Mildly NSFW. ANGST. Brief description of oral sex. Unhealthy coping methods. Minimal editing, because I will die like a boss. Drabble.

A/N; Captain of Team No Happy Endings here to fuck some shit up. Inspired by one too many 1990s power ballads. Drabble only, zero intentions of continuing past this.

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Writing Challenge

So this is the first Hamilton fic I’ve ever written so I apologize in advance for how bad it is. 

Language Barrier

Pairing: Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader

Summery: Lin hits on reader and she pretends not to know English

Warning: None

A/N: So this is the first Hamilton fic I’ve ever written, so I apologize for how terrible this is. Also I don’t know French, so all of this is from Google translate. English translations are in parenthesis. 

You couldn’t ever remember being this stressed. You were sitting at your favorite coffee shop, drinking you third coffee of the day, and attempting to finish your essay that was due that night. When a man just strolled up to your table, tripped over his feet a little and said, “Do you have a Band-Aid? Because I scraped my knee falling for you.”

You didn’t even know what to say or do. You didn’t have time for this. I mean yes he was cute, but you had too much on your plate right now to even think about dealing with him. So you just did the first thing that popped into your head.

“Excusez-moi? Je regrette de ne pas parler anglais.” (Excuse me? I’m sorry I don’t speak English) French wasn’t your first language but you were still pretty decent at it. It was also an easy way to not deal with people when you didn’t want talk. By the look on his face it worked.

“Oh…I-I’m sorry…I don’t understand,” he stuttered out, looking even more flustered, and a slight blush appearing on his cheek. You had to admit he was attractive. He had a little scruff on his face, like he had forgotten to shave for the last couple of days. He had medium length hair that was slightly falling out of his ponytail, due to him messing with it nervously. His eyes were warm and had laugh lines around them. He really did seem sweet, but you shook yourself out of his trance.

“Je suis désolé. Je suis vraiment occupé en ce moment,” you replied to him, a wary smile on your face. You didn’t want to be mean, you just wanted to finish this paper. He smiled back at you. You wished you could just keep looking at his smile. Before you could think anything else to say, he stood up, still smiling at you.

“It was nice talking to you. Perhaps I’ll see you next time I’m here,” and with that he left, leaving you sitting there entirely confused. Why was this guy so confident, he couldn’t understand one word you had said, but somehow he wanted to see you again. You sat there for a minute thinking about him, until you remembered your looming deadline and continued working.




It was a couple weeks later when you found yourself back at the coffee shop. You actually had a moment to relax. And that’s all you wanted to do. You had your tea, a good book, and was in the middle of enjoying them when you heard the other chair at your table slide out. You glanced up from your book, and almost dropped your tea when you recognized the man. It was the man from last time, more neatly dressed, hair firmly in a ponytail, but the same warm eyes.

“Bonjour mon nom dans Lin. Qu’est-ce qui est à toi,” (Hello. My name in Lin. What’s yours?) he said easily, sliding into the chair in front of you. There was a smirk on his face that you absolutely loved. His French was shaky but understandable enough that you questioned whether he actually did understand you last time.

“Alors vous parlez français. Tu aurais dű le dire la derničre fois. Désolé, j’ai été si grossier. Mon nom est Y/N,” (So you do speak French. You should have said so last time.Sorry I was so rude. My name is Y/N)  you replied easily, setting your book on the table. As you looked back up at him and noticed that his smile had disappeared. He looked nervous again. He kept looking just past you, then back at you. He started running his fingers through his hair again, forcing some brown locks to fall around his face. He obviously didn’t know what you had said. 

“I don’t know what to say…Y/N was it? I-i don’t really speak French. I just learned some phrases…so that I could talk to you. You’re just so beautiful and I only wanted to ask you to dinner.” His words spilled from his lips. You couldn’t help but blush. This guy, Lin, thought you were beautiful? He learned French for you? You smiled at him, ready to tell him the truth. Before you could say anything another man appeared beside you. He was tall, with a neatly trimmed beard. His curly hair was pulled back, and you noticed the laugh lines that matched up with the slight smirk we wore. “Lafayette, please tell her.” Lin practically begged the man.

“Je suis désolé madame. Mon ami ici est juste très nerveux de vous parler.” (I’m so sorry ma’am. My friend here is just very nervous to talk to you) Lafayette said smoothly to you, motioning towards Lin as he spoke. You were a little shocked to hear such perfect French come from his mouth. You glanced over at Lin, whose face was scrunched up in an attempt to try and understand what his friend had said.

“Pourquoi serait-il nerveux de me parler?” (Why would he be nervous to talk to me?) you asked, looked down at your hands. Lin seemed like a such a sweet guy, and tried so hard just to speak with you. But you were nothing special, why would he go through all this trouble to ask you out?

Lafayette’s smirk turned into a soft smile, like he knew what you were thinking. “Il vient seulement dans cette boutique pour te voir. Il a parlé de vous pendant des semaines avant qu'il ne vienne vous parler. Il veut que je lui enseigne le français juste pour qu'il puisse être avec toi. Pour lui, vous êtes parfaite.” (He only comes to this shop to see you. He talked about you for weeks before he actually came to talk to you. He wants me to teach him French just so he can be with you. To him you are perfect.) You felt the heat of a blush creep up your neck. You looked back Lin, eyes wide in surprise. You were speechless. This adorable man wanted you. Thought you were perfect, and was willing to learn a whole new language for you. You had never had someone try so hard for you, and you hadn’t even gone one one date yet.

“Laf, what did she say? Will she go out with me? Will she even consider me? Laf you have to tell her how beautiful I think she is. That she’s all I can think about, and how I’d do anything just for one date with her,” Lin practically blurted out, pleading with Lafayette. You could tell he was beyond nervous. Most of his hair was falling out of his ponytail at this point. He was on the edge of his seat, and his eyes were begging you to understand what he was trying to say.

Before Lafayette could say anything you did. “Lin. He doesn’t have to tell me. You just did.” Both men went perfectly still. All of a sudden you were nervous. What if Lin was angry that you lied to him. That he put so much work into something that didn’t deserve it.”Lin..”

“Wait…so you spoke English this whole time?” Lin asked, cutting you off. You nodded slowly, looking for any sign of anger. The two men looked at each other, and then burst into a fit of laughter. “That’s so perfect. I can’t wait to tell Jon about this. He’s gonna absolutely love you.” Lin was smiling at you, his eyes becoming warmer as his smile grew. You couldn’t help but smile back him.

“Ok while you two are staring lovingly into each other, I’m going to go back inside and try not to throw up my breakfast.” Lafayette said as he walked away. Lin tried to smack him, while you felt another blush creep onto your face.